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Test FREE Shampoo at Home – Earn $15 Cash!

Free Money from Survey Checks

BIG Survey from Toluna!

Check your email for a new survey tonight from Toluna– it has a points value of 15,000 – which means about $15 cash for completing it!! – and if you qualify, you get to test out a NEW Shampoo and Conditioner from Pantene.

Awesome, right? Get paid $15 bucks to try free shampoo? You can’t beat that.

Not a member yet?

Join the Toluna Survey Panel today!

Did anyone else qualify for the free product test too?


WOW- FIFTY Freebies Delivered Right to Your Door! #freebies #freemoney

Free SamplesLets get the Freebie-Fest started!

In this post you’ll find over 50 free samples, ebooks, downloads, and other cool stuff.

I’m also sharing pics of all of the free stuff I got in my own mailbox last week, to show you that YES, you really do get this stuff when you request it!

I’ve also divided the freebies by category, so you can find what you want. I’m nice like that. Here we go….

Beauty Freebies


  • Free Zumba Party: Sign up at to host your own Zumba House Party! Tons of great stuff included, totally FREE if you qualify. {Must have a Nintendo Wii}
  • Free Parties: This one is pretty similar to one of my other favorites, It’s called My Party, and you can sign up for tons of great events!
  • Moms Meet: This is where I got the HUGE bag of Kashi goodies you see in the pic! Sign up to host product parties to share natural products with your own mommy group- Sign up as a Mom Ambassador.


Baby Freebies

  • Free Magazine: Get a free subscription to Baby Talk Magazine– filled with great coupons.
  • Baby Formula: Get a free sample of Members Mark Baby Formula. We used this and couldn’t tell any difference from the name brands.
  • MySurvey: I get to test loads of greatFree Baby Products through MySurvey, and then earn rewards for giving my opinions on them.
  • Baby Book: Get a free digital Baby Book to record all of your important memories. This is cool even for big kids- to remember all of your special milestones.
  • Baby-to-Bee: Get great advice, find free samples, and get tons of coupons too! Free Baby Stuff.
  • Planning Family: Get some of the Best Diaper Coupons I’ve found, plus tons of free samples.

Home Freebies

  • Clorox: Sign up for our newsletter, get samples, offers- and get 25¢ off Clorox® Regular-Bleach today! Click Here.
  • Digital Organizer: Sign up and get this personal and family digital organizing system free. Sign up here.
  • DIY: Sign up at Under One Roof to share your DIY experiences, and earn tons of great free stuff. I wasn’t accepted, but I hope some of you are!
  • Free Calendar: Use‘s tools to make your own FREE customized family calendars!
  • Free Photo Back-up: Sign up and get a chance to test out this Free Photo Back-up Service. I love it.
  • SC Johnson: Get a free idea book, just enter two UPC’s, see details here on site. First go here to sign up, then use this direct link to request your Fall HGTV Book.
  • Organzing: Get a ton of great freebies to help you get your home organzied.
  • Photo Gifts: Get 6 new fall free products from Vistaprint! Get the goodies here, and shipping starts at just a few bucks. Totally worth it!

Food & Drink Freebies

  • Energy Tea: Everyone who requests a free sample of FIX Energy Tea also gets entered to win an iPad!
  • Nutrisystem: Take an important step toward living healthier by determining your BMI (Body Mass Index) score today. Get your FREE body assessment!
  • Disney Gummies: Get a Free Sample of Disney Gummi Vitamins in either Cars or Princess- your choice. For more Disney freebies, Sign up to get the Disney Special Offers Newsletter too!
  • Energy Shake: Get a free sample of your choice {and there’s a TON of choices!} from Spiru-tein. Use code 5646- but make sure to type it in, don’t copy and paste. Free Energy Shake.

Random Freebies

  • Halloween: Free super-spooky Halloween music to download for your parties. Free Halloween Music.
  • Awesome Hat: Get your own Free Awesome Hat from Yovia! Love it!
  • Free Pen: Get a free pen from Wire a Cake- send an email with you shipping info to
  • Map: Get a Free Map of America’s Byways from, just fill out the info and request!
  • Lasik: Get a free Lasik consultation, savings coupons, and more. Learn more here.

Free Product Test

Free Money

  • Synovate: Everyone’s favorite- At this minute they’re taking new sign ups, but it closes quickly. Synovate Free Product Trials.
  • $10 Free Credit: Plum District is giving the first 10,000 new referrals a FREE $10 credit to spend any way they want to! Check it out and sign up here- Free Plum District Credit, if it’s still available.
  • Free Cash: Get cash for your old iPhone, broken or not! Click Here to get it.
  • Global Test Market: Join this panel to get Free Test Products and earn cash when you give your opinions!
  • $5 bucks free: When you sign up today and fill out a quick profile, they’ll start your account with a FREE $5 Cash right away!
  • Swagbucks: My FAVORITE way to earn free stuff! I choose Amazon gift cards, but you can also cash out with Free PayPal Money too.
Wooooo- that was fun, right? Look forward to seeing a TON of great free stuff start coming your way soon!
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Do me a couple favors, would ya? If any of the freebies are expired by the time you get to them, leave me a comment so I can delete ’em? Also, if you have other freebie-lovin’ friends- share this post! You can use the easy peasy buttons to share it to your Facebook or Twitter! Thanks — My fans are the BEST blog fans around. You guys ROCK.



