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Do Women Even Need Life Insurance?

As a woman, do you even need to think about life insurance? … I used to wonder this. I thought life insurance was a big waste – and at the time, in my early 20’s, it probably wasn’t a necessity for me. I was single. I had no children. I didn’t own my own home, car, or anything else of real value. I worked hard, partied hard, and lived life like I’d live forever…. You know, the way many 20 year-olds do.

What is life insurance?

Then, my life changed so drastically in the course of just a year – My mom moved into one spare room. My younger brother and his kids remodeled and moved into my basement as he dealt with a divorce. My mom brought dogs. My brother brought goldfish – but they were definitely more well behaved than the dogs. Then I found out I was going to become a new mom – which meant that Mike – and HIS little dog – moved in too. Yikes. Suddenly, I had a lot more people in my life to worry about, and a lot of new responsibilities to consider. So – I took some time to research things online like why women need life insurance, how to make a will, and how to plan for retirement. I’d been living like I would never die – but with the sudden addition of a new life to care for, I felt like I needed to have plans for forever.

How to plan for your financial future

If you need some tips on planning for your own financial future – watch this video to learn a few new tricks and ideas to help you get organized, get on top of things, and get prepared. And – I’d LOVE to hear your own favorite tips for preparing for the future financially – do you have life insurance? A will? A retirement account? Why or why not? What are your biggest challenges? Leave me some comments – I love learning and hearing from you amazing ladies!

{Disclosure: Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network.}



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