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My Weekly FitBit Results & Weigh-In – #MillionSteps Challenge

Eek! The time has come to share some weight loss results… I told you guys about a week and a half ago, that I was starting a new weight loss challenge. Part of it is a personal goal – To finally, after two years, lose the rest of the weight I gained when I was pregnant. {I gained over 70 pounds – woah.} I still need to lose about 30, and am giving myself a goal of 6 months to do so. Which is really tough when I like to bake all the time, lol. The other half of my challenge involves my amazing bloggy buddies – the other Best Buy Blogging Ambassadors! We set up a challenge for the month of January, to see if the 9 of us could reach a combined total of one MILLION steps, in just one month. {Learn more: #MillionSteps Challenge.} So far, we’re at a combined total of 719,473 steps – holy fitness, Batman!

How the FitBit works

So, how are we tracking all of those steps?

Easy, my friend – we all have the super amazing Fitbit One Activity Tracker! I just clip it on every morning, and it shows me – {either by looking at the gadget itself, or logging into my free online account that it wirelessly sends updates to} – how many steps I’ve taken, how many calories burned, how many stairs climbed, how many miles walked, what time it is, and a little motivational message – like “Work it!” Love that. And – it makes easy to see how active I’ve been, and whether that balances out what I’ve eaten that day. {Or, it embarrasses me, and shames me into taking a quick evening walk if I’ve eaten pizza and am low on steps…} I also use the Fitbit Aria Scale – it also uses wifi, and syncs right up to my Fitbit account each time I weigh myself, so it is crazy easy to track my progress on everything weight loss related, all in one spot. Seriously rockin’.

My Weekly FitBit Results & Weigh In

Ok, so I told you guys I’d be doing a weigh in post like this one – Kickoff to #MillionSteps Challenge! – Once a week, every Monday. Well, I went on vacation {and ate waaaaay too much at the casino buffets, no lie.} Then Abby got sick. Then Mike. Then me. Ugh. So – while my steps have actually been pretty good during the madness, my diet hasn’t been. So when I weighed myself today, I’m at EXACTLY the same weight I was a week and a half ago when I started. {Which is why there’s no pic to show.} But, considering how much I ate for 3 days at that darn casino, I think we’re going good.

And – I really feel better, and more energetic, by remembering to get up and out and moving more often!

Now – these tools are helping me track my progress, stay on track, and motivate me each day. But I also have a couple of other tools – all also available at Best Buy – that are helping me to eat healthier too. And I am looooving them! The Cuisinart Juicer is rocking my socks. Seriously. It is SO easy to use. So compact that it takes up very little space in my crowded kitchen. And by being able to mix some veggies into my juice, I’m able to get SO many new things into my daily diet that I never usually would try. We’ve been buying mangos, kiwis, pineapple, lemons and limes, carrots and cabbage. LOVE it. I’m also totally relying on my Griddler, also by Cuisinart – it totally simplifies dinner time. I can quickly grill up a healthy chicken breast, with no yucky grease, oil, or frying. LOVE it too.

Who would have thought that Best Buy would be your New Year’s weight loss headquarters, right?

Not only can you get everything you need to reach your weight loss goals, all at Best Buy {I’m looking at exercise bikes online right now…} You can also SAVE big this month too! Check out these coupons, to save on all health & fitness products, as well as any of the super cool small kitchen appliances. Sah-weeeet, right? Snap up some of these great gadgets – and let them help YOU feel better, look better, and be in better health in 2013!

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 {Disclaimer: I’m a member of the Best Buy Blogging Amabassadors. I received complimentary products to facilitate this review. But they really rock, or I wouldn’t say they did. For reals, yo.}



  1. That is awesome!!! Look at you, I need to start walking more, it’s such an easy, frugal way to get fit!

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