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Project Playroom Makeover – Ideas, Inspiration, and Product Picks

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson… I’m in the process of totally overhauling our house. From painting, trim, and new doors throughout the house, to new flooring and fixtures. And as those rooms get jazzed up, they’ll need new furnishings and accessories too. Plus, a few of our rooms are changing their function… My brother and my 2 nephews used to live with me, but moved out last year. So, we changed gears on some of the projects we’d been planning, to take advantage of the extra rooms we’d have to play with. I was originally working on a master bedroom makeover – since Abby still shared a room with us and needed space to play, and my office was in there too. But now, we have a whole room to convert into a playroom filled with color and whimsy – and I cannot wait to get it finished up! Until then, I wanted to share some of the coolest ideas, inspiration, and product picks that I’ve come across while putting this all together, so maybe you can find something perfect for your little one too…

Kids Room Decor Tips: Find a focal point

Tip One: Picking a focal point

When I plan a room, I like to pick one major piece to start with, and build the room around that. Either a piece of furniture, artwork or a photo, curtains or bedding, or an amazing rug. And I found the absolute perfect focal point for Abby’s room that totally meshes function with fabulousness – Flor Carpet Design Squares. These are absolutely perfect for a kid’s room – the tiles are mix and match, so you can create the perfect size, shape, and design to fit your unique style. And if kiddos spill or stain – it’s easy to take just one square out to clean or replace, easy peasy! We ordered this rug above – with a lighter grey for the solid. We did a trial set up to see how it would fit – we decided to create a more rectangle shaped rug, and it’s so cool that we’ll be able to change that later if we decide to move furniture again. Abby loved it right away – she would run around just the outside edge, then played a hopping game from square to square, and spent 20 minutes telling us the names of all of the vibrant colors around the edges. I love that this really stimulates her senses with the color, texture, and design! So, the rest of the room’s colors and accessories are inspired by this show-stopping piece!

Kids Room Decor Tip Building a Media Center for kids

Tip Two: Building a media center

I’m so torn when it comes to kids toys and gadgets… On one hand, I think it is so important to provide kids with toys that really encourage them to use their own imagination. Things like blocks and tracks and Little People characters to create cool scenes and act out creative scenarios. I try to limit what I call “toys that play with themselves” – things that have too many beeping, flashing, moving parts. But I also love technology, obviously. And there is a ton of value in letting little ones use tech – if done appropriately. I know that some experts suggest severely limiting screen time for toddlers – but Abby adores her videos.  She watches Baby Signing Time DVDs everyday, and knows over 100 words in sign already. And we love winding down in the evenings with our “Sprout Friends.” So, we bought her a new Insignia HDTV DVD Combo that could be mounted on the wall, and a cozy beanbag chair from Target to snuggle into. She also has a ton of learning apps on the Kindle Fire and her LeapPad, and a big bookcase filled with her favorite books – so this beanbag chair gives her a great place to sit and do “her work,” as she calls it. {Wonder where she hears that from? :)}

Kids Room Decor Tips: Storage and Organization Tips

Tip Three: Organization

We’ve had some of Abby’s toys and gear in this room for awhile now – and it was always a disaster. But I really couldn’t blame her – there was too much stuff in there, and not enough storage, at all. So – we’re going to take advantage of all of the space in her closet, since her clothes are still stored in the bedroom with ours. {Due to her seizure disorder, her bedroom is still technically in the Master Bedroom with us.} We took the doors off of it, and will be filling it with an assortment of amazing storage cubicals like ClosetMaid Cubicals and Modular Cubes, accessorized with bright fabric bins in colors to match her Flor rug – I can’t wait to get it all set up! A couple more fun ideas that I might incorporate: Velcro strips to hold stuffed toys, and magnetic knife racks on the wall to attach toy cars.

Kids Room Decor Tip FUn DIY Ideas to Try

Tip Four:  DIY Projects

I definitely prefer to make things myself, and love seeing artwork and accessories around the house that I created. For Abby’s room, I’ve got a big assortment of fun ideas to finish all of the details!

  • Ribbon Wreath: I adore this sweet personalized wreath made from ribbons! Looks super simple to do, too.
  • DIY Flower Lights: These will match perfectly with Abby’s new flower floor lamp I ordered from Target – can’t wait to hang a strand or two of these over the window. See the tutorial here.
  • Wall Art: I love, love, love these adorable printables that totally fit the colors of Abby’s room – especially the “Keep Calm and Put Your Jammies On.” Definitely going to print a couple to frame.
  • Fabric Flowers: This idea to make flowers out of fabric, versus the traditional ones made from tissue paper, is genius! These would be so pretty hanging in the corner, above her beanbag chair.
  • Tree decal: My Mister has a professional vinyl cutting machine {he does design and vinyl decals for race cars – check out my logo on his winning car this season!} – so he’s going to cut a huge white tree decal to go up Abby’s wall, near her dollhouse. Something similar to this one on Pinterest.

