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Black Friday Deal: Free $250 Handbag with Purchase

Ohmyheck ladies – this is sah-weeeet! Starting at midnight on 11/28, through 11:59 on 11/29/13, when you buy a handbag worth at least $49, you’ll get another FREE handbag, worth up to $250, for FREE!! Whaaaaat? I know. Amazingsauce. This is on a site that’s long been a fave of mine for scoring crazy-good deals on purses, accessories, and make up. It’s called Little Black Bag. Watch the video to see how it works, then keep reading to learn how this freakin’ crazy good deal works, for one day only:

Awesome, right? You just browse the site, find your fave bag, and get loads of cool freebies. After shopping online for so many years, it’s almost hard for me to buy stuff in a store. All I can think is… “I bet I could find a better deal/earn free cash back/get bonus goodies – if I was buying this online…” Lol. So I love sites like this – they combine rockin’ products, amazing deals, and super sweet freebies into one cool way to shop. Love-love. But, let’s get to the extra-awesome Black Friday special deal that will totally rock your socks, right?

Little Black Bag - Holiday deals on purses

First – shop on Little Black Bag, and find your favorite purse. Every bag is a designer bag, and they sell them at up to 70% off. Sure, some might be from “last season” – meaning, a few months ago. Who cares? Have you ever seen someone with an amazing purse and noticed that it was from 6 months ago? No. And honestly – I’m picky about my purse. Not what it looks like, but how it works, you know? The right kind of pockets, in the right places, the right length strap, etc. So when I find a good one, I want to use it for years. So, if I find a good one, from a designer brand, at a HUGE discount – and it’s from a couple of months ago? Well, that’s all win to me :)

Get a free purse on Black Friday

So – on to the fun part. See how it works in your cart? {That’s mine. I love this Ivanka Trump bag, even though I’m not a big fan of her dad, lol.} It’s already working now, before Black Friday. Pick any purse that you want from their site, worth at least $49 bucks. {Which is easy, since most of the purses have regular prices over $150, and are discounted really well.} Then, go to check out. You’ll see the VIP gift in your cart – that means a FREE purse, worth anywhere from $58 to $250. Then you also get your free jewelry item, and your free beauty or make up item. And you only pay $5.95 to have it shipped – score!

Free handbag on Black Friday

So – check out Little Black Bag today, and get your pile of freebies on top of your free bag!! Potentially you could get: One bag you pay for, at a price that’s up to 70% off. Plus another bag with a value up to $250 dollars. Plus an accessory or jewelry piece. PLUS a make up item. Awesome, right? So – if you get this deal, leave a comment below telling me what you got. It makes it feel more like I’m really shopping with my friends :)


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