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Under the Sea Lunch Idea

I’m always looking for easy, frugal, and FUN ways to help the kiddos eat healthier. And, actually eat – you know what I mean? It’s hard enough staying on a budget. It’s worse when the kids don’t like what you serve, and you end up throwing things away. So, I decided to take a few minutes each day – honestly, it only takes a few more minutes prep to make fun lunches, I promise! – to create meals that entertain the kids enough to actually eat…..

Under the Sea lunch - #BumbleBeeB2S

Abby is a HUGE fan of The Little Mermaid, and anything that involves fish or the ocean. {Have you seen our Little Mermaid craft party we had awhile back?} So she was really excited to have an “Under the Sea” themed lunch. And it was super crazy easy. The little boats up top are mandarin oranges, then I threaded a toothpick through a Swiss cheese sail. Easy peasy. Next, I added “Fish in the River” – which is just a couple of pieces of celery, filled with ranch dressing, then topped with a few colorful Goldfish crackers.

Turtle made from fruit

Then I made this little cutie, which was a huge hit with the kids – a turtle made from some of our favorite fruits! We’ve been eating a lot of apples, peaches, plums and raspberries lately, since I have a ton of those in our garden. So I thought I’d bring in some new goodies – I sliced a kiwi in thirds, then used toothpicks to attach grape halves as legs. Then I used another toothpick to add a full grape as a head, and added a couple spots for eyes, using one of those tiny icing tubes. {The grapes were wet and cold, which is why his eyes look like me at a wedding, when my mascara runs. Because I cry. Even if it’s a strangers wedding on TV. True story :)}

Bumble Bee tuna - #BumbleBeeB2S

Then – the best part, the tuna “fish” sandwich! I used a round cookie cutter to cut circles out of wheat bread. You could also just use a small tupperware container or glass to cut out your shape too. Then I mixed up some of our fave tuna – Bumble Bee Premium Albacore in water {always in water, I totally don’t like tuna in oil.} And I am so in love with these pouches – they taste super fresh. After I had the tuna mixed with the mayo, I added it to my bread, topped with a couple of pickle slices, {because you MUST have pickles on a tuna sammich!} then used a knife to cut cheddar and swiss cheese for fins, tail, and fish lips :) The big ol’ fish eye is a sliced olive. Cute, right? And it only took me a few more minutes than making a regular sandwich – but so worth it when you see Abby’s big smile…

Kids love fun lunches

I mean, who can say no to this little cutie pie face? Right? She’s the reason for the “sunshine” in my site name – because she truly is the sunshine in my life. And if taking an extra 10-15 minutes a day to make a lunch that is filled with healthy, wholesome stuff, and is crafted into creative themes, makes her smile – it’s so worth it :) And – I know I said we’re huge fans of the Bumble Bee pouches, but we do also use the cans too. You can find both at your local grocery. Learn more here:

Bumble Bee tuna in store

And seriously, make sure you take a minute to check out the awesome tuna recipes on their website too! And if you want to see cool recipes from other moms, be sure to follow the #BumbleBeeB2S hashtag on all of your fave social media. And… Speaking of social media, be sure to follow Bumble Bee for updates on awesome new products and promotions:

Now – let’s chat: What are your fave ways to use tuna in recipes? Are you a “catch the fish myself and roast it up” type, or do you have any favorite recipes that use tuna fish as an ingredient? I’d love for you to share tips, recipes, or links in the comments below! And be sure to pin or share this too if you liked it, and follow my Fun Kids Food board on Pinterest for even more inspiration!

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