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Make Fitness a Lifestyle: Put This On, Set a Goal, & Go!

Learn How Busy Moms Make Fitness Part of their Everyday Routine… I’m a busy mom. Which is a silly phrase, really, isn’t it? I mean, have you ever met a mom who wasn’t busy? There are a lot of different things needing to be squeezed into my busy days – meal prep, housework, potty training, family time, blogging and business work… Plus errands to run, events to attend, and trips to plan for. And oh yeah – fitness. Having a mom means {for most of us} that our figures aren’t quite the same as they used to be. I called it “baby weight” for a long time. But she’s three now. I have to start calling it the “toddler tons” or something. So a few months ago I committed to a serious mission to get in better shape. It’s not all about appearance – it’s also for my health. I’m not severely overweight or anything, but I’m about 30 pounds more than I should be. And recently I found out that I have crazy-high blood pressure, as well as high cholesterol. This BLEW.ME.AWAY. since I’m a really healthy eater, and in decent shape. But, it made me realize that I really need to kick my activity level into high gear, and get more exercise into my life.

How to get fit with the FitBit Flex: Put it on. Set a goal. Go!

Put it on. Set a Goal. Go!

Enter my secret weapon: The FitBit Flex… As a Best Buy Ambassador, I’ve been incredibly lucky – I have gotten to test out some of the coolest gadgets over the past year. From kitchen gear like the Cuisinart Griddler and their Juicer, to amazing computers like the All in One from Dell – and even the totally cool Geek Squad Service! I’ve loved everything – and never even realized what a diverse set of products were available at Best Buy. I was using the original FitBit for months to help me track my activity and calories every day – and am CRAZY excited to have swapped it for awhile to try the new FitBit Flex. While I was in love with my previous FitBit, there are some serious advantages to upgrading to the Flex – Check it out:

How Does the FitBit Flex from Best Buy Work, and Why Do I need it?

The FitBit Flex is a great addition to the life of any mom – whether you’re a hard-core athlete who wants to have high-tech tools to track your progress – or just a busy mom like me, who wants a simple way to check and see if I’ve gotten enough activity into my days. Many days I’m on the go all day long – but there are other days that I’ll take a look at my FitBit Flex on my wrist and see that I’ve hardly gotten any steps in at all, due to working at the computer all day. It motivates me, and keeps me accountable too, since a few of my friends use some form of the FitBit too, and I can see how I compare to them. A few things that make it totally awesome…

FitBit Flex Makes Fitness Part of Your Everyday Lifestyle

You can set it and forget it. Isn’t that the type of thing that busy moms like us love? I mean, that’s why I bought a crock pot – so I can throw a handful of ingredients in and come back later in the day to see that dinner has magically created itself. {What do you mean a crock pot isn’t magic? Don’t ruin my illusions…} Well, the FitBit Flex is the same way. You set it up, and put it on your wrist, and you don’t have to mess with it again. It constantly monitors and syncs up to your smartphone or computer, and logs all of your stats for you in your online account. It only needs to be charged about once a week, and the little button pops right out to hook up to the charger via a USB cord – you don’t even have to take off your wristband! It chargesin about 2 hours – and you’re ready for another week. You can even wear it in the shower!

It’s slim and stylish. You know – the same goals I have for my figure one of these days. :) It comes in a slate gray, or classic black. It’s super lightweight, so you totally forget that you’re wearing it. It’s simple and sleek, and doesn’t scream “workout gear.” And because it’s so light, it doesn’t bother me at all when I sleep, which I thought it would, since I’m a fussy sleeper. I honestly don’t even notice it at all.

It’s a serious motivator. Whether you use it to challenge and compete with friends and family, or just as a way to keep yourself accountable, having a device that gives you an honest picture of your daily activity level is a big eye-opener for most people. The FitBit Flex doesn’t care about your excuses – “I’m too busy” or “I’m too tired” don’t phase it. It’s still going to tell you the truth, so that you can bump up your activity and steps, and reach your goals. By having a way to monitor your actions all day long, you can truly start to make physical fitness a part of your everyday routine – which is the real way to get fit.


Never stop moving with Fitbit Flex. See how you’re stacking up against your daily goals 24 hours a day. Track steps, distance, and calories burned; monitors your sleep and wakes you with a silent alarm. Access your stats wirelessly with computers and select mobile devices. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active.

You’ll be seeing and hearing much more about the FitBit Flex over the new few months. I had started my Weekly Weigh-In Weight Loss series a couple months ago – but it kind of fell to the side during the absolute madness that was my July this year. So, starting in two weeks I’ll be getting back to that… Where you can watch my progress when you see me post a scary-real-life photo of me, weighing in each week on the Fitbit – Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale {which I can’t recommend enough either. It works like the other FitBit products and wirelessly sends your weight and stats to your online account, so you can track your progress. LOVE.} And be sure to check out the rest of the FitBit products available at Best Buy too.

Let’s Chat: Have you ever used a FitBit product? How did it work for you? Have you used other pedometers or tracking products before? What did you like/not like? Share some comments below!

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{As a Best Buy Blogging Ambassador, I received a complimentary FitBit Flex while at BlogHer ’13 so that I could try it out myself, and offer an honest assessment with you guys. Thank you Best Buy, for trusting me to share this awesome weight loss tool with you!}



  1. I have been hearing buzz about FitBit for awhile now. I haven’t been able to try it out yet but I am dying to get my hands on one! The concept is so cool and I especially love that once you set up and put it on, you don’t have to do much else. I’ve been hinting about this to my family for a birthday gift this month;)

  2. I am absolutely in love with Fit Bit products (and Best Buy in general now that I’ve started to realize how many awesome products they have)! I have the Zip, the One, AND the Flex. Rach uses the Zip, and I use the One. I am giving the Flex away on my blog to hopefully motivate someone to walk with me! I’ve lost motivation lately and would LOVE to have someone to “race” with. :) I’m super competitive. Speaking of competitiveness, you should add me on Fit Bit… I’ll kick you into high gear! <3

  3. I haven’t used a fitbit but I want one. I’m going to start using a new fitness product really soon and am major excited about it – anything that gets me geeked about working out is a miracle in itself. I walk regularly – its my favorite form of exercise. When I fall off, I feel sluggish. Now, I am coveting a fitbit!

  4. I have a fitbit one and I love it! I bet the flex would make it even easier to carry around and track everything. I could just wear it on my wrist instead of trying to find a place to clip it on. Best buy really has some amazing products. I just bought my new printer there. (obvious purchase) but I was really surprised at all the other fun gadgets they offer!

  5. Cool! I had the original fitbit but lost interest in it when it died in a pool of my own sweat. LOL (I used to wear it hooked inside my bra and I guess I sweat there a lot) Anyhow, the company which is great sent me a replacement but I never bothered with it. It was kind of bulky – not too comfortable to sleep with, etc. But this new generation one sounds neat! It looks smaller and if you can wear it in the shower I guess it won’t die in my pool of sweat! Now if it would only include a HR monitor I’d be stoked! Maybe we’ll let the company know they should come out with a heart rate monitor. I’m past counting my steps now and really into the intensity and stats of my workout.

  6. Am I the only one without a FitBit!

    LOL, seriously I feel like I am not in the club.

  7. I really should start using one of these! I am exhuasted by the end of the day, but I doubt, like you, that I take as many steps as I think I do.

  8. My Fitbit One is missing and has been for at least a month, so I think I’ll replace it with the Flex. I’m hoping wearing it on my wrist will make it easier to keep track of. Love your site!

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