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Is Food an Addiction for You?

This post was created as part of a relationship in which I was sponsored by Weight Watchers and given a free three month subscription to try their new Personal Coaching and Essentials product, watch their Super Bowl “All You Can Eat” commercial and share my experience. Though I was compensated for my time and commitment, all views, positive and negative, are my own.

So, by now you’ve been following me and my weight loss journey for quite some time. About a year and a half ago I got super motivated, lost about 20 pounds in less than 4 months, was SUPER excited about that.

Then? Then I got complacent. Or maybe lazy? No, not lazy. Just busy. Very busy, and very distracted. I work at home while trying to manage a super wild preschooler. I travel a lot. We’re remodeling our whole house. We’ve had some major family crisis stuff. There are only so many hours in a day, and only so many things I can concentrate on. And one thing that I let slip was diet and exercise.

But recently I partnered up with the awesome people at Weight Watchers. Not only do I get access to their awesome program and tools – being able to track the foods I eat, get awesome recipes, chat with other members, get helpful tips, and more – but I also have a personal coach who is amazing. I get to chat with her whenever I need to, and since she’s someone who has already successfully lost a ton of weight with Weight Watchers, she’s got loads of advice to help me stay on track this time. Instead of a “diet” like I did before in my life, she’s helping me learn a new lifestyle. LOVE her <3

Weight Watchers helps you avoid food temptations

Did you watch the big game last weekend? We sure did. {And, I won’t name names…. But our local Washington team did NOT win. We were all shocked and devastated. Huge fans here. Just sayin….} Even though the Mister has taught me a lot about football over the past 10 years, still, for me – some of the best parts of the BIG game of the year are the food, and the commercials. I talked to my coach early in the week to come up with a plan to avoid over-indulging on bad stuff during the game, while still enjoying my favorite goodies. Like these above, or Mike’s amazing jalapeno poppers. She helped me figure out how many points each food would be, how many of each would be ok, and what other options I could fill up on. Which meant I brought a couple of platters – fruits, and veggies – so I’d have healthy “free foods” to munch on.

How to avoid binging on bad foods - weight watchers

And that’s what I love most about Weight Watchers. It’s totally customizable to you – you’re favorite foods. Your unique lifestyle. Your special occasions. You have a set amount of points per day, to use as you please. Plus extra “Plus” points each week, to use on things like yummy football party foods. But they help guide you to learning how to use those points the best way – to find foods that are filling, but nutritious. Because not all calories are equal. And, speaking of the big game, and the awesome commercials, did you see this totally amazing one?

I saw this Weight Watchers Super Bowl commercial, and it was one of my very favorites. {Better than the totally downer one from the insurance company. Woah, right?} Another fave was the super funny Liam Neeson one, and of course – the adorable one with the lost puppy and the horse. LOVE animals. But, this Weight Watchers commercial was SO powerful. Because food is everywhere. And for many of us, it’s hard to resist. Hard to even know what proper portion sizes are anymore. When your favorite restaurant gives you a plate of pasta that’s bigger than your head, or the movie theater offers boxes of popcorn that would equal several bags of popcorn you’d make at home – it’s difficult to keep it all in perspective.

Weight Watchers grocery shopping

I love the message that it’s not exactly a willpower problem. It’s just that the world makes making good choices tough sometimes. Especially when it comes to special occasions – like watching the big game, holidays, girls night out, etc. Everyone pushes more and more food at you, and then you keep eating until WAY past the time you’re actually full. Which is where Weight Watchers Personal Coaching comes in. Someone to not only talk to in advance, to get tips – but also someone you can message when you’re having a weak moment, to get a pep talk. To remind you that eating one chicken wing and feeling good in the long run is better than eating 10 and only feeling good for a moment :) And with the help of the Weight Watchers online tools, recipe ideas, and my personal coach, I’m doing SO much better at stocking up on healthy stuff!

{P.S. These Smart Ones meals from WW are amazing. For the days when I’m way too busy to think about what I’m eating, they have points posted on the package, and I know I’m getting a balanced meal in a proper portion. And they are seriously actually REALLY good.}

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