Newest FREE Product In-Home Test Opportunity! #freebies

Would you love to get product test opportunities like this?

This is my most recent free product test survey opportunity from my FAVORITE survey site, Synovate.

I earned points for filling out a survey that they sent me- then at the end, they told me I qualified for this in-home survey- two HUGE bags of dog food to test out!

This not only saves me a ton of money, since dog food is pricey, but I also get rewarded again for giving my opinions! Awesome, right?

And this isn’t the first time I’ve gotten to try products in my home, about every other month- sometimes even more often- I qualify for some type of fun in-home product testing opp!

How to get started:

If you’re not already a member, it’s a great time to sign up! It’s super quick and easy to get started, and you can earn points today by filling out all of your profile surveys. And Synovate lets you redeem those points for cash!

Join Synovate Survey Panel today!

Any questions?

If you have ANY questions about survey sites, or how they work- or Synovate in particular- feel free to leave a question in the comments. I try to answer questions within 24 hours.

If you’re already a fan of Synovate, share your favorite product test opp with me!!


This is the one we’ve all been talking about!!

Everyone loves FREE money, right?

And we all love getting FREE products too, right?

Of course! And with my VERY favorite Survey site- You get BOTH!

Yep, at Synovate you take fun online surveys, and they reward you with points that you can redeem for cash. Easy peasy.

What’s even cooler, is that Synovate is one of the VERY best companies at offering product testing– If you qualify, they’ll send you free, full size products to test out in your home. Then, after you give them your opinion about the product, they’ll give you more cash reward points. Getting PAID to try FREE stuff? Rockin’.

Sign up for Synovate today!

I’m sure you’ve heard about Synovate before… It’s a favorite of almost everyone!

But because they have a lot of great opportunities, they only open up enrollment once in a while- to make sure that they have enough great offers to keep their members happy. But they opened up today… So hurry and see if you get accepted!!

Example of a recent product test:

Synovate sent me a bottle of Italian Dressing to test out- and by the way, it was delicious! I wish I knew what brand it really was!- and then I earned $9 bucks in rewards points for doing a survey on it.

Then I got a SECOND bottle of FREE dressing. And earned ANOTHER $9 bucks in rewards! That’s $18 bucks I was paid to eat 2 bottles of FREE Italian dressing. Not bad, huh?

If you get it, let me know!

Coupon Blogger ContestAre you a fan of Sunshine and Sippy Cups? Then I’d so appreciate your support as I compete in the Cheap Sally “Bring Home the Bacon” competition! Show them that Sunshine and Sippy Cups deserves a spot in Round 2! Thanks so much — I have the BEST fans!


FREE Products & Coupons from SC Johnson

Do you love SC Johnson products?

SC Johnson makes great products like Glade, Scrubbing Bubbles, Ziploc, Pledge, and more. Tons of your favorite brands!

Join Right@Home!

Become a member of Right@Home and get great offers, time-saving tips and recipes from SC Johnson. Click Here to sign up.

You’ll get free samples, really great coupons, access to tons of exclusive offers {like rebates, contests, and more}. Plus, at least once a month, they send out an email with a chance to get a whole package of FREE full-size products! So awesome.

{Check it out: CafeMom is the online meeting place for moms. Join today, it’s FREE! Click Here.}


Join General Mills Grocery Savvy for Free Products & More

General Mills

Join the General Mills “Grocery Savvy” Program!

Sign up to join the Grocery Savvy Insiders Program, and fill out the short registration form, then add your profile pic too if you want to, for fun.

Then, you’ll be able to get perks like free samples, coupons via email and postal, plus chances to test out new products. Super cool, right?


If you’re a fan of product testing, check out these sites too:


Super Popular Site: Now Accepting New Members – Huge Rewards!

Join one of the top survey sites:

Not everyone will be accepted to join, but this is so worth a shot!

Join Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel – Earn valuable points, which are redeemable for electronics, household items, jewelry, toy, gift cards, and more!

What is Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel?

You sign up, and if you’re lucky enough to get accepted {I’ve been trying to get in again for months!} they ship you out a big kit, with a cool hand-held scanner to track your purchases.

Once a week or so, you send that data over to them, and get rewards for sharing your purchase history. You also fill out surveys online, and other fun stuff, to earn more points.

Those points can be redeemed for some seriously cool stuff – and every time you send your data over, you are eligible for a special sweepstakes where you can win up to $20,000, a fabulous vacation valued at $25,000, or even a new car or truck! Rockin’, right??

Check it out, and apply today: Nielsen Panel Application, and let me know if you’re able to get in!

I was a member here for about 2 years, and LOVED it, but I quit right before the baby was born. I just wanted to take a break for a bit… And didn’t realize how popular this program had become, and how hard it would be to get back into!! Good luck…