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Making Kids’ Healthy Lunches Awesome

I’m excited to share the new premium line of lunchmeat from Hillshire Farm with you – I was compensated for sharing this info with you – but it’s all 100% my opinion, as always! #HillshireNaturals

As a mom, there are SO many tasks to juggle every day. And the start of a new school year always brings even more challenges – adjusting to new school schedules, finding time for all of the fall sports and activities, starting to think about the upcoming holiday season, and on and on. I’m sure that by now you’re starting to settle into new routines – but I know one thing I hear a lot from you guys is coming up with ways to pack healthy lunches your kids will really eat, that are affordable too. Well – I’ve got a couple of fun tips today to help you with that!

Fun kids lunch ideas, roll-ups, healthy.

Isn’t this cute? Abby is still at home with me this year, until she starts kindergarten next fall. {I can’t even believe she’s gotten that old!} She’s always been more of a “snacker” – like so many little ones are. But if I make foods bite-size, with fun colors and shapes, she’ll gobble down a whole meal! You can see there’s a color theme today – black and orange, kinda early Halloweeny I suppose :)

  • She’s got a peach cut into a heart shape with a cookie cutter {seriously, cutting fun shapes is a sure-fire way to get them to eat anything!} It’s surrounded by sliced plums. And – I grew both in my garden!
  • Sliced peppers, also that I grew myself. {Not bragging, just pretty darn proud of the garden this year.}
  • Cheese crackers to spell out a word… She’s working on reading and writing these days, so every day I give her a word to try and recognize. Today we went with BAT – partly to with a slightly Halloween theme, and partly because it was the first word I could find to spell as digging through the box, lol. But little things like this get her super excited.
  • Then my favorite – Ham and Cheese roll-ups! Simply a piece of string cheese, a little dab of honey mustard, and then roll it up in a piece of ham. Easy peasy – and little hands have an easy time eating them.

And – these are my favorite partly due to the new lunchmeat I found last week. Check it out…

Hillshire Naturals is double sealed for freshness

This is the new Hillshire Naturals line of premium lunchmeats from Hillshire Farm, and it is gooooood. As I mentioned before, part of the point of making a lunch fun is to get kids to eat healthy foods. Well, when you’re putting together lunch for your kiddos, whether a delicious sandwich, roll-ups like this, meat and cheese kabobs, whatever you think up – you definitely want to use the best, freshest, high-quality ingredients. These lunchmeats start out awesome – they come double-sealed, and the outer container is resealable, which is important to me. It’s a waste of my money to buy a plastic pack of lunchmeat, have someone leave it partly open, and have it dry out and get yucky. And kids have a much easier time closing these tubs then sealing a plastic package.

Hillshire Farm Naturals

This is a natural choice for families – it comes in four varieties, Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, Hardwood Smoked Turkey Breast, Honey Roasted Ham, and Black Forest Ham. And they have NO artificial ingredients, preservatives, colors or added nitrites/nitrates. {Except those occurring naturally in celery juice.} I’m not perfect, but do my best to avoid fake stuff like that in our foods. And, one thing I don’t like about many lunchmeats is when they’re too thin, too salty, or a slimy kind of texture. But you can see yourself – these are real, premium cuts of meat. And much quicker and easier than getting out my big meat slicer to make my own lunchmeat!

How to make healthy, fun kids lunches

I mean, heck, I’d eat this lunch too! Healthy ingredients you can feel good about, and a fun presentation that seriously only took 5 minutes to put together. And – remember when I said my goal for lunches is healthy, fun, and frugal? Well you can get a whole package of Hillshire Farm Naturals at Walmart for under $4 bucks – which would make you around 20 of these roll-ups, and at least 5-6 sandwiches. Score!

Learn more – Follow the hashtag #HillshireNaturals to see more “real mom” ideas on social media. Then take a minute to follow Hillshire Farm on social media, for updates on new products and promotions, and lots of fun tips!

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