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Week 2 Weigh-In Results – Down 1.6 Pounds!

“Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” – Henry FordLast week I kicked off my new weight loss goals here, sharing a photo of me. On a scale. Telling the big ol’ internets how much I weigh. It was pretty scary – but in a way, actually very liberating. I’ve been trying to ignore how much I weigh, trying to ignore the fact that very few of my pants fit well, trying to ignore that my double chin seems to have grown it’s own double chin. But by posting my weight here, finally taking steps to do something about it, and reading all of the supportive comments from you awesome ladies, I’m feeling pretty darn good. I wasn’t expecting to really lose much weight here at the beginning, I’m mostly just trying to make smarter choices… So when I weighed in this week on Wednesday morning, I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see that I’d lost 1.6 pounds! {Also, while I did post my weigh in photo on Instagram on Wednesday morning, I am late getting the post up because Wednesday was my birthday. After two days of celebrating I’m back to work again…}

Weigh in results: Week 2

“Choice, not chance, determines destiny.” – E.C. McKenzie

It is super motivating to me to be able to see that the small changes I’m making are already working. My weight loss goal is to eventually lose 50 pounds, to be back to the weight I was before I got pregnant. I’m not severely overweight, but I’m bigger than I should be. And I don’t feel like me, you know? But, I’m hoping for about 1-2 pounds per week – I want to take things slowly. I want to make real changes, lasting changes. So, every week I’m following the weight loss challenge tips in the Health & Wellness issue of All You Magazine. {Well, at least for 12 weeks, after that I’ll make up my own challenges, lol.} I don’t have any relationship with the mag {Well, I have had a couple of my tips featured there in the past, read every issue as soon as it shows up in my mailbox… But I’m not being compensated or anything from them. I just love their tips!} So, here’s the Week 2 Goals:

  • 1. This weeks goal is to Get Fit: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that we should all get at least 30 minutes of exercise, 5 days out of each week. {But of course, the more the better!} And, exercise doesn’t have to just be going to the gym, or workout videos. Any activity can count, as long as it really gets your heart pumping and your muscles working! So, playing tag in the yard with the kids, cleaning the house for 30 minutes at top speed, or going for a walk after dinner. Break it into 3 ten minute spurts each day too, if that’s easier to fit in. The most important thing is just to get off the couch {or off the desk chair, for me, :)} and get that booty moving around!
  • 2. Make an effort to schedule for sweat time: We all get so busy, and it’s easy to “think” we’ll work out during the day. But I think it’s important to treat workout times just like you do any other important task – schedule it on your planner, get a sweet app like iFit, or DailyBurn Tracker, or add a reminder on your phone. For me, I’ve scheduled it into my day 5 days each week – And I mix it up. Some days it’s housework – Abby and I turn up some oldies on the radio, and have a dance party while we clean the house for a half hour. {That’s the best multi-tasking!} One day we go for a loooooong walk. Other days we’ll be doing a mix of workout videos, or Wii Just Dance 4 :) Who says workouts can’t be fun, right?
  • 3. Form a Workout Group: This tip is tough for me to do. All You mentions that studies show that when you exercise with others, you’re a lot more likely to stick to your plans. I’m sure it’s party because you have more accountability, and partly because it makes it a little more fun. But, with my crazy schedule, it’s tough. I don’t go to a gym, and I don’t have many friends who would want to work out when I do either. But, we have a pool, and this summer I have a friend who will come do water walking with me. And… You guys can be my support group here :) It totally holds me accountable when I’m sharing my progress with you awesome ladies!

Those are pretty do-able challenges this week, right? Know that exercise is important – not just for weight loss, but for overall health. {We’re moms. We have to live forever. So we have to be healthy.} Get serious, and schedule in actual times to be active. And find some buddies – Join a workout class, find friends to walk with, or at the very least – get a workout buddy who will call or text you each day to encourage you!

How to Squeeze in Exercise on the Go

These tips are in the All You issue – but they’re similar to what I’ve been doing for awhile on my own anyway. I like “sneaky” ways to be healthier… Hiding veggies in my pasta sauce {you know, the way you trick kids to eat ’em, lol.} Doing leg lifts while watching TV. Or doing squats while putting away laundry. Not multitasking? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  • Calf raises: While you dry or curl your hair, of while you’re cooking in the kitchen, do some calf raises. You roll up and down on your toes, doing 10-30 at a time. Try to do this twice a day, and look forward to some hot looking legs next time you wear heels!
  • Glute Clenches: Whenever I have to wait in line, and even while I work at my desk, I do these. Just squeeze those muscles in your booty for 5 seconds at a time, then relax. Do 10 times, and try to do 3 sets a day. This can even help reduce cellulite!
  • Leg Lifts: You totally know what these are, I’m sure. I do them to all sides – front, back, and to the side. I do them while waiting for the microwave. Sometimes while brushing my teeth – although I usually do squats at that time. 

The kids laugh at me when I do these types of things. My 5 year old nephew caught me one day, doing arm circles while waiting for my soup to cook in the microwave. He asked if I was trying to fly…. :)

What will YOU do this week to get healthier?

If I can do this – so can you! I’d love to hear from you guys… Tweet using #NoMoreFatPants, and tag me at @sunandsipcups. Or follow along on Instagram – I share my weigh in photos, and I’ll be posting as I do more workouts, and of better meal choices I make. If you have any specific weight loss challenges you’d like advice on, or have some awesome success to share – I’d LOVE to hear it on Facebook, leave a post on my wall. And for more fun tips, check out my weight loss board on Pinterest too.

Until next week – keep rockin’ ladies!

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  1. So proud of you. That’s some hard work you are doing. WOW! 1.6 pounds is so excellent!!

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