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Thankful for Food, Family, and FASHION!

I’ve partnered with Cents of Style for this #FashionFriday post – join their program today – and received this tee to style for ya today! Affiliate links in post.

This year has been, hands down, the absolute hardest year I’ve ever been through in my life. A break-up with Abby’s dad after 11 years together. Major life-changing health stuff. And all of the financial, personal, organizational, etc issues that go along with those things. Sigh. But, things are calming down – the waves have stopped crashing, and my boat is finally steadying itself a bit.

Fall leaves and sunshine in the PNW

This year has taught me that life is more unpredictable than you can imagine. That the world hands out heartbreak easily – like tossing candy in a parade. That time is short and never guaranteed – your own, and the time you get with those you love. So I have grown quite impatient with the bullshittery, and worrying what others think (which I’ve always let bother me too much.) My plan now is to seek happiness wherever I can, hold it tightly when I find it, and give no worry to what others think about things. And in this month of giving thanks, I’m definitely counting my blessings every darn day, grateful to still be here :)

Which is why, to lighten things back up here – I’m loving this new shirt from Cents of Style, and right now you can get it for FREE!! Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Those words are so important to me these days. Near-death type stuff does that to ya. Here are the the blessings that I am most thankful and grateful for:

  • My daughter. Abby is 6, and in first grade. We started the month with a new addition to our nightly routine, where we say three things we’re grateful for – serious or silly. Without hesitation this big-hearted girl said, “I’m thankful that my mommy is doing better lately. I hope she stays this way, she smiles more, and it makes me glad inside.” Seriously, there’s something in my eye. No I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying. I just have a little… Leak. Dripping down my cheek. :) But then she followed that with, “I’m thankful for my mommas snuggles, and for good wifi to watch videos.” This kid is the best.
  • My mom. Oh, my momma. This woman has always been my best friend. But this year, she has been there for everything. I’m still working on a post to give you guys the full picture of what’s gone on, and why I was MIA here on this site all year. {It’s emotional to write about.} But when I was terribly sick, like, I barely remember the first half of the year sick, she took care of me, Abby, and the house, and my pets. She had to at times wash my hair in the kitchen sink for me, because I couldn’t stay standing in the shower. She got Abby ready for school, and picked her up each afternoon. She went to EVERY doctor’s appointment, test, and procedure, and stayed in the hospital with me in Seattle for 2 weeks – even though the first night she slept on the floor because they had a shortage of cots. She.Is.Everything. Love her.
  • My family. I have brothers too, who are awesome. My brother James is here the most often, because his kiddos are here each day before and after school, and he works out of the shop. He’s one of those people who helps any time any place any way – you aren’t even done asking and he’s already there, lol. I don’t have a big family – but the ones I have are the BEST.

And currently – I’m thankful that it’s the end of the year. I’m very much ready to say goodbye to 2016. I feel like in Harry Potter movies, “He who shall not be named,” – that’s how this year has been. Let’s move on, and never speak of this again! :) I’m hoping to get a lot of things back in place – so far, my health has stabilized for now. I have lots of challenges ahead, but if I’ve made it this far I know I’ll get through whatever else comes up. My house is getting back into order, after Mike moving out, living with my mom for months this summer, etc. Abby says we’re making it out “Girl Cave.” I’m getting the yucky-no-one-wants-to-do-it adulty stuff done, like a will, a trust for Abby, the 5 Wishes plan, power of attorney, etc. So much adulting. But I want to start the new year with a plan, and begin building a new normal.

“And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling

This quote. SO much this. I never want to say, “Well, it can’t get any worse,” because the universe takes that as a challenge, lol. But things falling apart allows you to see what’s left at the core, and rebuild around what matters most to your heart. {Have I gotten too cheesy and emotional in this post? This post about an awesome free shirt I want to recommend to you? My emotions are all over the place lately guys…} – So, back to the Fashion Friday portion of this post! The FREE tee. Another thing to add to your list of things that you’re thankful for :)

It’s simple, classic, and pretty. The fit is so perfect – not fitted and uncomfortable, but not so baggy that it’s sloppy. A clean, slightly fitted shape. It pairs perfectly with just about anything – dressed up with a skirt, some sparkly accessories, and heels, or super comfy style with a big blanket scarf and leggings. {Which means perfect for all of your Thanksgiving plans, from fancy to too-full-to-move.} And right now you get it FREE!

Cents of Style Thankful Grateful Blessed FREE t-shirt deal

I was a little sicky this week, and put off getting pics of me in my sweet new tee. Then I totally thought I had a plan – I learned {how did I not know this before? I’m so OLD} that my iPad has a timer function on the camera! Planned to get a few of my own photos. Um… You can see how well that turned out, lol. This is my for reals mom style – stretchy leggings with boots, comfy top layered under a light cardigan, with lots of sparkly accessories – topped off with a messy bun, always. But I think I need a little bit of practice with the whole “taking my own photos” thing – such a dork :) Anyway…. This is the Cents of Style NEW Thankful. Grateful. Blessed. Graphic T-Shirt – FREE Thankful T-Shirt with any $25 purchase w/code THANKFUL1 – This makes each t-shirt FREE with a purchase of over $25 + FREE SHIPPING too! Anything on their site is free game – any purchase that totals $25 qualifies for the free t-shirt. Here are steps for purchase:

  • 1- Find products you love (jewelry, clothes, shoes, whatever you have to have) and add it to your cart.
  • 2- When the cart totals $25, add the Thankful Grateful Blessed shirt from our Fashion Friday page to the cart.
  • 3- Hit Checkout.
  • 4- Put the code THANKFUL1 in the “Gift Card or Discount Code” Box to make your t-shirt FREE!

Awesome. So – I seriously encourage you to think about all of the things you can give thanks for, right now in your life. Just sit and soak that in for a moment. And feel free to leave a comment about what you’re thankful for, I’d love to hear some happiness from you all! Then get to shoppin’, ladies! There are SO many amazingly stylish pieces on Cents of Style, I can truly say that there’s got to be something for everyone. Grab a few items for Christmas gifts {or just-because-gifts, if Christmas isn’t your thing.} And then give thanks for your FREE tee.

A couple of suggestions – if you’re looking for great pieces to go with this tee, my very favorite thing this fall is blanket scarves. They keep you warm, come in so many cozy happy colors, are crazy versatile. Definitely take a look at all of the beautiful choices they’ve got.

Actually, I Can - motivational bracelet

Accessories. You can never go wrong with some sparkly accessories. Some of these bracelets are old, some are pieces that I made, and the one with the quote, “Actually, I can” – that one is available on Cents of Style, along with loads of other bracelets with encouraging, motivating, and inspirational words. I’m still kind of… In the picking up the pieces, figuring things out again stage, so this one fit my current feelings – I don’t exactly feel brave, strong, or tough. But I like the reminder, no matter what happens – I CAN. And I will, baby!

And leggings. You GUYS. Get all the leggings. They have really great prints, and these are awesome quality at a totally affordable price point. {Oh wait, that just described darn near everything on their site…} I’m a leggings junkie, and these are definitely high up on my list – they wash well, don’t pill up and get all fuzzy, perfect amount of stretch, and NOT at all see through!

So, while life might be making me look like THIS most days – a little lost, a little confused, a little in-over-my-head – I’ve got loads of joys and blessings too. And so do you! Celebrate them with some pretty new fashions, and be grateful for the free tee with your purchase!

Love you guys – stay thankful, grateful, and blessed this month! – xoxo Meagan



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