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Cherry Sparkle Cocktail Recipe

This week I made my Sweet’N Low Cherry Sparkler Valentine’s Day drink recipe as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SweetNLowStars

I’m not always a big fan of Valentine’s Day – although I do love me some love. :) But, I had quite a few Valentine’s Days ruined by silly boys, in my early 20’s…. One went on a road trip with friends to Seattle, stayed a few days longer than he was supposed to, and called me on Valentine’s Day from- wait for it….. Hooters. That was nice. Another boyfriend, a few years later, bought me PJ’s, which I’d mentioned I was wanting…. But bought them for me in a mens size XXL. And I’m not that big. Sheesh. Even if was, how rude, lol. But even with some unfortunate Valentine’s Days behind me, I still get excited to celebrate. And with a 4 year old, and few options for babysitting, we have a lot of date nights at home. So, I came up with a fun little drink to make the evening more festive. Hope you enjoy it too.

Cherry Sparkle Cocktail for Valentines Day

I call this the Cherry Sparkler. Because I love anything with sparkle, including sparkling water. {Those who know me have heard me say many a time that sparkle is my favorite color. It IS a color. Don’t argue….} I’ve also started the Weight Watchers plan, with Personal Coaching, and am watching calories. So this drink is very light and low-cal. It’s also super simple, since date nights should be about spending time together – not spending time on complicated recipes, right?

This Cherry Sparkler drink recipe is made with Sweet’N Low, and is low-cal, low-sugar, diabetic friendly, and perfect for a date night or girls night. It’s super light and fresh, while also being sweet and festive. And these fun cranberry-filled heart-shaped ice cubes make them even more fun! Just drop a handful of cranberries into a heart-shaped ice cube tray and freeze. Love it, right? Heart Shaped ice cubes and drink ingredients To create this easy drink recipe, you only need a handful of ingredients – Vodka of your choice, sparkling water or club soda, Skinny Girl White Cherry, Sweet’N Low, and some festive fruity ice cubes. Vodka shot Pour your vodka {one shot}, plus sparkling water or club soda {two parts sparkle to one part vodka} and the Skinny Girl mix into a cocktail shaker, over ice. Shake it up to mix and get it all nice and frosty cold. Then pour into a glass. Sweet n low Next, sprinkle a packet of Sweet’N Low into your glass, to sweeten up your drink a bit. It also is super fun – it makes it fizz up when you add it! Last, top with a heart-shaped ice cube or two, for fun.

Enjoy a couple of these with your honey, or your best girlfriends, along with a pasta dinner and lots of laughs and good times. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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