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5 Tips to Help Moms Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Big thank you’s to Nature’s Sleep – they’ve provided me with memory foam products to try out and share my honest opinion…

I’m a mom. A mom who runs a business from home. A mom who runs a business from home while also running after a 3 year old all day. So – I need my rest. I don’t always have much time to devote to sleep, so the hours I do get, I need to make them worth it. Which is why I am always looking for tips and tricks, products and picks – things that can help me get a better night’s sleep. Most of you know already how much I love, love, love my Nature’s Sleep products – from our new memory foam mattress to the amazing pillows – they really envelop me in a super supportive cocoon of sleep-inducing amazingness. But, there are a few other great tips you can use too, to sleep better. Keep reading to learn more…

How to get a better night sleep - for moms

How To Get a Better Night’s Sleep – for Moms

We’ve all heard that 7-9 hours of sleep per night is the secret to overall optimal health – fighting cold/flu symptoms, improving concentration, keeping us young-looking and keeping long-term diseases at bay. But for most people of all ages, achieving sound sleep every night is an endless struggle – over 65 percent of working adults experience sleep problems every week, and 44 percent experience them nearly every night, according to the Sleep in America Poll. With the fall season underway, it can be difficult to achieve ideal sleep. Sleep expert Dr. David Volpi, founder of Eos Sleep Center has helped thousands of busy people reverse their bad sleeping routines. To get the best sleep possible, he recommends the following tips – I love them, and think you will too! I’ve also added some of my own tips to go along with them.

Reclaim the bed for its intended purpose: Rest and sleep.

Avoid eating, watching TV or using electronics in bed. “It’s been scientifically proven that the light from TV and computer screens affects melatonin production and throws off circadian rhythms,” Volpi says. Make the bedroom like a sanctuary for sleeping by keeping the room cool, dark and quiet. {Another big help can be to utilize white noise – a fan, white noise machine, or even a free white noise app on your phone can really help block out distractions, and help you drift off quicker.}

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

Going to bed and waking within 20 minutes of the same time every day (even on weekends!) helps the body maintain regular sleep cycles. {This can be tough when you have kiddos, I know it. But try a clock with a special sticker on it, to show kids when it’s ok to get up. Let them play quietly in their room before that, but teach them that they can’t wake you up until the big hand is on the sticker.}

Exercise outdoors, but not late in the evening.

Fresh air during the day can help you fall asleep at night, but exercising within three hours of bedtime raises body temperature, making it harder to fall asleep soundly. Set your workout for early morning or afternoon, and you’ll be more tired at bedtime. {But, something like a leisurely walk in the evening can actually help you wind down and relax.}

Create a relaxing bedtime ritual, like taking a warm bath or reading a magazine.

It’s important to unwind before getting into bed. A study in Sleep, the Journal of the American Sleep Disorders Association, suggests taking a hot bath 90 minutes before bedtime. The hot water raises body temperature, and cool air in the bedroom lowers skin temperature, which triggers your body to produce melatonin and become drowsy. {I don’t know ANY mom who won’t fall asleep after a long, hot bath!}

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and sleep medications.

“Even if you think they are helping you fall asleep initially, alcohol and medicines that make you drowsy may affect your sleep throughout the night,” he says. {I definitely agree with this. Even things like cold meds, that make me super tired at first, always seem to make me sleep lighter all night long. Relying on things like this are not the answer to truly getting a better night’s sleep.}

The best tip for getting a better night’s sleep

As I’ve mentioned before – the best way to get a better night’s sleep is to invest in the best. And in my opinion, the best products that you’ll find to help you get better sleep come from Nature’s Sleep. You can read more about my Memory Foam Mattress, and my first Nature’s Sleep Memory Foam Pillow – {stay tuned next week to hear about my newest one. I love it even more!!} And be sure to visit the Nature’s Sleep site yourself – Because I’m a Nature’s Sleep Ambassador, I get an exclusively awesome coupon code to share with you guys, that you will NOT find advertised publicly! Check it out:

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 {Big thank you’s to Nature’s Sleep – they’ve provided me with memory foam products to try out and share my honest opinion… Photo credit: Herkie via photopin cc.}




  1. These are great tips! I’ll definitely be keeping them in mind, as my little one is set to arrive any day now. Thanks for sharing!

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