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Learn How to Light Up Your Life this Fall!

This post about how to #lightupfall with GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights is sponsored by the awesomesauce team at Acorn – The Influence Company. All opinions are totally ours.

It’s fall ya’all! Yep, here in the PNW it’s fall again. I swear, one day we were having super sunny late summer weather, then overnight it was totally fall with changing leaves and that crisp feeling in the air. Suddenly it was time for leggings and boots, hot coffee instead of iced, and dark mornings and early sunsets. This year has been filled with massive changes, so the changing season is just another one to roll with. And as I transition our lives into fall – thicker body lotion, pumpkin scented candles, cozy scarves and socks – I’m super excited about an awesome gadget that we’ve found that totally lights up our life, and keeps us safe. Let me introduce you to it too!

GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights

Light Up Fall with GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights

These are the smartest little lights, I’m telling ya! They’re the new GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights. They are super easy to use – just pop them out of the packaging, and plug them into any outlet in your home. Or, if you’re like me, you’ll plug them into EVERY outlet in your home. They’re super versatile so you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for any spot – as you can see, there are several different designs. They come in different levels of brightness too. But, even though they plug in just like any other night light we’ve used, they’re different. Our other night lights automatically light up when it gets dark, and stay on. These are motion-activated, so the space stays dark until you need it. There are literally hundreds of ways to use this – check out the #lightupfall tag on Twitter and Instagram to see how other families are using them. But first, let me show you how Abby and I are using them to stay safe during this season of darkness. {That sounds kind of spooky, doesn’t it?} And, I know my lighting in these photos and videos is kinda crummy. My real camera is getting fixed, so I’m working for a couple of weeks with just my iPad. But, hopefully these give you a great glimpse at why we seriously love these lights, and why you NEED them in your life too.

This is what I was talking ’bout. My iPad sometimes can take rad photos, but it’s extra lazy in low light. But, this shows you the first spot I wanted to use these lights – by our front door. One, we have almost no overhead lights in this whole house, which is so bizarre to me still, even after 5 years living here. And now that my Mister and I broke up {he left, after 11 years, at Christmas last year. Still some sad face about that. But anyway…} – it’s just my Abby and I living here. Alone. And it gets dark. And we’re scared of the dark. So, I love, love, love that this little plug in LED light “sees” us come in the door, and brightens up the house without me having to stumbble in and find the switch to the lamps. And, I really like that if we were ever unlucky enough to have someone attempt to break in, it might startle them when a light pops on and they’ll run away. I feel safer imagining that. And so does Abby…

So, I had told her about these, and we talked about where to put them, and why. With just her and I here, we’re partners, and make decisions together. Because she’s only 6, but because she is 6, she is the boss of this house. I’m sure you understand. Well, she was at her dad’s house last night, and got dropped off at my house at 6am, to go back to sleep for a couple of hours before I get her ready for school and take her to the bus stop. She noticed the lights come on as she walked through the house, remembered our talk about them maybe scaring intruders, and didn’t want me to get scared if I noticed them come on. So she walked sloooooowly though the house yelling, “It’s just me mom. Just Abby. Not a robber. Just Abby, me, your daughter, making the motion lights turn on. Don’t be scared.” She cracks me up. She wanted to show you guys how easy they are to use, and tell you why she likes them. She insisted I let her show them off, in her jammies and miss matched socks and bedhead, in the hallway with dirty carpet from the crazy rainstorm we just went through this weekend, in the early morning bad lighting. Enjoy :) She says she likes them because she doesn’t break her leg and stuff now, that these light up the hall for her. Which is important, right?

Light Up Fall with Motion LED Lights

I also have one here, by the back sliding glass door. I walk though here, in the kitchen, several times a night. This year I developed, suddenly and severely, some life changing health problems. One fun addition to that is trouble sleeping. I also have a fun condition called peripheral neuropathy, which causes me some pretty intense pain in my hands, feet, and legs. I cannot even explain to you how many times I’ve bumped into things at night in the dark. This is a lifesaver in here – and again, makes me feel better knowing if someone were to try and sneak into the house, it’d pop on and brighten up the room a bit! It honestly makes me feel way more secure.

Where to use Motion-Activated LED Lights around your home

We did receive a complimentary box of these Motion LED Lights to try out, so we could see how they work in different areas, different light levels, different needs. But they only sent us three, and we loved them so much we bought three more. Here are all the ways we use them:

  • 1. Front and back doors, as I mentioned. Imagine coming into your house after running errands, hands full of bags and your purse and the mail, and one of these Motion LED Lights lighting up your entry for you, hands-free. So nice. Since, you know, there’s no one here to greet me anymore when I come home. I’ll settle for a plug-in that lights up when I arrive, since I don’t have a Mister to do so. :)
  • 2. We have a third in the messy hallway in Abby’s video above. Her bedroom is one of the doors at the end of the hall, the door across from the light is the bathroom. And there are NO windows anywhere around here. So this is seriously great for her. She’s so excited. And, as you can see, the stupid cat is kind of into it too. In the dark, she freaks out when it turns on, and tries to attack it. Because she’s a sociopath. Because cats are crazy. But, anyway… More about the lights… :)
  • 3. There’s another in my bedroom. As I said, I get up a lot at night. To take meds, to get a drink of water, to go to the bathroom, or whatever. I am the queen of clumsy, and was like that even before I got sick, so you can imagine how much worse it is now! But I have the motion LED light plugged in right by the bed, it stays dark while I’m attempting to pretend to sleep, but when I get out of bed, as soon as my feet hit the floor it lights things up just enough to see my way and not whack my ankle on the edge of the bed. Also, it prevents the monsters under the bed from like, biting my toes or something sinister like that. Not today under-bed monster, not today.
  • 4. I put one in my closet. So, when I swing open the big sliding doors, it lights up to welcome me. I didn’t even realize how dark it was in there until I added one of these – SO much easier to find things now!
  • 5. I also have one, maybe one of the most important spots, in the kitchen, in my coffee station. The kitchen is one of the only places with overhead lights – and they’re BIG bright florescent light fixtures that are blinding to sleepy eyes in the early hours. Especially this time of year, where the suns not up yet, and the kitchen is pretty dark still. But with one of these GE Motion-Activated LED Night Lights plugged in by my Nespresso machine, it gives me just enough light to get my first cup of coffee brewing, without totally shocking my system. LOVE that.

GE Motion-Activated LED Lights

So – to recap: These are awesome. They are available in different colors, light levels {see the little white circles on the upper right of the packages? That shows you levels of brightness} and styles – as you can see above. I wanted to give you a look at the packaging, to make it easier to spot them while you’re out shopping. They just plug right into any outlet, easy peasy. They take three AA batteries. They are perfect for seriously ANY spot in your house, your RV, in an unfamiliar hotel room when you travel, in the guest room when you have visitors, creepy basement, garage – literally everywhere and anywhere. #lightupallthethings. They’re a night light, but definitely not just for kids. And, right after Halloween, it’s time to “fall back” and set your clocks one hour back on Sunday, November 6 at 2AM. Perfect time to add a bunch of these Motion LED Lights around the house!

Follow #LightUpFall on your favorite social media. Visit the website to see more styles, more detailed product info, and where to purchase them.


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