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Splishin’ and Splashin’ – It’s Bath Time with Caillou!

Growing up with Caillou… If you’re mom to a toddler, odds are that you are a big fan of Caillou – the little boy who explores, discovers, and shares his adventures in growing up – each day on PBS and the Sprout channel. My little girl absolutely adores him. And, once I took some time to watch the cartoons with her, and saw the great messages and lessons that each episode teaches little ones, I loved it too. So, when I had the chance to check out one of the newest Caillou toys for bath time – Well, I don’t know who was more excited – me, or Abby…. :)

Caillou bath toy

Caillou Bathtime with You

How adorable is this, right? The Caillou Bathtime with You playset is perfect for kids from 12 months to 4 years old… And mom and dad will have fun helping play along with it too. It totally encourages creativity, and has so many different cool things going on for kids to discover – and even comes with a plastic Caillou figure to slide and play, as well as an adorable green froggy net to scoop up Caillou, other toys, or just catch bubbles with!

Caillou Bathtime toy - water games

Water fun with Caillou

I’m a big fan of toys that really encourage kids to use their imagination… And this is totally one of those toys. There are so many cool little parts and pieces for kids to discover. The little fish here on the bottom “swims” back and forth as you push him around. And the little green propeller spins by flicking it, or as you pour water into Caillou’s top. {You’ll see that next.}

Bathtime fun

Toddlers love playing with water!

Caillou’s blue hat pops off pretty easily, and little hands can use it to scoop up bath water and bubbles, then dump them into Caillou’s “head” – then, it pours out through the little circle you see here in his face mask, and then pours down right onto that green propeller from the picture above – causing the propeller to spin, the water to splash, and your toddler to giggle and grin. Super fun way to teach cause and effect – Love it.

Caillou play time figure

Bath time is more fun with friends to play too!

The Caillou Bath Time Activity Set comes with a little Caillou figure too – so that kids can have a “friend” to splish and splash in the tub with too! He has three parts that can detach {and can mix and match with other Caillou figures if you have them, to change outfits and activities} – and also includes a little inner tube that can attach around his waist, to help him float around during tub time.

Caillou and bath time

Slipping and sliding during toddler tub time!

The little Caillou figure can attach to the base of the toy on a couple of different little pegs – or he can enjoy bath time too by slipping and sliding down his little blue slide. Abby LOVED this part!! And the main toy has three suction cups on the back of the base, so that you can attach it easily to any tub or shower at just the right height. The Caillou cartoons are all about following him along as he explores and learns about how the world around him works – so I think it’s awesome that the Caillou toys keep with that theme, and help kids learn to explore different parts of their own world too.

Win a Caillou bath time toy

Win a Caillou bath time toy set

Want a chance to try out this super fun bathtime set with your family? Well, it’s available at a super affordable price on Toys ‘R Us – Caillou Bath Time Activity Set. Or, if you’re feelin’ lucky, you can enter right here on this page for a chance to WIN a set for free! Just use the easy peasy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in – the more you complete, the more chances to win it. {But don’t forget to pin this post, so you can come back and buy it if you don’t win. You’ll love this set!}

Have fun and Good luck!

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