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Gardening: Bigger, Brighter, Better!

I’m super excited to share some great gardening tips with you guys today – I’m a sponsored blog partner with Pennington and am participating in their Pennington Smart Feed Program campaign. So I’ll be sharing some of the products we use to kick off the garden for spring, and keep it rockin’ all the way through until fall. And if you’re a newbie gardener, don’t worry – I’m no pro either. But I’m learning as I go what works and what doesn’t, with some guidance from my amazing Master Gardener mother. First, let me show you a little of what I’m working with…

early spring garden

My Garden: A Work in Progress

So – short background story: We moved into our house about two years ago. It sits on about two acres, including a 4 bay shop, and a super fun in-ground pool. The previous owner {my older brother} had taken good care of the small front yard and the little bit of back yard… But behind the shop is a big acre of field that he’d neglected for a long time – when we moved in, it was filled with sage-brush, overgrown weeds, and a bit of a mess. The biggest problem? There isn’t any irrigation back there, so we have to use our house-city water to grow anything. Which is WAY pricey. Yikes.

This is what you’re looking at in this pic: a big piece of land divided from the rest of the field with railroad ties. Then, all of last summer, we had our friend who runs a landscaping business dump his grass clippings on it. We’d rake them around, and mulch them into the ground, stopping weeds, and helping the soil. We just planted raspberry bushes across the front in two rows, added fruit trees {along the side closest in this pic – see their scrawny frames?} and have a ton of other goodies like pumpkins, peppers, squash, and more planted there. The extra dirt patch in between the first wood markers and the railroad ties will be a rose garden. Ambitious? Yep. Awesome? Double yep.

plants to buy for spring

 New Garden Goodies

To help our big ambitious plans along, I’ve been buying lots of great new garden goods – We’ve bought new fruit trees for that back garden patch. Picked up loads of new roses for the flower bed next to the garden. And some bright greenery to help shield our property from neighbors as it grows. {I also bought a TON of produce, like a fruit salad tree, ghost peppers, and giant tomatoes.} But – to keep all of these awesome plants growing the best that they can, I rely on a little helper….

My mom has been a fan of Pennington products for a long time now – which means a lot to me when I go searching for supplies to use in my own garden. She knows her stuff, and has tried almost everything. So if she thinks that something is a good buy, I believe her. But – I still wanted to know more about why this stuff was so much better than other’s on the market that are similar, so I did a little research:

  • Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System is an awesome way to easily help your plants grow bigger, bud faster, and bloom longer. It’s easy to find at most local stores like Home Depot or Lowes.
  • Pennington is known for its exceptional lawn and garden care products, and now they’ve launched a new-to-the-industry fertilizer – the Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System. It makes fertilizing super easy while producing bigger and better results every time.
  • The four-way, adjustable sprayer – which attaches to a standard garden hose easy peasy – simplifies plant feeding and ensures proper nutrition and vigorous plant growth. I love things that work as simply as this one does!
  • By adding the uniquely customized fertilizer tablets, you get the exact amount of nutrients needed by your fave flowers and plants.

The three fertilizer formulas they offer work for every different type of gardener, their specific needs, and their climate: All-Purpose; Tomato & Vegetable; and Flowers & Blooms, meaning that this simple system can help anyone in the garden – from beginner to expert, from veggie growers to bloom lovers.

3 Steps to using Pennington Smart Feed Products:

The system is crazy-easy, and really and truly helps plants to grow bigger and bushier, and flowers to bud and bloom way longer. You’ll find instructions on each product, of course, but to give you an idea of what a simple garden solution this is, check out the easy steps:

  • 1. Twist off the clear sprayer canister to get started.
  • 2. Load one or two of the water-soluble fertilizer tablets into the sprayer.
  • 3. Spray onto the target area, whether that’s veggies, flowers, or whatever else you’re growing this year.

And BAM! you’ve just given your plants some super-hero growing juice :) It’s seriously just as easy as spraying them with a hose. And I can honestly say that I’ve seen a difference in the plants that my mom has grown that get Pennington feed products, and those that don’t.

pink flowers

How does YOUR garden grow?

If you want to see bigger buds, brighter blooms, and better veggies – you definitely want to check out Pennington products at a store near you. They run around $9.99 to $12.99 each at stores like Home Depot, Lowes, and other local hardware or plant stores – see their website for locations near you. And click here to learn how to unlock your plant’s full potential!

Watch for a full garden tour coming soon!

Until I get the full post up with pictures of all of our new gardens, flower beds, and other goodies posted up – I’ve got a $50 American Express gift card for you ladies to win! Imagine what kinds of outdoor living and gardening gear you could buy with that, right? Use the easy peasy Rafflecopter below to enter to win. Have fun, and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Garden Tip of the day:

 Grab some of the super cool new plants on the market right now, before it’s too late for planting them. Things like this amazing “Fruit salad tree’ – a hybrid that grows 5 different fruits all on one tree, much less space then trying to plant a mini-orchard. Or try delicious ghost peppers, or amazingly juicy giant tomatoes.

{Disclosure: Central Garden & Pet partnered with bloggers such as me to help educate us all about their Pennington products. As part of this program, I received compensation. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about the use of the products. Central Garden & Pet believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. Central Garden & Pet’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations. A winner will be chosen by random and gift card fulfillment will be handled by a third party.}




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