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Why I’m Falling in Love with the Philips Airfryer

Big thank you to Best Buy for sending me a complimentary Philips Airfryer to test out and share with you guys. It is AWESOME and I know you’ll love it too!

I am a healthy eater, 90% of the time. You wouldn’t know it by looking at the size of my hips, but it’s true. I eat small portions, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies. But…. I have been known to say that “deep fried” is one of my favorite flavors :) And this would be an area where I splurge once in a while. We have a deep fryer, and ohmanohman can it make some good stuff. But it’s hot, messy, and FATTENING! So when I learned that there was a new super-cool technology that would give me a healthier alternative to frying… I was totally excited to try it out. Skeptical, I admit. But excited.

Philip's Airfryer - multitasker in the kitchen. Fry, bake, roast, AND grill!

Philips Airfryer is a total multitasker in the kitchen. It can fry, bake, roast, AND grill. Which I appreciate… I’m a kitchen gadget addict. But I only have so much room in the kitchen. So anything that has multiple purposes is a win, and a space saver. So – let’s take this as a dating scenario… He looked good in his online ad. And, upon meeting him – he made a good first impression.

Next, I learn a little more about him online. Imagine this as the stalking, err, research, that we all do before that second date. And this video? Well, he looks pretty darn impressive, doesn’t he? Promises big things, and seems to deliver on it. Looks like a hard worker. Good looking. HOT. But…. Let’s dig into his background a little bit more, shall we? Get some real info…

Phillip's Airfryer

If he had a LinkedIn bio, this is what it would say… “With the Philips Airfryer, you can eat healthier without giving up the taste and texture of your favorite foods. The Airfryer features unique Rapid Air Technology that circulates hot air with speed and precision for faster cooking and perfect results with less oil. An adjustable temperature control up to 390 degrees lets you fry, bake, roast and grill a variety of foods.” Impressive, right? But what is he like in real life?

Philips Airfryer from Best Buy

He looks pretty slick, as we meet for the first time. Really modern, cool, and definitely a trendy addition to my kitchen. I like that he’s not a one trick pony – he’s super versatile. Like I mentioned earlier, I like that in an appliance. The basket isn’t huge, but just big enough to get the job done – we have three people to feed, and this is the absolute perfect size to cook dinner. If you have a bigger bunch, you may need to do a couple batches, but that’s no big deal, since you just “set and forget” while it cooks, just like a crockpot.

Jerk Chicken Wings Recipe - Healthier version, using the Airfryer!

And, unlike real men in our lives, the Philips Airfryer comes with an instruction manual. Another win :) It includes tons of super delicious recipes you can try – but also includes a ton of great tips that help you create your own favorite recipes too. What timing to use on different foods, how to prep them, what temps to cook certain foods, common questions that people have, etc. SUPER helpful in helping you learn to cook all your faves in this baby. And yes…. I love him. I will call him baby. <3

Although I’m pretty much in love with Philip the Airfryer :) I will share him with you too. You can learn more here on Best Buy: Philips Airfryer Low-Fat Multi-Cooker.

If you’ve used a Philips Airfryer, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Share some favorite tips, recipes, etc. If you haven’t tried it yet but are interested, feel free to ask any questions too – I’ll answer them in the comments. And be sure to check out my Best Buy Bloggers Pinterest board for more cool gadgets and gear.

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  1. I too have been looking at Phillip the air fryer online. Just can’t make the commitment right now. I’m interested in following how it works for you!!

  2. Lol! You’re not the only one that’s in love with your air fryer. They’re truly awesome – I can cook delicious fries with so much less guilt. We have the Philips XL model.

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