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How to Make Easy Peasy Monkey Cupcakes

These cupcakes were as fun as a barrel of monkeys… Well, that’s probably because they were a tray of monkeys, almost the same thing :) I threw a big double birthday party earlier this summer for the kiddos – my little girl turned 3, and we did a DIY Disney Princess party for her and the little girls, then I created a jungle-themed birthday party for the little boys. {Although of course there was lots of overlap – kids love everything.} I’m just finally getting a chance to show a few of the fun things we did for the jungle theme – so to start, I’ll show you how to make super easy peasy monkey cupcakes. They’re so simple and quick that you can you make them any time – parties, lunches, weeknight desserts – whatever!

monkey cupcakes

How to make monkey cupcakes

Ok – I have to admit… I didn’t make these as actual cupcakes, I made brownies. I’d already made over a dozen princess cupcakes, so I wanted something different. Use your favorite brownie boxed mix or recipe, and whip up some chocolatey batter. I used green polka dot cupcakes holders to hold the brownies, some store bought chocolate fudge frosting, and a few decorative ingredients to create the monkey’s faces. Here’s what I used:

  • Nilla Wafers: I should have bought two boxes – one of the traditional style wafers, and one of the mini cookies. I only had the original style, so I had to break the ears quite a bit to make them fit. I think that the minis would have worked a lot better.
  • Candy eyes: I am SO in love with these Wilton Candy Eyeballs! I bought them for the first time after Halloween last year, not being sure what I’d do with them. But I’ve used them SO many times – ladybug cookies, bunny cupcakes, monster treats… And of course, these fun monkey cupcakes too.
  • Decorative Frosting: I bought one of those small tubes of Wilton decorative frosting, that comes with the tiny nozzle at the end, to draw on the details of the mouth. Even where we messed up, they still came out cute.
  • Jungle leaves: I also bought a cheap set of tropical jungle leaves to use underneath my display tray, to make the presentation a little more fun. {The tray was one I saved and cleaned… It used to hold a 12-count of blueberry cupcakes from the grocery store. I like to reuse things :)}

DIY monkey cupcakes

Host your own jungle or animal birthday party too!

I’ll be sharing more of our fun ideas and DIY tricks that we used to host our jungle animal birthday party this summer soon – but until then, check out my Animal Birthday Party board on Pinterest. And be sure to pin this post too – so you can come back and see the updates as they get added!

If you have any fun animal birthday party ideas to share, leave some comments below – I love hearing from you guys!



  1. Brilliant and like you said it looks super easy!!!!

  2. Oh it is hard to believe how easy this is, for how effective it is at making the darnest cutest cupcakes! Sure to please!!!

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