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Getting Our Home Ready for the Holidays

I cleaned up with Zep Commercial® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #TryZep

We moved into our house about 3 years ago. We were buying it from a family member, but it was a long process. {Also, a looooong story.} We just finalized the deal earlier this year – so it’s finally really-really-truly ours! Yay! I co-own it with my mom. She lives her part of the year, when her boyfriend travels. But we’re best buddies so it works great :) Well, now that it’s ours, and the summer months of building our giant garden and taking care of the pool are over, it’s time for some awesome home improvement and DIY projects. Especially with the holidays on the way!

Living room furniture - green

First up, we bought new living room furniture! And I can’t even tell you how difficult this process was – ohmyheck. My mom and I have VERY different taste, so we really struggled trying to find a set we could both agree on. But we did, this week. We bought two of these couches, the loveseat, the coffee table, plus the “chair and a half” you see on the left, which is awesome. Perfect for snuggling with Abby to read stories. And we also ordered the ottoman that matches it – so this momma can put her feet up at night! Can’t wait! {Yes, two couches. Not because I have a ginormous house. But because my living room is L-shaped, in an awkward way. So we’ll have the chair, couch, and loveseat in the “main” living room, then another couch around the corner in the TV area.} But Abby was very disappointed we didn’t get the giraffe… Lol.

Frigidaire Range

This week we also got a new Frigidaire Range, and new cookware. Amazing. It’s got induction technology – which I have to admit I don’t totally understand yet, but I can tell you that it’s magic. Magic from the future. So cool. And it’s all so shiny. And I like shiny :) I’ll soon be replacing all of the appliances in the kitchen to match. {Tip: You can get this at Best Buy.}

Coffee station supplies

And, you can’t get ready for a few months of major home makeover work without a new coffee station, right? This is my new Nescafe Dolce Gusto – I love how small and compact it is, and how stinkin’ fast it gives me caffeinated goodness. {Also, that’s my cup from when I got to visit the Today studios in NYC. Makes me happy every time I drink from it!}

Laundry Room supplies

I don’t have a real laundry “room.” It’s like, an alcove in the hall between the kitchen and master bedroom. But, it’s one of the most important spots in my entire house. I have cupboards to keep all of my cleaning supplies. I have shelves to hold the laundry until it’s sorted, then once it’s done. And on the opposite wall, I have my “command center,” that I’m in the process of upgrading. A white board calendar, mail sorters, a chalkboard for notes, etc. It’s how we all know what’s going on in my big, messy, family. Mom can leave us to-do’s. My nephews are here every day before and after school, so my brother can pin up the school schedule. It keeps us all connected. And – do you LOVE this new vinyl that my Mister cut for me to put up? “The Laundry Room – Loads of Fun!” So true. Lol. We’re painting this space red soon, and then I can put this up. Can’t wait!

Zep Commercial - All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser and Quick Clean Disinfectant #TryZep

If I’m going to start upgrading my whole house, I want to keep it all clean and looking new for as long as I can, right? Which is why I am totally a fan of Zep Commercial – All-Around Oxy Cleaner, and their Degreaser and Quick Clean Disinfectant. They can pretty much do anything I need done in my house – and everyone knows anything with Oxy in it rocks, right? Just read a couple of facts about them, in their own words:

  • Quick Clean Disinfectant: Kills most viruses in 30 seconds to 2 minutes, which is faster than the average disinfectant that needs to sit on a surface for up to 10 minutes to work. Quick Clean kills bacteria fast, fitting into your cleaning routine. Additionally, Quick Clean kills Rhinovirus, causative agent of the common cold. Safe on virtually all-hard, non-porous surfaces, Quick Clean is perfect for disinfecting kitchens, sinks, stovetops, appliances, bathrooms & floors. {Which means you can totally make your house germ-free quick!}
  • All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser: Versatile multipurpose cleaner with Oxy action to tackle tough stains and degreasing action to break up grime. Perfect for daily use in kitchens, bathrooms, and throughout the home, yet safe on delicate materials such as upholstery and granite. Great on the following stains: Red wine, blood, fruit juice, food stains, urine stains & dirt. {Which means, you have a go-to helper for those tough yucky stains that pop up!}

So – these can help me clean all of my awesome new stuff I’ve brought into our home, and all of the new stuff we have on the way. And I can tell ya – I’ve used them both a lot this week, and they WORK. Check it out…

Dirty door knob and germs

I’m a serious cleaning product junkie, and have used almost everything out there. I’d never heard of these Zep Commercial products until recently. But I am in LOVE. And they have a whole line of products to help you get a professional style clean all through your home. And with my messy family, huge amount of entertaining, and OCD – I totally need good cleaning products. I definitely recommend checking them out. That @%!# Will Clean Anything. Pinky promise.

Example – Since I’m getting so many amazing shiny clean new things in the house this week, I want to spruce up the rest of my house. Look at my door here. This is the back door, the one we use the most. DIRTY. And super gross. We think of public spaces having yucky door knobs and stuff, but our own home can be super germ infested too!


So, it’s awesome to have the Zep Quick Clean Disinfectant. Seriously – one spray, one wipe, and the door is clean and safe. With flu season here, it’s amazing to have a spray I can use to keep germs at bay. And see how clean it is from one a simple spray and wipe? Awesome!


Find them here: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Pinterest | Follow #TryZep to see what other real moms are saying!

We have more plans too…. We don’t have a flat screen TV yet in the living room {crazy, right?} So we’ll be replacing our giant bulky TV this month, and will get a new entertainment center to go with it. Soon we’ll be painting almost every room in the house, and replacing trim and doors. And then replacing the yucky old carpet with new wood flooring is next on the list. Plus new lamps, rugs, throw pillows…… So much to do! What are you doing to get your home ready for the holidays? Or, what DIY projects do you have planned for your home? I love to hear what you guys have going on!



  1. It’s nice to see this all coming together for you and your family. It makes me excited for you AND ready to make changes for my family. Your home is looking wonderful.

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