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Where to Submit your Recipes: 30 Alternatives to Tastespotting and Foodgawker

“Vegetables are a must on a diet.  I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” – Jim Davis… For some people, food is kind of a way of life. For me – it means attempting recipes from Pinterest and failing more often than I succeed, but still having a good time trying. For many people – creating original dishes, sharing those amazing recipes and photographs, and serving those delish homemade meals to friends and family are what happiness is all about. If you love to cook, and love to share your creations – {either to drive traffic to your food blog, or just because you love inspiring others} – then you’ll love my list and tips below…

Where to submit recipes: Tips for food bloggers

Where to Submit Recipes: 30 Alternatives to Tastespotting and Foodgawker

Ok, most everyone has heard of the two biggie-big food blogging sites – Tastespotting, and Food Gawker: They are like, the kings of foodie sites. They can both be a little bit intimidating though, since they’re standards are incredibly high. {Don’t let that stop you from trying though – A friend of mine, Amber at Parent Palace, just submitted two recipes to each one. They each accepted a different recipe, and denied the one the other accepted. So you never know, lol.} If you do get recipes accepted there – then big cyber high give, that’s awesome! If not, I have some tips to help…

Food Blogging Tips and Resources

I recently wrote a post with 10 Resources for Food Bloggers – I pulled it from some research that I did, as I try to branch out and improve in some new areas. Like I mentioned above – I love to cook. I LOVE to bake. But my skills don’t always match that enthusiasm. So, in addition to those tips, here are few more helpful resources – Check out some links to food blogging photography tips on Dish Folio, and then get more seriously amazing tips on food photography on Better with Butter. {Love her before and after photos!} Join Foodie Blog Roll if you’d like a new way to monetize your food blog, or join Daily Buzz for another way to partner with cool new brands in your foodie posts.

And… if you’ve ever been denied at Tastespotting or Foodgawker, here is an awesome option that I’m so in love with…

TasteStopping rocks my socks – “At TasteStopping, we run things a little differently than other food photography sites.   Our moderation process is simple:  if your photo of food or a food-related subject has been rejecteddeclined or otherwise spurned by one of the myriad “elite” sites out there (ahem…TasteSpotting, FoodGawker, PhotoGrazing…ahem), send it to us.   We’ll publish it!” Cool, right? Want more?….

30 foodie sites to submit your favorite recipes to

  • 1. Tasty Kitchen: Join their “Happy Cooking Community” that’s partnered with the Pioneer Woman. You can join their community, search for simple but awesome recipes, and submit your own using the tab in the sidebar.
  • 2. Tasteologie: Click “Submit a new link” right next to the logo on the upper left, and share your favorite recipe with this site from Federated Media.
  • 3. KitchenArtistry: Pretty simple – set up an account, then click the submit button up at the very top to add your own creations to this site.
  • 4. Food and Fizz: Any type of recipes can be shared here, but again – you’ll have to set up a free account first. You can upload any size photo, but they reserve the right to crop it if needed.
  • 5. YumGoggle: For this site, you set up a profile, and then are able to submit your favorite recipes for consideration. Learn more by reading the FAQ’s page. They try to publish most posts, and if they decide not to, they will give you feedback as to why not.
  • 6. Open Source Food: This site gives you the option to browse by recipe, or by person – so you can connect with new foodies there after sending up your free profile. Then add your favorite recipes to be shared there too.
  • 7. Dessertstalking: This is a fun site to “submit something sweet” – using the submit buttons in the nav bar. Be sure to register an account first, and read their submission guidelines here for more info.
  • 8. Taste Fix: This is a super diverse site. Just click the bottom banner to set up our free account. After that you’ll be able to access the forms to share your own posts there too.
  • 9. Liqurious: This is a site just for drink recipes! There are some really awesome mixes here that I’m dying to try. To add your own, click on the far left side, in teeny tiny print, “add new drink.” {Took me awhile to find it the first time!}
  • 10. Recipe Newz: Any type of recipe can be shared here – click the submit button on the top nav bar to share.
  • 11. Food Spreading: This is a user driven site, full of amazing foods! It breaks it down into a ton of categories, to find exactly what you want. And visitors can “like” recipes, giving you great feedback on your work.
  • 12. Photograzing: One thing I really enjoy about this site is how you can browse by city – so I can see some of the best places to get great food in Seattle. Very cool. Sign up for a free account to be able to submit your recipes here too.
  • 13. Finding Vegan: This is a place to share your favorite Vegan recipes only. Set up an account and start sharing using the submit button right on the home page.
  • 14. Cooking Light: To submit your favorite recipes to be featured in this magazine and website, get the directions of what they’re looking for, and the address to email it to.
  • 15. This is a India’s top food site – and has some amazing food featured! Click here to submit your recipe {you’ll need to set up a quick account first.}
  • 16. Recipe Bridge: This site is a little different… You submit your actual website, and a sitemap. Then they’ll pull recipes from your site to share here – it’s one of the biggest indexes of recipes on the net.
  • 17. Refrigerator Soup: This site only posts up to 30 photos/recipes a day. That means they look for the best quality, and that if you’re accepted you get more featured time on the homepage.
  • 18. Taste of Home: Here’s another magazine site that you can submit your recipes too. Just click to set up your free account, and then you start sharing your favorites.
  • 19. Food Porn: Mind out of the gutter… the only breasts here are chicken breasts! It’s easiest to set up a free account, and then submit photos – but you can also scroll to the veeerrrrry bottom in tiny print and click to “submit a photograph.”
  • 20. Foor Porn Daily: “Click, drool, repeat” is their mantra! Scroll to the bottom left side to find the button to submit your favorite recipe. They also offer a cookbook you can check out too.
  • 21. Food 52: There’s a link right up in the very top corner to submit your recipes. And then check out their recipe contests – they have a ton of them, and it looks like a lot of fun.
  • 22. Heritage Recipes: This site is for sharing your super cool, old family recipes. The ones scribbled on scraps of paper, or typewritten onto index cards. Click on the left column to “submit a recipe.” Love this site.
  • 23. LuvMyRecipe: The only requirements here? Must be a recipe that you “luv,” be in English, and have a photo 400 x 400.
  • 24. Yam Right: This is so funny – it’s a whole site devoted to recipes, tips, and info featuring… Yep, you got it – Yams!
  • 25. FoodEpix: Again, set up a free account, then click submit up top to share your best creations. And, they are another site that will email you back with feedback if they don’t accept your work.
  • 26. eRecipeCards: This is fun – visitors can search by ingredient, title, or blogger! So you could send your readers there to find all of your recipes, once you set up a free account and start adding them to the site.
  • 27. Healthy Aperture: This is a site focused totally on sharing healthy recipes – and is run by registered dieticians. You can read more about what they’re looking for here on their FAQ’s page.
  • 28. Foodista: Want to nominate a favorite food blogger to be featured here? Or even nominate yourself? Then check out Foodista, and submit the info on the form to make your recommendation.
  • 29. The Hot Plate: Use the tool on the page to submit your photo – if it’s accepted and will be featured on their site, they’ll email you to let you know.
  • 30: I Share Fun Food: This site is just how it sounds… A great site to get traffic to your “fun” food posts. It’s one of my favorites for inspiration! Click in the sidebar to set up your free account, and then it’ll let you share your favorite recipes.

