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Shaving? Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Remington. I received a product sample to facilitate my review of this home hair removal system for moms, and as a thank you for participating.

Summer is coming to an end – but that doesn’t mean the end of shaving… Sure, most of us shave our legs a lot more often during the summer months – but even once they’re covered up in leggings and boots this fall, you don’t want to let ’em get crazy-out-of-control furry, right? {The day that my toddler wanted to pet my leg and told me it was furry like a puppy was the day I realized that winter months still require shaving daily, lol.} But, as super-busy super-moms, where do you find the time? Shaving – ain’t nobody got time for that! :)

Shaving - Ain't nobody got time for that!

There’s a better way, ladies.

A few months ago I told you about a sweet new gadget that I was pretty excited to try out – It’s called the Remington i-LIGHT Pro. I’m sure you’ve heard of those laser hair-removal treatments you can get from high-end spas or dermatologist offices, right? Well, Remington decided that they needed to come up with a similar technology that women could use right at home – because, let’s face it – most women, especially moms, don’t have the time or the budget to do regular treatments like that with a professional. It was developed by a dermatologist, and went through a ton of testing during a multi-site clinical trial to ensure it gave professional-style results, and was fool-proof enough to be safe for non-professionals like us. Check out the video to learn a little more about the technology and how it works, then keep reading to learn what I think of it after using it all summer….

Real-life mom tries out real-cool hair removal system

Ok, first the basics of how it really works – It’s time consuming, I’m not gonna lie. This isn’t a quick fix, something you’ll do really fast and overnight have hair-free legs. But, it does work. And it works goooooood. You use it in little pulses – so, place it against a spot on your leg, push the button, feel a little teeny tiny zap feeling {you can set it to more zap – the higher you set it, the better and faster it works, but you will feel it a little more. Even on the higher setting though it doesn’t hurt, just a little like a rubber band lightly snapping. On low it’s barely noticeable.} What I did was use it when catching up on my fave TV shows – I seldom have time for TV, so once a week or two, I sit down and catch up with them all on On Demand. That’s a perfect time to use my iLight!

It’s permanent after 3 treatments

Well, I can’t tell you for sure if it’s permanent {that’s what they claim} – but I can tell you it’s made a HUGE difference. You know how hard it is just to go pee by yourself when you have kids, right? And getting in time for a shower is even harder? You start making sacrifices… Swap your salon shampoo, conditioner, treatment, and blow dry styling time for a drugstore shampoo-and-conditioner in one and a rubber band. You swap your body scrub, shaving, and lotion for a couple of swipes every few days with a razor and a quick towel dry. After awhile – you get into what I call the “frump mom slump” – which is where I was when Abby began petting my legs a few months back. I realized I needed to make a little more time for beauty regimens, since they make me happy, and prevent my daughter from telling the supermarket clerk how closely my legs resemble our puppy. But, with the iLight, each time you use it, your hair grows back sparser and finer – until it just stops growing back! Right now, it’s been a month since I’ve shaved – and I’m still nice and smooth! Such a big time-saver.

Pros and Cons

Well, the pros are obvious – less time wasted shaving your legs. No more nicks and cuts as you try to hurry through a shower while the kiddos bang on the door asking you what you’re doing, when you’ll be done, that they want a sandwich, that something is on fire… You know, the fun things kids do, lol. You’ll have hair-free legs year-round. And that rocks, right? The cons – well, it does take a bit of time in the beginning. I’ve heard that a few people have a little irritation after using it the first time – so just set it low, and do a test patch first, to see how you tolerate it. {I have sensitive skin but was just fine.} It doesn’t work well on super light hair, or if you have dark hair on very dark skin.

Other cool features

You can get an iLight app for your smartphone – track your treatments, set reminders of when you need the next ones, and more. The clinical results show almost a 50% reduction in new hair growth after 6 months, which is about the same as the professional treatments at a fraction of the price. And, you can even buy replacement cartridges too – which is awesome, since you can use this on your bikini area and underarms too!

Save big on the Remington iLight Pro with this exclusive discount code: Use code MOMCENTRAL at check out for 20% off an i-LIGHT Pro device!!

Let’s Chat: How do you do hair removal? What challenges do you have – or what products are your favorite? Would you – or have you already – used the iLight Pro? Leave some comments below – I love hearing from you lovelies :)

{Photo credit: summerbl4ck via photopin cc. Edited and text added by Sunshine and Sippy Cups.}




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