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Baby Shower Gift Tutorial: DIY Cupcakesies

“Babies are such a nice way to start people.” – Don Herrold… Who doesn’t love baby showers? {Well, ok, besides my mom. She hates playing “party games.” But other than her…} I love any reason to celebrate, and sharing in the excitement of a new mom expecting her first baby is one of the greatest things ever.

Handmade baby shower gift idea: DIY Cupcakesies!

 Handmade baby shower gift idea: DIY Cupcakesies!

I’m also a big lover of handmade gifts. Why? Because 1. I’m a frugal momma. 2. I think anything handmade is more personal. And 3. I like creating things :) So, for the last baby shower I was blessed to be a part of, I whipped up a batch of these Baby Blanket Cupcakes, packaged up in a cute little bakery treat box. Let’s call them Cupcakesies – you know, a play on cupcakes and onesies. I think they came out adorable – and they didn’t cost very much at all, are made from essentials that a new mom totally needs, but with just some simple steps are transformed into a really fun little gift. Check it out…

making baby shower gifts

Step One: Gather your supplies

All of the supplies you need are really simple and easy to find – and super affordable. You might even just be able to raid your own craft stash for a lot of the stuff you need. And, feel free to substitute – you could use Burpcloths or baby bibs instead of onesies or blankets, caps and mittens for mini cupcakes, baby socks and washclothes for a smaller cupcake – there are a million ways you could make this, and the process would be about the same. Here’s the list of supplies I used:

  • One 4-pack of receiving blankets: The set I bought doesn’t seem to still be available, but here’s a similar one: 4 Pack Flannel Receiving Blanket.
  • One 4-pack of baby onesies: I love that the Gerber sets all coordinate with each other, so that’s what I used. But feel free to mix and match any colors and patterns you want! Here’s a set that matches the above blankets: cupcake print 4 pack of onsies.
  • Ribbon: Pick a couple of ribbons to match the colors and prints you’re using. I used a sheer ribbon to wrap each “cupcake” – and then a double layer of ribbon to wrap the package.
  • Rubber bands: A cheap-o bag of these should be about a buck or two – or just search the whole for some extras.
  • Coffee filters: Use the big size, not the small ones. Or, if you’re making mini cupcakes using socks and hats or washclothes, you could probably use actual cupcake cups.
  • Bakery box: These Wilton cupcake box are the perfect size. I bought mine in white – but next time I’m totally using these cute pastel ones.
  • Tissue paper: Pick any type of coordinating paper. This isn’t a must -but I used some to line the inside of the bakery box before adding my cloth cupcakes into it. You also might need this if you’re using a gift bag to hold the finished gift. And I’m just a total junkie when it comes to pretty paper :)

How to make baby shower cupcake gifts

Step Two: Make your outer cupcake layer

This is super simple. Take your receiving blanket and fold it twice to make a strip that’s about 3″ high. Most of them are already folded the way you want – just unroll them, fold up once to the crease that’s there, then fold over again. It’ll be about perfect. You can also tape the ends if you want, to hold it firm a little better.

Making baby shower gifts - blanket and onesie cupcakes

Step Three: Make your cupcake filling

For the middle filling – that looks like your cupcake “frosting” – you use one of your onesies. I just kind of scrunched it up, and wrapped it a few times with a rubber band. I tried to leave a skinnier part in the middle, and more “pouf” on the top. Super simple.

Making baby shower gifts with onesies and blankets

Step Four: Roll up Your Cupcake

First of all – ignore that each step wasn’t photographed using the same patterns, lol. I had a wild 3 year old running around the kitchen while I was making these – and I actually had NO clue if they’d even work out. And I was doing this an hour before I had to be at the shower – wondering if I’d even have a presentable gift. AND I was taking all the pics with my iPhone. #justsayin. Anyway… For this step, take your “filling” that you scrunched up, and wrap it with your receiving blanket you measured out earlier. Wrap TIGHT. And, start wrapping near the top, and as you go, wrap lower and lower, to give it that cupcake frosting look. You know, where it has the layers? {Look at the finished photo again if that doesn’t make sense.}

homemade baby shower gifts

Step Five: Keep it Together

After you’ve got your cupcake all rolled up and ready to go the way you like it, secure your roll with a rubber band. Then, you can adjust a bit if needed… Squish the onesie “frosting” down into the cupcake if it’s too tall, or pull it out and fluff it up if it doesn’t show enough. Push the bottom part in so it sits flat. Just knock it around a bit until it’s sturdy and up to your design standards :)

Homemade baby shower gifts - baby shower cupcakes

Step Six: Putting your cupcakes in the bakery box

First of all – before you finish all four, make sure your Cupcakesies fit into the box. Mine were too bulky at first – too fat to fit side by side, and too tall to close the box. So be sure to try them out before you do them all and have to totally take them all apart and then remake them all again. Once you’re sure they fit, then detail them- I didn’t get photos of this step, but it’s pretty self explanatory. Just use a coffee filter like a cupcake liner, wrap it around, and tie with a pretty ribbon. Easy peasy!

Cupcaksies end

Step Seven: Finish Up Your Homemade Baby Shower Gift Cupcakesies

Add some pretty tissue paper to your bakery box, place all 4 of your Cupcakesies made from onesies and blankets into the box, and then top it off with some pretty ribbon, a card or label, handwritten note on the box – or just add it to gift bag and go. Super cute, super fun to make, and super memorable.

How to make homemade baby shower gifts: Baby shower Cupcakesies

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Let’s Chat: Share some of your favorite baby shower gifts or ideas in the comments below. I love hearing from you ladies!



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