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Stop – It’s Blogathon Time!!

This is now the seventh Biannual Blogathon Bash, and I think I’ve participated in more than half of them. At first as an attendee, and now again as a co-host. I have loved the idea of the Blogathon since I first heard of it – it’s super motivating! Not only is it a time to set aside to work on your blog – learn new things, and work on past-due projects – but it also makes all of that work fun! There are prizes to win, which is always a bonus. There’s a free blogging planner printable for everyone who links up and participates. But the best part is having a whole team of people working along with you – to answer questions, give advice, and network with. I hope you’ll join us too!

Biannual Blogathon Bash

 How to Join the Blogathon Bash:

Check out the intro post here:  January Biannual Blogathon Bash. That’ll give you more information on everything that’s going on, if you’re new to the Blogathon. Then write up a quick kick-off post {doesn’t have to be as long as mine… I always talk too much :)} and link it up on the linky in that intro post. Just share what you’re goals and plans are for the weekend, easy peasy! It’s a nice way to hold yourself accountable, since you’re writing it down. Plus, it helps bring more people to join the Blogathon fun too. Here are some of my personal blogging goals:

  • Finish my Blogging Binder. I had printer problems. Then I got things printed, but haven’t a chance to put it all together. {Bonus – you get a free set of printables by joining the Blogathon and linking up! Or, check out my Printable Planner board on Pinterest if you’re looking for more ideas.}
  • Clean out email for 4 hours total. I have over 20,000 emails in my Yahoo account alone – yikes!
  • Go through all of the material I got when I purchased the BC Stack bundle a while ago, before it expires.
  • Update my LONG overdue About Me page.
  • Research designers. I need to do an overhaul of this site. User testing shows that people get the first impression that this is site is all about baby and parenting stuff. Which was great… 3 years ago when I had the design done and that IS what the site was focused on! But now I’m shifting, as Abby is getting older and we have a new house, to more recipes, DIY, home improvement, tech, and travel. I need something to reflect that!
  • And do as many of the Blogathon Mini-Challenges as I can. There are some that look really relevant for me right now – rebranding, creating a business plan {I do that every year, but am interested to learn more tips on doing so!} And there’s one about using LinkedIn that I’m curious to learn about – I don’t use that nearly enough. But there are a lot of good ones to choose from, so I’m sure I’ll have enough to keep me busy.

And speaking of busy…. Check out what else I’m dealing with this weekend:

I knew we were planning to do this project soon, but didn’t know it was happening this weekend until my mom showed up yesterday and started moving furniture! {We own the house jointly – she lives me about half of the year, when her boyfriend travels.} My brother and boyfriend both work in construction, and my mom is handy as heck, so we can handle most any DIY project around here! We’ve walls and ceiling painted, new trim being painted, old rug ripped out and waiting for my brother to do tile work tomorrow… Needless to say, my house is total chaos! But, it’ll be worth it in the end!

What are YOU working on this weekend? If you’re a blogger, or have thought about blogging, I definitely suggest you check out the Blogathon and join us. If you’re not, tell me what other fun stuff you’re working on over the next few days – I love to hear from you guys!



  1. Oh the BC Stack! I just purchased one and haven’t even started it. I need to check out the dates to see when they expire. I didn’t know some of them did before I purchased it. bummer. Adding it to my planner to do list.

    Thanks for co-hosting a fantastic event! Time to get some blogging done!

  2. Whao that’s certainly a lot of things that you intend to do this week. Good luck!!

  3. This is my first blog-a-thon and my blog has just been launched and I need to learn lots of stuff. My biggest need is how to find followers. I am churning out posts and that makes me happy. Thanks so much for all you do. I love the BBB

  4. The BC Stack is a great product. I LOVE BC Prime membership too.
    I am so glad we are a part of this blogathon event together. I like your current blog design, but I can understand wanting to change it. (I’ve changed my theme A LOT. I’ve still got a lot of tweaking I plan on doing with my current theme.)

  5. Hi from the blogathon! I see you have a busy weekend ahead! I am slowly making a dent in my to-do list, but not making as much progress as I was hoping. I hope your weekend goes well and you get a lot accomplished! :)

  6. I actually just finally got to the BC stack stuff last week and I really need to give my About Me page an overhaul too — thanks for the reminder I’ll just add that too the list!

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