**UPDATE** I don’t want to add more links to this list, since it’s called “30 Alternatives” – and I’m too lazy to re-do the graphic, lol. But, as I find more sites, I will add them here! Someone just emailed me about her fab site, Whole Yum, which has such a great design to it. Join there and submit recipes too. If I find more, I’ll add them – and please feel free to add your faves in the comments too!** For more blogging tips, check out my weekly Bloggertunities posts, with new tips, resources, and leads each week. Or visit my Blogging and Social Media board on Pinterest for fresh ideas updated almost daily.

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  6. I use a recipe plugin called EasyRecipe and they automatically keep Fooderific updated with your recipes. I hadn’t heard of Fooderific until the plugin started sending my recipes over for me.

    Thanks for the list of other places. I hadn’t even thought about submitting them other places.

  7. Hey, I just launched a start-up like the websites mentioned above. It is . We’re still in the process of collecting photos and soon all features of the website will be available. Any feedback is well received.

  8. just started submitting my cocktail recipes to and getting some decent numbers.

  9. Awww! I thought I was the only, One of my recipes got accepted to food gawker and one did not, and the one that did not got accepted to tastespotting. I never know what they are looking for! Thanks for other alternatives :)

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  13. Thanks SO much for this list! I’ve had good luck with getting accepted on Foodgawker and Tastespotting but the referral traffic is not huge. I’m hearing that Pinterest is taking away a lot of their business. Recipenewz was one of my top referral sites but they just closed shop :( I’m going to try submitting to a bunch of the sites you suggest and see what works. Best, Lisa

  14. Thanks for the excellent list.

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  15. Hi, thanks a lot for the list. I bookmarked most of these websites, and give it a try submitting some of my recipes (I recently started a food blog). Just FYI, some of the links aren’t working anymore. Have a nice day.

  16. Are there any of these that are less strict than others ? I am not a food blogger, but do post recipes. I have some posts with great pics, Pinterest friendly/worthy but some of them do not look nearly as good as what I am seeing on these sites :/

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  23. This page needs to be updated. Several of the links I clicked are no longer active. Photograzing is the latest one. The site is closed down.

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  29. steve ripple says

    Many of these sites are now closed. Also, most are not really recipe posting sites, just ways to add links. I really don’t know why I would do this. I want to post my recipes. I used a Facebook app, that went defunct, and Foodily which deleted my account when they switched providers (so I’m not likely to set up a new account). So far have not found anything.

    • Meagan Paullin says

      I know – I haven’t had a chance to update this post in awhile. It’s on my VERY long to-do list :) I like posting to the sites because I get to connect with new people, share my creations, find new recipes to try – and it brings me new traffic to my site too!

  30. Nice for the list of the recipe sources on the web you can checkout the recipe on

    • Meagan Paullin says

      Thanks for sharing! As soon as I get a chance to update this {since some of these sites are outdated now!} I’ll add this into the list!! :)

  31. Great list!
    You can also post recipes on this site:

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    Would like to add a suggestion: is a great resource for those looking to submit vegan recipes.

    Best regards

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    I would greatly appreciate for any suggestions and feedback.

  34. I have just launched a new recipe site. I am just a one man show and I’m looking for advice on how to contact Bloggers like yourself to use it as you do with others like Foodgawker and tastespotting. My new site is . Please check it out and let me know what you think. I am working on allowing people to add a short video clip instead of a just a picture.

    Thank you for any advice you may have.

    Todd Hanson

  35. Thank you for this list! I hadn’t heard of TasteStopping, but I sure do have quite a bit of content for them :)

  36. Hello,
    Nice List. We have a new site @ which list recipes from different websites/blog by fetching from feeds. You may be interested :)

  37. We are from A great food bloggers community which is like Pinterest and best alternative to Foodgawker. You can share your food recipes links, YouTube links, write food articles and follow your favorite foodies.
    Why wait sign up for free and share your wonderful recipes. Happy blogging!!

    Foodgoggle Team


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