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Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas

This post brought to you by Breyers Gelato Indulgences. All opinions are 100% mine.

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens. Brown paper packages tied up with strings – these are a few of my favorite things…”The Sound of Music. So, I love a good “night out.” A night with the Mister where I get dolled up, we have a babysitter, and we go out for a meal that someone else makes and cleans up, a movie that’s not Frozen, or some karaoke and dancing with friends. But, that’s not always in the cards. But even when we can’t go out for a date night, that doesn’t mean we can’t have date nights at home. And honestly – my Mister, some snuggle time, and great food and desserts are some of my favorite things, so a date night at home is sometimes even better than going out :) Here are a few ideas we use, that might help jump start your imagination on creating fun date nights at home too….

Date Night at Home Ideas

  • 1. Get a babysitter. This seems silly, I know. It’s hard enough to find a sitter when you’re actually leaving the house – why get one when you’ll be staying home? But, it can really give you some “you and me” time. Some ideas – find a friend or neighbor you trust, and set up regular date nights where you watch their kids one weekend, they watch yours the next. If you have a local community college, check in with their early childhood education program teachers – students usually need to put in a certain amount of hours watching kids, so ask for recommendations. Or find a teen in your neighborhood who can come over for a couple hours, to keep the kiddos occupied, so you and the Mister can have dinner and a movie all alone. So nice.
  • 2. Involve the kids. Tell them that it’s mommy and daddy’s date night. Have them help pick music, clean the house, set the table, and even maybe do creative things like make a menu, a card for dad, or decorations. They’ll feel more a part of things, and will be more likely then later to let you have some time to yourself. And, it helps teach them the importance of relationships :)
  • 3. Do something special. Whether it’s baking a favorite treat, cooking a fave dinner, or buying a new treat to try together – something that you can enjoy together makes the night better. Need an idea for a new treat to try that is guaranteed to be a hit? Let me show you my new fave….

Looks delish, right? And it IS. Seriously. I’m a sweets-lover. I can skip chips, steak, snacks, whatever. But NOT my desserts. {Which is why my hips are still this big, lol.} I’d actually never tried gelato before, ever. But I’m a huge fan of Breyer’s anyway, so when I saw these, I thought they sounded good enough to give a try. And they are the perfect addition to a date night – so decadent, makes your night a little extra special, you know? Breyers Gelato Indulgences is definitely one of a kind – it’s so…. Smooth? Creamy? I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s definitely a treat that’s out of the ordinary. Use it as a reward at the end of the day, as you and the Mister {or Missus} relax and visit. Have it as a reward – whoever wins a game on the Wii, a board game, or makes dinner – gets to pick the flavor. Feed it to each other. No matter how you enjoy it – you will ENJOY it. It’s that good.

  • Vanilla Caramel: Give in to the temptation of creamy vanilla gelato, luscious caramel sauce and gourmet caramelly curls.
  • Raspberry Cheesecake: Get wrapped up in silky cheesecake gelato, luscious raspberry sauce and gourmet graham crumbles.
  • Tiramiso: Savor a moment of delicate mascarpone gelato, decadent espresso sauce, ladyfinger cookie pieces and gourmet cocoa.
  • Triple Chocolate: Triple your pleasure with creamy milk and dark chocolate gelato, white chocolatey sauce and gourmet chocolate curls.

It is honestly almost impossible for me to choose a favorite… But I think I’d have to pick the Raspberry Cheesecake. It’s such an awesome blend of flavors and textures. And – it’s funny, right after I posted pics of this to Instagram yesterday, I saw a friend post a photo on Facebook, that she had to go out and buy some too! She agreed that it’s definitely as delicious as it looks. I’ve found them at Safeway and Walmart, and they should be available at all major grocery stores too.

How would you incorporate Breyers Indulgences into your date night? Leave some comments below to inspire the rest of us!

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  1. I love the Raspberry Cheesecake – I’ll go for the date night at home with Breyer’s anytime!! Good ideas!

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