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Free Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

I think just about everyone by now has heard about this whole Elf on the Shelf trend, right? Where you get an old-fashioned looking elf, tell the kids he’s there to watch over them and report to Santa whether they’re being bad or good, leave treats, and get up to silly shenanigans during the night? Everyone I know is kind of 50-50 on how they feel about this tradition; it’s definitely a love it or hate it kind of thing. Personally – I love this idea. Anything to bring more fun and wonder to the holidays for my little girl is a win in my book. But, we went with a different type of elf…

Elf Magic - alternative to Elf on the Shelf

We decided to go with an Elf Magic elf. We got a little redhead elf, and named her Rosie. She came in a really great gift package, including a container of paper “snowflakes” that you sprinkle on her each night, to encourage the magic to happen :) Every morning I would hide her somewhere, or have her involved in some type of new “elfcapade” – Abby thought it was HILARIOUS! And some days, in the afternoons when my nephews would get her after school, they could check out little tin Christmas mailbox to see if there was a surprise. {They knew they had to be good, if they wanted Rosie to bring new surprises.} It would be things like a little bag of candy, or maybe a note telling them we were going to play a board game. That was two years ago… Rosie went away, back to the North Pole, after New Years. But when she returned last year, she came riding in her new sleigh, pulled by her Ho Ho Husky! This year, Rosie is bringing a new friend…. with little blonde curls. Should totally up the fun even more! And, as I was shopping their site the other night {links are not sponsored, and no affiliates – I just love these guys!} – I came across this seriously fun calendar I wanted to share…

Free Printable Christmas Countdown Calendar

Whether you use it to come up with fun ideas for whichever type of elf you have – or just use this as a jumpstart to creating more magical holiday fun – I hope you enjoy! Either pin this to refer to later, or you can download it on their site here: Elf Magic Christmas Countdown Calendar!


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