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VIP Party with Godsmack and Pura Vida Tequila!

Big thank you to Pura Vida Tequila for inviting us to party like a rockstar with Godsmack at the RockstarUPROAR concert last month. We received complimentary concert tickets and a meet and greet with Godsmack. But all opinions are, as always, totally my own…. #815TequilaTime #PuraVidaParty

So… As I’ve mentioned to you guys a few times before – I like to party. Whether it’s throwing an epic birthday party for a 4 year old, awesome holiday events, pool party bashes – or whatever…. I just love to entertain. It could be at our casa, a friend or family member’s house, a local venue – doesn’t matter. So when I heard about an opportunity to head a few hours away to Seattle, to check out the RockstarUPROAR concert at White River Amphitheater, a place I’d never visited before, I thought it sounded awesome. Any reason to party and celebrate life, right? :) Then when I found out we’d get to hangout at the Pura Vida Tequila party bus, have a meet and greet with the guys behind the brand to learn more about their premium tequila – I was more excited. And THEN, I found out we’d also get to have some time to chat with Godsmack, the headlining band…. Well, it was a deal. Even with my busy schedule, I could make this happen….

Meagan Paullin from Sunshine and Sippy Cups interviewing Godsmack, at the RockstarUPROAR concert in Seattle

We arrived at the venue, and it took us some time to find the bus and get situated. Once we did, the guys who run the Pura Vida Tequila brand brought us into the bus, and let me ask a ton of questions about their tequila. This is NOT the tequila you drank when you were 21, ladies. :) I mean, I love any tequila. But, the ones we drank when we were younger were mostly pretty harsh. They need salt, lime, and a day and a half to recover. Pura Vida is seriously a tequila that is so smooth, organic, and made with so much care… You can sip it. And even as a cheap tequila drinker in my 20’s, I never would have sipped one. So – if you’ve shied away from tequila before… Don’t! Give this a try. I promise it will change your mind <3 It’s awesomesauce.

I love this. This is Sully Erna, from Godsmack, talking about how they first connected with Pura Vida. It started as a little thing you do with your friends… Expanded… Then took on a life of it’s own. We’ve all had something like that, right? So from now on, when it’s 8:15 on a night out – remember to ask for Pura Vida Tequila, and celebrate life with your friends. {And I’m not gonna lie. I love the accent, and every time he says, “stah-ted.”} :)

Sully Erna from Godsmack - exclusive photos, RockstarUPROAR, Seattle, Wa #815TequilaTime #PuraVidaParty

{Photos By Hannah} After learning about the tequila from the experts – the guys from the company, and the band themselves – we headed down to see the show. It was very cool that it was the RockstarUPROAR concert, we got to meet rockstars, and Pura Vida let us taste rock star grade tequila… And then they even led us up to the show to to see the band perform live. The photo above is Sully, the one you saw in the video before. He’s an amazing performer for the crowd. And here’s a another shot of the show…

Godsmack, RockstarUPROAR, Seattle, wa, Exclusive photos

{Photos By Hannah} Awesome, right? And you know that these guys from Godsmack could choose any tequila brand they wanted to partner with, after starting their #815TequilaTime tradition. So when you hear that they chose these guys, it should let you know that they are the best. And here’s a final reason you should check out both the brand, and the band….

It’s true. Pura Vida Tequila…. Makes you handsome. You heard it from the handsome men in the video – so it must be true :) But whether you want to be handsome, or as Sully said, just, “enhance your beauty,” it’s an amazing drink, and I totally recommend it. Trust me, it’s not the experience that makes me tell you this drink rocks <3

Follow the #815TequilaTiime tag on all of your favorite social media. Share your own tequila time pics too, when you drink Pura Vida, and be sure to tag the band and the brand! And thanks for reading….

Video in the post from me. All photos from Photos By Hannah.




  1. Kelley Marie says

    This is awesome! We got to see Godsmack 2 years ago. Normally like some whiskey myself, but I might have to try this tequila!

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