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How to Make Heart Shaped Bacon

When you think Valentine’s Day, you think love, right? And what is one thing that {almost} every single person in the world loves? BACON!! If you’re a bacon lover – or if you have a mister in your life who is a bacon lover – this is a great breakfast idea for Valentine’s Day… Or really, any day that you want to make breakfast a little more special. It’s super simple to make, but I did have a couple of fails on my first batch. Let me share my tips with you…

Bacon Love: how to make heart shaped bacon

Bacon Love: Making heart shaped bacon

This is a perfect breakfast option, obviously. But it would also be great as a topper on any type of bacon salad recipe, or as a creative addition to a bacon burger or BLT. And it’s really pretty simple to do – All you need is bacon, and a pan. But you definitely need thick cut bacon, the thicker the better. I used some thinner bacon the first batch, and cooked it really crispy {which is how we like it.} That caused the little hearts to turn really fragile, and they broke as I tried to get them off of the pan. But the next batch, with the thick cut stuff, cooked just slightly less {still able to get it pretty crispy!} turned out awesome, and were much easier to remove from the pan and serve.

How to make heart shaped bacon

 How to make heart shaped bacon

I got the idea for these Valentine’s Day themed hearts from bacon on Pinterest, it’s by There really isn’t much of an actual recipe to this… But it might take a couple tries to get the hang of forming these into hearts. Here’s what worked well for me:

  • Run each strip of bacon under a little cold water – this seems to help keep them from shrinking so much. Then cut each slice in half. 
  • Use the cut ends as the bottom of the heart – lay one down, and loop it up, making half of a heart. Do the same on the other half, and kind of push those two pieces that make the middle of the heart loop together, to make them {hopefully} stick together as they bake. 
  • Once you have a whole pan done, put them in an oven at 400 degrees. Start checking them at about 10 minutes – Total time will depend on how your family likes their bacon. And, if the heart pieces have kind of separated, use a couple of forks to push them back together again, to finish baking into shape. 
  • Once done, drain most of the grease, and let cool. Once they’ve cooled for a few minutes, you can lift them onto a paper towel lined plate until you’re ready to use them. It’s ok if a few don’t come out perfect – they’ll still be super fun.

And no matter what it looks like… Well, it’s still BACON, you know? And bacon = delicious. You could also try sprinkling these with a little bit of brown sugar before baking. Just like on my Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, the sugar mixes with the bacon grease to almost carmelize. Soooo good. You can pair these with eggs and something sweet like strawberry danish or heart-shaped pancakes to make a perfect Valentine’s Day breakfast. Love it, right?

For more Valentine’s Day Inspiration, visit my collection of ideas on Pinterest!

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