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Handpainted Wine Glasses Anyone Can Create – #marthastewartcrafts

“If nature has made you a giver, your hands are born open, and so is your heart. And though there may be times when your hands are empty, your heart is always full, and you can give things out of that.” – Frances Burnett… I love this quote. It sums up really perfectly why a handmade gift is so much more meaningful than something quickly ordered on Amazon, or picked up at the closest big box store. Most of us have tightened our budgets significantly over the past few years, but we still want to celebrate, to show loved ones our much we care, to make people smile. And I hear all the time from people who say they’re just “not crafty” and can’t put together handmade gifts. So, I wanted to share another new idea from Martha Stewart crafts I’ve come across that is so amazingly simple, I promise that anyone can do it!

Handmade Gift Idea: Painted Cocktail Glasses

Handpainted and Personalized Gifts

Aren’t these fun for spring? They’re just basic wine and martini glasses that I picked up at the Dollar Store, and I added a handpainted flower to each one, then created cute little charms for the base of the glasses. These would only cost you a few bucks each, and are sure to bring smiles to anyone who receives them. Pair them with a fun card featuring a great party drink recipe, for a super simple, super affordable, and super adorable gift. Think you aren’t skilled enough for glass painting? Think again! Check out the products that make it crazy-easy to do…

Martha Stewart crafts

Glass Painting Made Simple with Martha Stewart Crafts

As part of a campaign I’m working on, I was sent a big box of super fun new crafting supplies from Martha Stewart – all easy to find at your local Michael’s store. I’ll have a couple more projects to show you soon too – I am just totally in love with these goodies! And I’ll share my disaster story with you, to show you how seriously easy this stuff is to work with: I originally made a really pretty painted vase to share here. Well, I took it outside to photograph it – and with the awful wind we’re having, it got knocked over on the patio and broke into pieces! Eeek! And when I was on a tight deadline – double eek! So this morning I whipped up this set of pretty painted cocktail glasses and glass charms in less than an hour. Awesome, right? Keep reading to see how it works.

Martha Stewart Paintable Clings

Martha Stewart Paintable Clings Make Glass Painting Simple!

These are new Martha Stewart Printable Clings – and I know you’ll fall in love with them as much as I did. They are little frosted flowers with silver outlines – on a clear plastic sheet. You use any of the rainbow of colors available in the Martha Stewart Glass Paints to fill in the frosted sections of each design – You can use the bottle to just squirt color right into the big shapes, and let it kind of fill in to the edges. Then use brushes to get those tiny spots. Tip: Use a clean brush when you’re done painting, to wipe away any little bits of paint that get out of place and onto the silver outlines. Works perfectly!

making painted wine glasses

How to Put it All Together

Once your painted clings have dried, gather all of your supplies together – any glasses you’re using, your clings, and some prep gear you’ll need to get your glasses ready for applying the clings: rubbing alcohol and paper towels. And if you want to avoid getting finger prints all over your wine and martini glasses while adding the clings, you can wear some light cotton gloves too. First, make sure your glass is clean and dry. Then use the paper towels to wipe them down with rubbing alcohol, to be sure all residue is removed, so your cling will adhere better.

paintable glass clings

Adding your painted flowers

See how the painted clings just peel right off of the backing – almost like a sticker? They’re super thin, so you have to be careful, but they’re really easy to remove. Then just position it where you want it on your glass piece, and smooth it out and make sure it’s all even and secure. At this point you have a few options – if it’s a simple decorative piece, you can leave it as is, and just carefully hand wash it when needed. If you’d like it to be sturdier, you can cure it in the oven, or use the air cure method. That will make your painted glass able to be washed in the dishwasher on the top rack.

painting on glass

Finishing it up

I know that wine charms are usually used so that you can tell who each glass belongs to – and when you’ve got pretty personalized glasses like this, you don’t really need to have them, since each glass is unique. But I think that they’re still such a pretty addition, and just make the gift a little bit more fun. All I did to create these was take a simple piece of silver wire, wrap it into a circle shape, then make a little loop on one end to grab onto a loop on the other end. I slipped a charm and a bright colored bead onto the wire, hooked it onto the base of the glass, and BAM! I’ve got a super fun gift, handmade specifically for each of the moms in my life for Mother’s Day. I promise you – you can do this too. And to help you get started on your own fun project this week, I’ve even got a great coupon to help you save on supplies at Michael’s – check it out:

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{Disclosure: I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Plaid and The Blueprint Social. All opinions and love of Martha Stewart Crafts are my own.}



  1. This is such a cool idea ! Thank you for the step by step instructions – this could even be altered into a groom and bride gift sort of thing too

  2. You know you are brilliant at these kind of things. I have a cousin who is an artist, and she hand paints glasses. Now you are showing me how I can make some of my own? I am on it. Martha Stewart always has something that I fall in love with. Great great post.

    Elizabeth Rising Early, 31 Days

  3. I am really looking forward to trying those clings – cute project!

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