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How to Get an Emergency Compliment…

Are you in need of an emergency compliment?… A quick pick-me-up? A boost of good feelings? A good giggle? Well then my friends, you’re in luck. I have found the perfect fix for a bad day. Whether your boss was a jerk, your kids are one whine away from a lifetime of time-outs, or you walked around a crowded airport with your dress tucked into your tights for 20 minutes before someone told you about it {yes, this happened to me a couple weeks ago…} – this great website is sure to make it all better. Or, at least, slightly more tolerable….

Funny compliments: Visit Emergency Compliment

Introducing your cure for a bad day – Emergency Compliment

You can get your instant dose of happiness on – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply click through the link above to visit {and bookmark it to come back to!} You’ll instantly be greeted with a lovely confidence-boosting message like this one above – “You’re the best at making cereal.” And you know what’s SUPER crazy? It’s true. I really am the best at making cereal. Hot, cold, with milk, or without. I can rock that. So it’s like they really know me. Which makes it more meaningful….. But, what if that one compliment just isn’t enough? What if you woke up to the kids serving you breakfast in bed… and some peanut butter in your hair? Then simply click again – “I still feel crappy”….

Your friends worry that they're not as funny as you

Voila! Another compliment appears, just for you

You can get as many as you need – they love you here. Don’t worry about looking greedy – click and get as much of a boost as you want and need. Then when you’re feeling all better, click the Thanks button. {Heads up; it gives you an option at that point to buy a cute print of your favorite quote. This is good if you love things like that – which I do. Or bad if you don’t like to be sold to. So, just a fair warning if you’d like to skip it.}

What’s your favorite pick me up? Share in the comments….



  1. Oh my, now that is an awesome site, lol!! Thanks for sharing and sorry about your tight issue, that is a trip! Here is a secret.. I once had a toilet paper trail at Pizza Hut. A complete stranger came up to me to let me know. MORTIFIED!

  2. Funny! I so book marked that site.
    By the way:
    All the 6th graders agreed, your baking soda volcano was the best at the science fair.

    Great post!
    Have a great evening!
    ~Naila Moon

  3. What a fun site, thanks for sharing!! :) I work on an inpatient psychiatric unit, so I often need to be complimented by the time I get home from work LOL. I’ll need to bookmark this site. ;)

  4. I’d like one where is says “you are worth more then you think you are”.

  5. Awesome post. This is so much fun. Your post has brightened my day.

  6. That is awesome! Thank you for sharing! If nothing else, I sure can make a great bowl of cereal!! LOL

  7. Ha! Thanks for sharing, that’s funny. Iced capps are my pick me up.

  8. This is the best thing ever! You know it could also help you find a compliment to give when you just don’t know what to say!

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