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Zozi is a group discount site much like Groupon except that its for activities! At zozi, we’re built on the belief that everyone should experience what this amazing world has to offer.

We enable you to easily find and book things to do locally and around the world…while also bringing it to you at up to 90% off. Think sailing school, kayaking tours, fire-eating lessons, cooking classes, dance lessons, wine tasting, trekking, racecar driving, etc.

We also believe in a strong sense of community and do-goodery, so we give a portion of our profits back to the local communities in which we operate. We’re thrilled to help local schools, environmental causes, and other phenomenal projects – it’s part of our DNA and we’re psyched to do our part in making a positive impact in the community.

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Free Book: Recyling Crafts!

Get it FREE!

Get this FREE eBook with really fun and creative ways to re-use the stuff around the house that you would normally throw away. I’m such a big fan of “up-cycling” and am planning to do a weeklong Thrifty Trash Crafts series of posts on it soon!

Until then, check out this fun book:

Free Green Crafts eBook: 42 Ways to Recycle with craft projects for paper, plastic, metal, glass and more. Save money, enjoy a favorite hobby and reduce your household waste with these green craft projects.

Recycle old clothing and even light fixtures into functional and decorative items for the home. Turn 1-liter plastic bottles into Halloween Luminaries (pg. 46), junk mail into pretty Rolled Paper Beads (pg. 7) and old jeans into functional Potholders (pg. 80).

Click Here to get it free today! This can give you some great ideas for almost free activities for the kids… Summer break is almost here!!


Fun at the Park

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

The weather is finally getting nicer, so get out and enjoy it…

Going to the park is an easy way to get the kiddo’s out of the house, away from the video games, and breathing some fresh air. It also has the added bonus of encouraging some physical activity, so they wear themselves out enough to be ready for nap time – which is always my favorite time of day!

But after a few trips to the same ol’ park, you’ll probably hear the dreaded phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!” Here are a few fun ideas to try to change things up:

*If you’re park has a sandbox, bring along some summer beach toys like a shovel and a bucket. Buy some dollar store toys, bury them in the sand, and let the kids “dig for treasure“. Extra points for mom if she remembers to bring her little pirates an eye patch or sword!

*Play some games! Remember “Mother May I?” For a reminder of how to play see Instructions Here. Another fun one from when I was a kid is really simple, “Red Light, Green Light“. The kids line up a ways away from you, and when you yell GREEN LIGHT, they start running towards you. But once you shout RED LIGHT, they have to stop… The last one to stop has to go back to the starting point!

*Give each kid a paper bag and a list for a scavenger hunt. List easy to find stuff like pinecones and bird feathers, and let them race to see who can find everything first. Another great way to tire them out! 

*Let the kids gather rocks to use for some cute craft projects later. Check out Martha Stewarts Crafts for Kids for some amazing ideas!

*Don’t let baby miss out on the fun. Even though my baby girl is too little to sit on the swings by herself, she LOVES to ride in the baby carrier while I swing us both. Its a little workout for mom – I forgot how much work swinging was! – and a fun new experience for baby.

*Bring some toys… Sidewalk chalk can lead to lots of fun games. Football or basketball have obvious uses. Or even bring a board game to play while sitting in the shade with a little one who’s running out of energy.

*Speaking of sitting in the shade, when was the last time you had a picnic? It doesn’t have to be fancy… If nothing else, grab a bucket from KFC and take it with you! Kids love to do things that are out of the ordinary, so eating lunch outside will entertain them.

What else does your family do at the park to keep the kids entertained? Share you ideas here!