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Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In: Week 1 Weight Loss Kick Off!

“It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.” – William James… This quote is SO true. And I’m trying to keep it mind as I write this post, since it’s a scary/terrifying/embarrassing one to write. I’m going to kick off my new weight loss adventure here today – and to keep it real, which is what we all want to see when it comes to weight loss stuff, I’m going to post a photo of me standing on the scale. Like, an un-photo shopped photo. Like, where you can see how much I actually weigh. And while I LOVE you ladies who read my posts here, and feel safe with you all… Posting it means not just you guys can see it. The whole big ol’ web can see it. The INTERNETS can read it. And that’s scary. I mean, if I get a ticket I lie about my weight. When the nurse weighs me at the doctor office I ask her to whisper the results so others don’t hear it. But here I am, getting brave, shouting {err, typing?} to the world about how big my ass is these days. So, why in the freakin’ heck would I do that?

Mom on a scale

“One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.” – John Wanamaker

I’m posting my weight here for the world wide web to see, to keep myself motivated and accountable. I gained almost 80 pounds when I was pregnant with Abby, which is pretty common in my family. Then, I lost about 25 pounds last year when I did the Nutrisystem diet for 3 months {which really is great, I was very happy with it.} I gained some back again, and have just tried to ignore it. I’ve put my weight loss goals off for a long time now. We all do, right? How many things are you planning to do tomorrow? Or when you have “more time?” Or when… “insert whatever perfect situation you’re waiting to happen for you so that you can finally take action on your goals.” The best way to never reach your goals is to start them tomorrow, right?

Hiding my weight gain under layers...

“To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first.” – William Shakespeare

That photo above is me, at the Mom 2.0 Summit a couple of weeks ago in California. I’m not usually one to snap a “hey look at me taking my own photo in a mirror in a bathroom!!” type of photo. I’m not cool enough or young enough or have arms long enough to do it right, lol. But, that morning I had been totally confronted with the size of myself, in a hotel bathroom filled with floor to ceiling mirrors. Eek. It’s not that I’m super obese or anything, I know that. But I look VERY different than I did just a couple of years ago, you know? And I know it’s not the healthiest weight for me. So – this isn’t about getting super skinny or something – {I’ve got that hourglass style figure, exaggerated. With big ol’ hips like these, I’ll never be considered “skinny” no matter how much weight I lose…} But I do want to get healthy. Have more energy to chase my growing toddler around the back yard. I want to see ME when I look in the mirror. And – this week is my kick off to those goals!

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily.” – Mike Murdock

So – now that I’ve shown you the truth of how much I weigh, and a photo of how I hide it under layers, let’s get down to what these weekly posts are going to be all about. Each Wednesday for {well, as long as it takes?} – I’ll be posting a Weekly Wednesday Weigh-In post. Here’s what you’ll find:

  • 1. A motivation quote or two. Or seven. Whatever. I love quotes.
  • 2. My weight each Wednesday morning, as measured by the crazy-amazingly accurate FitBit Aria Scale.
  • 3. My goals for the week. I’m going to be following the tips in the most recent issue from All You Magazine’s Health & Wellness Special Issue. They have a 12 WeekGet Fit Challenge I’m going to do, because it’s easier for me to follow a plan than come up with one on my own. I mean – I have a toddler. A house that has a mess-magnet embedded deep within the foundation or something, and just draws chaos in each day. A business I run from home. And more. I don’t have time to think – so I’ll be using these simple tips to help me make small changes each week. {FYI: I have NO connection to All You. I just loved the challenge and want to share it.}
  • 4. I’ll be sharing my own person goals each week too. And each week I’ll let you know what worked for me, what challenges I encountered, and what new goals I’ve come up with!
  • 5. Posting to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. All week long I’ll be posting photos and updates – success, total screw ups, photos of my measurements, work outs, and more. I’ll be using the hashtag #NoMoreFatPants. Follow along, or share your own photos and updates too!

Sound like something you wanna follow along with? Well – you can subscribe to my daily emails up towards the top right side of the site under my smiling photo. Or search out the hashtag to interact on social media. Or, if you’re a blogger too – wait until you see me at a conference this summer and pinch me like the Pillsbury dough boy and see if I giggle, lol.

This Week’s Tips and Goals:

Here are the tips I’ll be taking from All You Magazine, and the personal goals I have for the week. Next Wednesday come back again to see how I did, and share your progress if you’re following along too.

  • 1. Get a head-to-toe check up: Well, I can’t just do that super quick. But, I’ve had some health problems lately… I was in the ER about a month and a half ago with chest pains. Found out I have crazy-high blood pressure. Waiting for an appointment to get this figured out. Will do a check up at the same time too.
  • 2. Seek out sunshine: Whaaaat? Yes, seek me out daily. :) But seriously – I am already a sunshine-lover, obviously. I open doors and windows as often as possible, and love to work on the patio whenever I can, to get fresh air. Will continue this.
  • 3. Work in a walk: This is the last goal for the week from All You’s Health & Wellness issue. {Should still be available at your local store.} This is a BIG goal, since Abby and I used to love our walks last year. I’ll be shooting for at least 3 days a week on this.
  • 4. Personal Goal: Eat more veggies. I LOVE me some fruits, but am not a fan of very many veggies. But, I’ve added half dark leafy greens to my salads to make them healthier, am shredding veggies to add to my pasta sauce, and am making my own slow-cooker soups filled with veggies that I wouldn’t normally eat on their own.

There you have it! My week one goals. If you’ve struggled with your weight too, I’d love to hear your stories – things that worked, gimmicks to skip, tips to try. Let’s do this ladies – swimsuit season is just around the corner….

 A few other weight loss goodies you might like:

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  • offers a 20% off coupon towards all of their workout gear that they sell. All you have to do is complete a little style quiz – super simple, and actually really helpful if you’re a first time workout gear buyer like me. It gives you ideas of what types of pieces would work best for you, suggestions on their own site, and then big discount coupons just for checking it all out. Just takes a minute, and they have stuff that fits even big booty girls like me, is trendy, but not so over the top that you feel silly. Love them.
  • Follow my Weight Loss board on Pinterest for more of my weight loss posts, cool recipes I’ve been collecting, and great tips and inspiration to help us all slim down, get in shape, and get healthy!




  1. Meagan, you are gorgeous! i completely understand wanting to be comfortable in your own skin and being healthy. That’s what so many of us lose sight of. For me, I’m a size 2-4 depending on the day but 80% of the time, I eat horrendously. Big deal I can shop in the kids’ section at Target if my blood pressure is high and I consume enough sodium in a day that I should have in a week. Best of luck in your journey and know that I’m cheering you on!

  2. You know, I don’t think you look what you weigh at all! I think you look gorgeous but I know it is scary to post that weight up there for everyone to see. You do get used to it after awhile though. Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  3. It is CRAZY hard to put your weight on your blog, but I promise you, it’s actually pretty liberating once the weight starts coming off! Good luck chicky!! xoxo

  4. Congratulations and good for you for being so honest and willing to work at this! It sounds like you have achievable goals set and that you are on the right path. I’ll be rooting for you and look forward to reading the updates. Good luck!

  5. I believe the number is always a subjective. Yes, it tells you how many pounds are actually on your frame – but that’s all it does. It doesn’t reflect what you are going through, how your frame collects and hold those pounds, or the state of your mind. You are working toward a better health and life for yourself RIGHT NOW, so those numbers will begin to show you something else, but you have to make sure all of the other indicators are telling you something else as well. That’s the real goal! You can do this – I fully believe that you can. Rock out.

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