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Earn Money by Surfing the Web

{This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are always my own.}

The economy is improving, but many of us are still on a tight budget. Maybe you’ve been laid off, or had your hours cut. Maybe you’re a stay at home mom who wants a way to earn extra money while still being home with the kids. Or maybe you just want some simple ways to earn extra cash in your free time. My post, 10 Ways to Make Money from Home is my most popular post ever, of all time – it’s been pinned over 280k times! So, I figured since frugal tips seem to be pretty popular with you guys, once a week I’ll share a new way to get free or super cheap stuff, or how to save money.

This week, I’m talking about earning with Neilsen. Neilsen is a huge company – They have a lot of different branches to what they do. But they’re main focus is on collecting opinions and data from people across the country, so that they can use that info to help companies develop products, marketing plans, and more. So they have programs that reward people for helping share those opinions. Think about it – years ago, brands had to spend big bucks to bring people together for in-person focus groups. Now, with everyone on the web, it’s easier than ever for tons of people to share their thoughts to help brands create the best products. And they pay you for it!

One way is with¬†Nielsen Digital Voice. This is SO super easy. I’ve used it for a long time, and can vouch that it’s totally safe and not spammy. It takes about 5 minutes to sign up, and install their app onto your computer. It just runs in the background, you won’t even notice it. And then as you surf the web, it collects some info about what you like, shop for, etc. But, it doesn’t share your info personally – it just collects in, and puts it into categories. So, it might tell an online clothing store that single women between the ages of 25-35 with incomes of $30,000-$40,000 are the most likely to shop for their products, which helps the company plan their marketing strategy. Sometimes they’ll offer you a survey or something to fill out, but you can skip them if you want to.

So just having the app on, and doing what you would already be doing online anyway, you get entries to win!¬†400 winners are selected to receive part of the $10,000 prize pool, with a monthly grand prize of $1,000. I myself have won $100 many times over the years, with no effort on my part. Join Here, and check out their privacy policy if you’re interested.

They also have other programs that they randomly select people for, like filling out weekly TV viewing habit questionaires. {We used to do this for about a year, until I got too busy.} This is something that they send out in the mail, so if you ever get big envelope in the mail about this, just now it’s legit :)

So, there you go – a quick and easy way to possibly earn some big prize money, with no effort on your part except the 5 minutes it takes to set up! It doesn’t slow down my computer at all, I don’t notice it’s there, and since Neilsen has been in business for over 90 years doing market research like this, you can totally trust them.

Let’s chat: Have you ever used Neilsen? Have you ever won a prize? I’d love to hear from you!



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