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Simple Diet Swaps: Better Carbs Make Your Favorite Recipes Healthier!

“Life is not merely being alive, but being well.” – Marcus Valerius Martialis… Most of you know now about the weight loss mission that I’m on right now. If not – here’s a quick “catch up” for ya – I’ve always been a normal weight, and never gave it too much though, until I got pregnant – and gained over 70 pounds! Yikes. I struggled for a year to take it off, then lost over 20 pounds in 3 months, using the Nutrisystem diet. But then over the end of last year, I really slacked off again. My online businesses really took off, Abby started having her seizures {she’s doing GREAT now, if you’re wondering :)}, and, well, I love baking at the holidays. But, we have a big in-ground pool that we open up in late June, and I want to be ready to party this year without hiding under a tee shirt all summer! So, I’m working on making some smart changes – one small step at a time.

Healthy Meals Made Simple with Hungry Girl

Small Changes Add Up to Big Results

I’ve told you guys about a few of the changes I’ve made so far… I’m trying to add just one or two new changes each week, so that things don’t get too overwhelming trying to overhaul everything in my life all at once. So far – I’m using some gadgets to keep me on track: the FitBit to make sure I’m staying active, and the Aria scale with WiFi to track my weight and calories. Then I got the new Cuisinart Juicer, which I am looooving. I’m not a fan of many vegetables, so I can trick myself by adding veggies into my juice each morning. And – now my BIG mission is to replace my bad carbs with better choices. Oh….. this is a tough one for me!!! While my Mister is content to eat a steak for dinner, with maybe a side of steak {lol} – I actually prefer side dishes on their own – rice, casseroles, noodles, potatoes, and myohmy the breads!! {I was a vegetarian for years in my 20’s, and still eat only small amounts of meat.} All of this leads up to my excitement over an AWESOME new find – the new Hungry Girl Flatout products. Um, can you say – uh-may-zing? Say it with me…. uh-MAY-zing. Seriously – keep reading to learn why they rock, how they can make a BIG difference in your diet, and some total awesomesauce recipes.

Flatbread versus tortillas

How to pick healthier Carbs

Ok – let’s do a little math, shall we? {EEK! No! Math is my worst!!!} – Check out the difference in a basic tortilla, or a Flatout Wrap. The Wrap can work in place of any tortilla in any type of recipe you make, it’s one of those really big size ones, and honestly – tastes just as good. {Much better than those whole wheat tortillas that I’ve tried, for sure.}

Flatbread: 100 calories vs. the tortilla with 150 calories. Fat grams: The Flatbread has a full gram less. And the real kicker? The tortilla has one gram of fiber – but the Flatbread has EIGHT!! That means they will totally keep you full longer too. I also compared the Fold-It Wraps versus traditional white bread – The calories and fat grams are not too far off from each other. But – you get 0% fiber in white bread, and 3 grams in a Fold-It, 6 grams of protein versus only 2g in the bread, double the iron. Wow, right? It’s pretty clear that there is a BIG dietary difference in just making this super easy carb swap once or twice a day!

Healthier Buffalo Chicken & Ranch Wrap

Some like it hot – some like it cold…

I prefer a cold wrap to eat on the go, and my Mister prefers something hot – a grilled sandwich or panini. So, I came up with a couple of different recipes using these awesome Hungry Girl wraps and Fold-It breads from Flatout – one that’s cold with a crunch, and one that’s warm and cheesy. Both use super simple ingredient swaps to make our usual favorites healthier, and full of nutrition too. First – get the recipe for this super simple Healthier Hungry Girl Buffalo Chicken Wrap. So easy, and super delish.

Healthier Club Sandwich - Panini Style

Healthier Club Sandwich – Panini Style

This one is super simple too, and just like the Buffalo Chicken Wrap above, it relies on making a few easy switches to make it healthier and better for you. We used the Hungry Girl Fold-It breads, available at Walgreens, instead of regular roll or empty-calorie bread. Then, we picked up everything else needed at Walgreens too, can you believe that? Low fat cheese, ham and turkey, low fat mayo, lettuce, and even the low-fat turkey bacon! Who knew Walgreens had such a great selection of grocery items, right? I buy their Nice! line of products, which is their store brand, and absolutely love them. Great quality and great price – my favorite combo. {Ok, maybe my favorite combo is chocolate and peanut butter. But you know what I mean… Lol.} To make this great Panini, just toss those meats onto your fold-it flatbread, top with the low fat cheese, and warm it up on an indoor grill like the Griddler. Once hot, open it up, and add a bit of low-fat mayo, shredded lettuce, and any other healthy toppings you prefer like tomato, onion, peppers, or pickles. Easy peasy!

So – whether you like it hot, or like it cold – you’ll LOVE the new Hungry Girl wraps and fold-it flatbreads from Flatout! 

Check them out at your local Walgreens, and pick up a few varieties to use at home. You’ll love how simple it is to switch to these better carbs, you’ll love fitting into your favorite pants a little easier, and your wallet will love the low prices of shopping at Walgreens. And you can learn more about the Hungry Girl line, and other yummy Flatout products online – including a ton of healthy recipes for things from sandwiches and wraps, to appetizers and snacks!

Have you tried Flatout products? Leave me a comment, and tell me your favorite thing to make with them!



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