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A New Way to Read Children’s Books

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglass… I have always loved to read. I get that from my parents, who are both big-time book lovers. They both read to me regularly when I was a little girl, I grew up watching them read books each night, listened to them discuss their favorite books at dinner time, and was surrounded by ever-changing selections of books to choose from as I got old enough to read them myself. The love of reading is seriously one of the best gifts you can give your children… It expands their world, encourages creativity, tolerance, and inquisitiveness, and gives them the best learning tool you can have.

A new way to read kids books

Introducing a new way to read kids books – Bookboard

Now, I admit… I’m old fashioned. I work online, and am very comfortable and knowledgeable about technology and gadgets. But I prefer paper notebooks to online spreadsheets, and handwritten letters and cards to emails or ecards. But while I prefer the feel of paper, I have to admit that the ease and amazingness of technology these days is something that I can’t ignore. Years ago, technology was just for that geeky guy in the garage, building his own super computer. But now, even toddlers can learn how to use things like your cell phone and iPad – it’s crazy! {When I was a kid, we only had an old Atari. What a long way the world has come…} So, it makes sense that someone would come up with a new way to read and discover children’s books using technology, right? An that someone is a great company called Bookboard.

Bookboard gives parents and kids a chance to enjoy fun, educational moments together through the magic of story time.

What is Bookboard? Well, they’re a new way to read your favorite children’s books anytime, anywhere, on your iPad. And since they have over 300 wonderful family-friendly titles for all ages, it’s also simple to find great new stories to enjoy together. You can search by age, reading level, or topics that interest your kiddos. And it even gives mom and dad tools to check in on older kids – see what they’ve been reading, and help build better reading skills. And… It’s free! See it in action…

Check out Bookboard today!

It’s currently an invite only type of site – meaning, you have to sign up and wait for the invite to be emailed to you. But, when you sign up through my link, you’ll get treated to a special VIP early-access invite, so watch for it to come through right after joining! There’s no catch to this site, and I’m super confident that you’re going to love it as much as my family does. And –

Need more iPads to share Bookboard with your family? When you sign up for Bookboard and read a book by February 11th, you are automatically entered in a chance to win a free iPad mini. Rules and details can be found at!

{Disclaimer: Thanks to Bookboard for sponsoring today’s discussion.}



  1. Very Cool! I love reading and my kids have been able to find an enjoyment for reading as well. Thankfully. I know it truly makes an amazing difference in their life and it helps them in school. But that Boardbook looks quite amazing! A program that can read to them too! Very cool.

  2. That seems really awesome! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be checking that out! I need all the help I can get to keep my son excited about reading. He.. unfortunately doesn’t share the same passion as me in this department!

  3. My girls started reading very young…they are 12 and 14 now and both love to read! This looks amazing!

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