All of these projects are super do-able, and budget friendly. We’ll also be repainting her walls – a light lavender-grey on 3 walls, and a darker purple {possibly with the Disney sparkle finish on top – so fun!} on one feature wall, and inside the closet. I’ve got about half of her supplies purchased or ordered – the rest are picked out, just need to be picked up! Within a couple more weeks we should have this all wrapped up and ready to share before and after photos with you. I can’t wait :)

Until then…. You can get more ideas and inspiration from my Playroom Ideas, and Creative Rooms for Little Girls boards on Pinterest. You might see a few more of my pinned ideas show up in the final room reveal soon too! I’m hoping to have it ready to show you in two weeks… But I’m also getting ready for another trip to Chicago soon too, so it might be a teensy bit longer. Who’s excited?? 

Let’s Chat: Have you ever done a playroom or kids room makeover? Do you have a favorite that you’ve seen online or pinned? Share some fun links and tips in the comments below! And be sure to pin any ideas you love from this post too – to reference later. Thanks for reading!


{This post contains some affiliate links that help to support this site. I received a complimentary Flor product to review – which is coming soon! I only share links to things I love and use – these are all total favorites that I’ve bought myself!}



  1. I wish I was crafty!! I love some of these ideas and they look very boutique-ish!!

  2. Love the flower lights! They are so unique and pretty but simple @ the same time.

  3. Sabrina Radke says

    You found some really awesome picks! I love the bed, chair and storage ideas! Perfect for beyond baby/toddler years!

  4. I love that rug, it would be perfect for my kids! Lovely designs!

  5. THese are awesome! I especially love the tree and the Keep Calm and Put Your Jammies On. So cute!

  6. I’m so in love with that rug! What awesome tips :) thanks!

  7. I love the idea of building a media center. My son would love this.

  8. My kids would have loved to have you done their playroom! LOL

    Great ideas {not what can you do for adult teens?}

  9. I love the special touch those fabric flowers give and keeping it all organized is always a goal!

  10. I LOVE the tree decal idea, it is almost exactly what I had been imagining for when we redo the girls room.

  11. I love the rug in the first picture!

  12. Great picks for any kids room. Love the chair and storage shelf.

  13. what a great post–love all the colors and how they are pulled together plus the organizing tips–I am so in need of that–I think the media center is a great idea too! thanks for posting

  14. That carpet is great. It adds color and it’s like a game board. I also like how it’s broken up with the plain blue rug on top.

    • Meagan Paullin says

      Cynthia – it’s not even on top, it’s just the middle portion. It’s super cool… You buy the rug or carpet in square tiles, then create just the pattern or design you want, then can rearrange it later into different shapes or designs as wanted. LOVE it!

  15. I wish that I had a pretty playroom – since I have 2 boys who like Nerf guns, the nice playroom with gadgets and decorations has turned into a disaster with all the hard play. Oh well, someday I will have a pretty room to myself.

  16. Great ideas. I love FLOR carpet squares

  17. Two things I love: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Home Décor!! I love the focal point tip….very helpful!

  18. I think having a colorful, and engaging organization system is key to getting kids to learn responsibility and put their own belongings away. On thing I often forgot was to consider the height of bins and drawers, or include a stepstool, for the younger ones!

  19. Such clever ideas and what great tips to keep the playroom organized with a great theme of playing and learning.

  20. Love that rug! We were going to redo the little girl’s room, but they won’t agree on anything, so that’s on the shelf for now. ;)

  21. I love these tips! Especially finding that one focal point when it comes to designing the room. Organization is also a HUGE must have! No good is the room is always dirty because you don’t have anywhere to store everything. That is our big problem with my daughters room right now. It’s too small for good storage and we are struggling getting everything into a good spot to be organized.

  22. Tweeted and G+. Great comprehensive post.

  23. love all of these awesome ideas! we just moved so i am trying to get both kiddos rooms re organized and put together so this gives me ideas of what i can do. THank you!

  24. These are great ideas for playrooms! I just got done organizing my daughter’s playroom but it’s definitely missing a focal point and could use some decor so I appreciate these tips.

  25. I love all your tips! I can definitely use these now.

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