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Finding Strength and Love in the Walmart Aisles…

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So. This year has been a tough one. So many changes, and pretty much all of them incredibly difficult. Full story for you coming soon, but you can read a bit about my health saga drama if you’d like. Anywho… One big change I’m still adjusting to is not having a man of the house. It’s now just Abby and I, and sometimes my mom, since I need a lot of help these days. Abby says this is our “Girl Cave.” Heck yes it is. But, it is kind of nice when you have a handsome man around the house. Taking out the trash, helping with big projects, being the “muscle of the house” if you will. But, you then have to put up with yucky stuff like toilet seats left up, and dirty socks laying around. Tough balance.

Abby, my amazingly smart and beautiful 6 year old daughter that I love more than life, watches too much TV. One day recently she asked me, “Mom, have you ever heard of People get married everyday from eHarmony’s compatibility matching stuff. And momma, you’re not getting any younger you know. Just check it out, ok? Also, I reeeaaaallly want a baby sister, ok?” Woah. And, for her information, I did try a couple of these online dating sites when I first became single, because I’m like a hundred years old now, and the last time I was single I don’t even know if the internet existed. But they were a no-go. Double nope smothered in nope sauce. But, while I’m totally giving up on dating {hello, cat lady lifestyle!} I would still like that strength and help around the house, without the dirty socks. So – enter my new adventure in finding the perfect match: Hefty. It’s easy to find where we hang out often {the Walmart.} It’s not all overpriced and too fancy for our simple lady lifestyle. It’s got a lot of great things going on. And they say they have the strength to match the super handsome John Cena, so they must be good, right? Because he is goooooood.

There are so many choices!!! These days I need some extra help around the house. I no longer have a man around, and my health troubles make a lot of things more difficult. So I was shopping, looking for a handsome new #heftyhelper to bring home. A helper who's strong ?, smells nice ?, likes kids (hello #boxtopsforeducation for Abby's school ?) is a multi-tasker for all the trouble spots in my house ?, and won't fall apart when the going gets tough! Which of these good looking @heftybrands helpers do you think I took home with me this weekend? (You're wondering, is she buying trash bags, or is this a dating profile thing? You'll have to click the link in my profile to read about it all #ontheblog tonight) #heftyheftyhefty ???

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So, this past week I found myself wandering the aisles of our Walmart, checking out the goods in the household essentials section. So many choices. All incredibly strong. And if I use Ibotta, my favorite app for earning free cash {Get your first $10 free here, use code lsdkfjlsd} – and save $1 on any of these good looking options. That’s like, getting a discount on a first date. Sweet. Which one would YOU choose? Any of these Hefty Helpers catch your eye, a little love at first site?

HEFTY Bags are strong, scented, and even more affordable!

Abby chose this, since the fact that she is 6, is doing well in her life so far while mine is a bit of a shambles, so obviously I put her in charge of most of the important decisions these days. Plus, her and Batman dated for over a year, just recently they broke up but totally are best buds and do missions together, so she seems to have the dating thing down pretty well. She chose this one – she likes purple, so. That’s all. We got the one with purple. Sounds like a good enough reason to take it home with me. I’ve had worse reasons…. {Ha!}

Hefty bags are so tough

Now, let’s talk a bit about some of the qualities that make this Hefty Helper stand out. First – it’s strong. Super strong. John Cena strong. {Am I still talking about him? Swoon…} You can see it, just by taking a glance at the bags – see all those ridges, similar to John Cena’s abs? That’s what makes these so awesome, able to help around the house in a million ways – taking out the trash, collecting unneeded household stuff to donate to charity, raking up leaves in the yard… Good stuff.

HEFTY and box tops

Now, this is a really important one. My new Hefty Helper clearly loves kids. Education is very important to Hefty. So it includes Box Tops, you know – these little squares that you cut out and send to your kiddo’s school, earning them a bit of extra funding? More good stuff. Love it.

Save money on HEFTY with Ibotta

And see this? This is how you can save on your own handsome, strong, #HeftyHelper – Either visit Ibotta, sign up here: Join Ibotta to get your first $10 free. My referral code is aeabpxk if you’d like to use it. And If you’re already using Ibotta, click here to get the $1 free cash rebate on Hefty. {Hint, there’s also cash back on other types of Hefty bags, and even the zip style slider bags for the fridge and freezer too!} Or, click here – to get some super helpful tips from HEFTY, and get a coupon that way. All, as I’ve mentioned, lots of good stuff. So go. Check them out. Right now. Then share this with your friends. Your friends like me – just a girl, on a budget, looking for love in the Walmart. {There must also be a joke somewhere in this that ties my love and dating life with garbage and trash. But I’ll just leave that alone… :)}

So – click here, or here. Thanks for reading. love you guys!


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