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Free Books and Cheeseburgers

In my house, eating healthy is important. Abby is starting to learn the difference between “healthy foods,” and things like candy and cookies. I have a big veggie garden, fruit trees, and am learning to can and freeze some of that delish harvest for the winter months. But, even though I am on a big mission to help my family live cleaner and greener, I still think there’s room for fun foods – things that aren’t that healthy, but sure taste good.

As with all things in life I try to live by the 80/20 rule – 80% healthy foods, 20% splurges. And one of Abby’s favorite splurges is a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. Like, it’s her F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E. You know that scene from Cinderella, where they sing the “Sweet Nightingale” song? {The video below can jog your memory if you need it…}

Well, Abby was watching this recently. And you know how little kids will try to fake sing a song? {She just turned 3 in late July.} They’ll kind of silently move their mouths, getting a word in every now and again, as they try to learn the song? Well, I’m watching Abby do that, thinking how cute it was, when suddenly she starts singing along, with her own lyrics….

“Sweet, sweet Happy Meal. Sweet, sweet, Happy Meal. I-a-a-a-aiiii, I love you….”

Seriously, I was like Ron Burgundy. I was in a glass case of emotion – so many feelings going on…. It was the most precious little moment watching her sing so incredibly serious and sweet. It was also one of the funniest things I’d ever heard in my life. I was laughing, crying, and ooh-ing and ahh-ing all at the same time. This silly girl is definitely my kid. :)

McDonald's Happy Meals have books in November

Well, we recently stopped at her beloved McDonald’s to get her favorite – a cheeseburger Happy Meal, with fries and apple slices {lucky for me, the apples are her favorite part!} – plus a low fat chocolate milk. Did you know that McDonald’s has dedicated the whole month of November to supporting the importance of reading in kid’s lives? Yep, every day this month they’ll be encouraging kids to read by including a book in every Happy Meal sold.

Each storybook has a message about healthy eating, to encourage kids to make good choices, and includes a cute bookmark that they can personalize. Abby picked her favorite for this visit – and we’ve already collected the whole set, as you can see. {Which I often do when I’m in love with a set of their toys – like the Smurf figures. Or my all-time favorite, the Wizard of Oz collection. Those ones sit in my office – they’re mine :)}

Each of the books teaches a great lesson – like this one, Deana’s Big Dreams, read by some of my fave bloggy buddies. {I was supposed to be in this, but forgot to get my video sent in time!} Poor Deana the Dinosaur couldn’t do many of the things she really wanted to do – until she started eating all of the right things. Then she grew inches, then feet, then leaps, and then bounds. She kept growing until she could reach all of her dreams! Very cute – and Abby loves the cardboard fold-out page at the end that shows how very tall Deana grew. Each book is adorable – and since reading is a huuuuugggge part of our daily routine, these are a cute little addition to our bookshelves. {They also work great in your purse, to help pass time in waiting rooms or in long checkout lines.}

#RMHCVoices - the Ronald McDonald House Charities Ambassadors

And – some of you may already know this, but I’m obviously a big fan of McDonald’s for other reasons too. For the next year, I’ll be working to spread the word about some of the great ways they help families around the world, as a Ronald McDonald House Charities Ambassador. My whole family has had experience using the wonderful Ronald McDonald Houses – and I love the way that although the charity is totally separate from the restaurants, that the restaurants still do SO much to help support their work. {So – when you’re picking up your next Happy Meal, be sure to drop some change in those little collection boxes at the registers. All of that goes to the charity – not the restaurant.}

So – the next time you’re looking for a quick meal on the go this month, be sure to do what Abby does, and choose McDonald’s. You can get good stuff like apple slices and milk or juice, and fun new storybooks to teach kid’s about making healthy choices. And take a sec to donate your coins to help families in need. Get good, do good, feel good :)


I’m Lovin’ It ®

{Disclosure: Compensation was provided by McDonald’s via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of McDonald’s.}



  1. I love that they offer books in their happy meals! We were just there today getting a book!!

  2. love the book idea – so important to get kids interested in reading at an young age.

  3. I love that McDonalds is now putting books in the Happy Meals. What a great post!

  4. We are loving the books in Happy Meals! We picked one up last week, actually, and they’re really cute.

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