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New Advertising Options for Women’s Small Business Month

Women's Small Business MonthOctober is Women’s Small Business Month!

According to, “Moms are not only responsible for over 80% of consumer spending, but they are also starting new businesses at a faster rate than any other group.” With all of that spending we’re doing, we have the opportunity to have a HUGE impact on other women trying to support their families, just by using our dollars to buy products from women-owned business’s!

When I learned that October is Women’s Small Business Month, I wanted to put together a great opportunity to help other small business owners be more successful!

Advertising Options for Every Budget and Business – Coming Soon

I will be rolling out a whole new page later this week, filled with new advertising options, marketing help, and promotion opportunities. I’m very excited to start offering these services – and I really hope to be able to help out some great mom-owned shops, blogs, and business’s. If you have suggestions of something you would like me to include in my new offerings, I’d love to hear your thoughts – email Meagan at with your ideas.

By the end of the week, I will have all of the packages listed in one place – but I’ll be sharing some of the new services each day as I put it all together.

Trusted Direct Sales Directory

I am so excited to be creating this new resource! SO many of my readers ask me about work-from-home opportunities- Which companies do I recommend? How do they learn more? Who can help them get signed up and started earning an income? How do they find a reliable rep to order from? When I myself was looking for a new direct sales company to join, I wanted ONE place where I could compare different options, but couldn’t find it. So I decided to build one myself!

If YOU are a direct sales rep, I would love to partner with you for my new Trusted Direct Sales Directory. I can only accept ONE representative per company, and you must have at least 6 months of experience with your company. I want to ensure that the resources in this directory are all women who will be reliable and provide a helpful service to my readers. {If you have less than 6 months experience, but are serious about your business, email me and we’ll chat!}

To join the directory there will be a start up fee of $40 to join, and $25 per month to continue in the directory. Once your spot is locked in, you will be the ONLY representative from your company in the directory, and will have the ability to continue as long as you find it valuable – there are no strings or commitment!

Benefits of Joining the Trusted Direct Sales Directory:

  • You will be provided a space on the directory with a graphic ad and 100 word description of your business, including links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • This directory will be highly promoted across all of my networks of moms, bloggers, and business owners – as well as to all of the local groups that I belong to, to drive maximum traffic to your business.
  • You will receive one dedicated post when you join, to introduce you to my readers, and share your business with them. You will also receive one dedicated post for every additional month you continue on the directory. The content of the monthly post is up to you – you can share information about how to get started as a rep, or a great sale or event that you are excited to promote. You can see an example of the first Direct Sales Member to be introduced – Support Women in Business: Welcome Lucinda from Scentsy to the Directory! As a member of Triberr, my blog posts are retweeted each day by my network of women bloggers, ensuring a dramatically larger audience see’s your business!
  • You will receive two “Shout Out’s” per month – one on Facebook, another on Twitter, to promote your social media sites and drive new fans your way.
  • I will also, as time permits, be doing interviews with my Direct Sales Directory members, to share how they got started in the business, why it’s a great opportunity for others, what makes their products special, and just allowing them a place to tell their story and promote themselves!
  • All Directory Members will get discounts off of additional marketing and advertising options from Sunshine and Sippy Cups.
  • Each directory member will be able to run one product giveaway each month – value of $25 or more – free of charge, for additional traffic, if they choose to. You do NOT have to send me product to review – You choose the prize and entry methods, I’ll set it up and host it with Rafflecopter, then send you the winner info to ship! Just another way to draw attention to your business!

Ready to be the FIRST to join?

If you are interested in joining my new Trusted Direct Sales Directory, please email me at


  • Have 6+ months of experience in direct sales. {This is negotiable, email me for more info.}
  • You must be SERIOUS about your business. This directory is a service for my readers – whether they’re looking for someone reliable to purchase products from, or a great leader to get them stared with a new company, it is very important that you be able to offer professional service.
  • Only one representative per company – If I already have a rep from your company, I can place you on a waiting list. Email me for info.
  • Payment must be made via PayPal before your Listing will be added to the Directory, and must be made each month by the 5th to continue on the Directory.

Why Advertise on The Trusted Direct Sales Directory?

You could pay for ad space in someone else’s side bar – but let me tell you from experience, side bar ads get very few clicks per month. By spending your marketing dollars to instead place a Listing in my directory, you will ensure that you are reaching an audience that is actively looking for your information – whether as a consumer, or as a potential new sign up!

This directory will also be promoted as a “Support Women in Business Holiday Shopping Guide!!” My own company, Discovery Toys, will be listed, so I have a personal motivation to make this a success!

Sunshine and Sippy Cups Stats:

  • Page Views: Consistently over 12,000 per month, increasing each week.
  • Facebook: Over 5,000 fans on my Facebook fan page, growing at a rate of 20-50 per day.
  • Twitter: Over 4,000 Twitter followers, and as a member of Triberr, my reach is 325,405! Over 50 other amazing women blogger retweet out my posts each and every day – helping you to reach a vastly wider and more diverse audience.
  • Klout: Current Klout score of 68 – Most influential in Moms, Blogging, and Social Media. Klout classifies Sunshine and Sippy Cups as a Pundit: “You don’t just share news, you create the news. As a pundit, your opinions are wide-spread and highly trusted. You’re regularly recognized as a leader in your industry. When you speak, people listen.”

To secure your spot in The Trusted Direct Sales Directory, please email me, Meagan, at today.

I look forward to hearing from you, and working together to promote your business, and boost your earnings to the next level!