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Elf Magic and Seahawks Christmas Lights Make the Season Bright…

I’m sure everyone by now has seen some version of the holiday elf, right? Well, in our house we have an Elf Magic elf. Her name is Molly, and the kids get suck a kick out of her – even my oldest nephew, who at the totally mature age of 10 is getting too cool for most of the silly traditions that Abby and I enjoy. {That crazy kid even tried to tell his little brother {7} that Santa wasn’t real. I mean, seriously? Of course Santa is real. I still believe – so end of story :)

And speaking of Santa… This year when Molly the Elf arrived, she had left Santa behind at the North Pole, and arrived here in a brand new sleigh being pulled by her new friend the Ho, Ho, Husky. We named him Jingles. He’s just as cute as our little Elf friend, and Abby loooves to have him pull Molly in the sled all around the house. Then at night, he curls up next to Molly while she sleeps in the sleigh, on the adorable plaid doggy bed that comes with the playset. Adorbs.

During the day, Molly and Jingles can often be found hanging out with some friends that remind them of their home at the North Pole – my big shelves full of snowmen. But the other day, they had a totally important job to help out with…

Abby brought Molly and Jingles outside to help daddy build a new holiday decoration. Now, this is a seriously monumental occasion. My Mister grew up not celebrating the holidays much, then got married really early at 19, and was a Jehovah’s Witness. So, when I met him, a year after he’d been divorced, he definitely had a hard time understanding my over the top holly-jollyness. So when he came up with an idea to build a big holiday light display to put on the back of the shop – I said go for it! So, along with his little helpers, he cut vinyl, used that to help guide the cutting of some plywood, and got to work drilling holes for the colored lights to go into. What was he making?….

They built a giant number 12, in Seattle Seahawks colors, of course! You know, for the 12th Man? He is a major Seahawks fan. I mean, we live a couple of hours outside of Seattle, so everyone around here is a fan. But he’s been a loyal fan for a loooooong time. And while this isn’t the kind of holiday light display I would have come up with – I love that he’s getting into the spirit a bit :) And – you can see it all the way across all of the back fields, so that the traffic out on the main road sees it bright as can be as they drive by.

What fun adventures has your elf been up to lately? Share some comments or links in the comments. And if you want to get an Elf Magic elf for yourself, visit them online to order:


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