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Easy Party Foods – Build a Snack Track for Race Car Parties!

Are you a Nascar fan? Do you have a kiddo who loves racing and race cars? Then I have a perfect party food for you – whether you’re planning a get together to watch the next big race, or putting together a fun race car themed birthday party for your kiddo, a Snack Track is the perfect centerpiece to your party foods! Check it out…

easy party foods for a race car party

Build a Race Car Party Snack Track

My Mister is a race car driver – he’s driven in quite a few different classes of racing here locally. So he’s always buying and selling cars, to keep up with his race car hobby! {My personal favorite is the Bump to Pass – it’s funny watching them crash into each other like bumper cars.} So of course, he’s a big Nascar fan, and so are most of his friends. So we invited a ton of friends over, and had a big party here at the house to watch the Daytona race a few weeks ago. You know how much I love making “fun foods” – so I knew I had to come up with something race car themed. So, I made the Snack Track, a twist on one of my most popular posts of all time – Build a Snackadium for Football Parties.

build a snack track for race car parties

How to Build the Snack Track

Ok, I didn’t get step-by-step photos on this one, but honestly, it’s super simple to put together. First, I started with a large plastic storage container – I tried to find the exact one to link you to, but can’t find it anywhere. But, the one on Amazon is super close, and should work great… Ours {as you can kind of see} is the style with a red lid. This style of container is also the type that makes them easy to stack – So, I put the container open side down onto the table, and then placed the lid on top of it. With the stackable containers by Rubbermaid, the lid “snaps” onto the bottom, making it a little sturdier. If you don’t have that type, just roll a couple of pieces of duct tape into loops, and use them to keep the lid secured to the base.

race car foods

Making your track ready for racing!

I like that this was the type with a lid with the different shapes on top – it gave a perfect guide for adding the refried bean “track,” and then I filled the inside of the other circle with Wholly Guacamole, our absolute FAVE guac. I used sour cream in a cake decorating bag with a basic round tip to pipe a line around the inside. {I wanted to get a little more fancy with this, but we were running late the morning of the party – the Daytona race was on at 10am PST!} Then as a finishing touch {pun intended, lol} we added little checkered Race Car Flag Picks for a finish line.

Snack track for race car parties

Build your walls and parking lot

I ordered quite a few race car party supplies from Amazon – checkered tablecloths, pennant banners, plates and napkins… But one of my faves was this cute Race Car Table Runner that I placed on the kitchen island, under the Snack Track. It ran the whole length of the table, and has little beaded tassles on each end, to hold it in place. I put the plastic container and “track” down in the middle of the kitchen island. Then, I got of those GIANT Rice Krispie Treats, and cut it into squares. {See the Snackadium post for more detail if needed.} Then, use toothpicks to connect your squares, all the way around the outside edge, to make your stadium walls. Then grab your bags of chips {you’ll need about four} and start filling in the space between the track and the wall. I use 4 different types of chips to fill in around the edge, making 4 separate sections in the stadium. Then add a few race cars on your track, and in your “parking lot” – we put out enough that each of the kids could have one to play with.

Tips for making your Snack Track:

  • It’s MUCH easier to cut the Rice Krispie squares if you spray cooking spray onto your knife before cutting.
  • If you want more dip, you could use a casserole pan to make a 7 layer style dip, and then “draw” your track on the top of it. We just made this shallow dip, and then set out a bunch of other dips on the side.
  • If you don’t have a cake decorating bag, just put your sour cream into a plastic baggie, and cut off the corner – it’ll work to help you pipe those lines on there.
  • This would work great as a cake too – Make a rectangle shaped cake, and use different colors of frosting on top to decorate.

For more fun party foods to go with your snack track, check out my Race Car Party Pinterest board.


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  1. How adorable is this??? You are the most creative snack lady in the world!


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