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Can You Make a Smartphone Kid-Friendly? – #MeetYours

Do you ever catch yourself saying things that totally make you feel old? Things like – “When I was a kid, we had an Atari and that was it!” – in response to the kids asking for the latest gaming console. Or, “A cell phone at 7? Did you know that when I was in high school we didn’t even have cell phones? We had pagers??” What’s a pager, Auntie Meagan? “Well, you’d use a payphone to page someone and enter the number where you were at and…” – Um, what’s a pay phone Auntie Meagan? Yep, times they are a’ changin’. {Sigh.} Now, even toddlers know how to use things like apps and tablets. So, how does an old-school mom adjust, and make sure that the tech her kids use are age appropriate and safe?

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Enter Windows Phone and Kids Corner

What’s so cool about Kids Corner on the Windows 8 phone? Well, first off – it keeps YOUR content safe. This is a big worry of mine when my toddler or nephews play with my phone… I don’t want them seeing pictures of me out having drinks with friends {or video of us dancing like fools, lol} – and I don’t want them to accidentally delete apps, calendars, notes, etc. I love my Windows phone because it keeps me uber organized, and I can set up my screen EXACTLY the way I want it, so I definitely don’t want anyone inadvertently mixing things up. You set the phone into Kids Corner mode, and it’s locked there. Kids can access everything you add to it, but need a pin to be able to get back out. Perfect.

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So what CAN kids do in Kids Corner?

You can load up Kids Corner with tons of fun apps for kids – XBOX games, learning apps, drawing tools, cartoons and videos, and more. One of my personal favorite apps is that Windows phone now has Pandora, which I am addicted to! Well, when kids access Pandora Radio from their personalized start screen in Kids Corner, it will automatically filter out any adult language and content for you. Seriously, how cool is that?

kids using Windows 8

How do you use YOUR Windows Phone?

I’d love to hear about your favorite apps for Kids Corner on your Windows phone, since I’m always looking for great new ones to add. I have nephews who are here every day after school, and many weekends. They’re 6 and 9 – and of course, addicted to anything techy. They are already totally comfortable with using Windows 8 on my laptop {here’s little guy browsing XBOX games!} – so they love my Windows phone too. I also have a little girl who will be 3 in July, and having great apps to keep her attention while waiting for food at a restaurant, or in line at the grocery store, is an absolute MUST at this age! Leave a comment below with your faves – or tweet to share this with your friends too:

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  1. I have seen the commercial about this phone and kids corner. I think its great. The iPhone isn’t exactly kid friendly. But thankfully I have an ipod touch my four year old uses and it saves my phone from any abuse.

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