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Cheap Kids Movies on DVD – 14 Family Movies Under $5 Bucks

Looking for cheap kids movies? Well – you’ve come to the right spot, ladies. There is a HUGE selection of cheap kids DVD’s on Amazon right now – I found 14 movies all under $5 bucks each, and I guarantee you that there are more. And these aren’t those weird – “Dora’s Holiday Special from 1999” type of movies. These are good ones. Most are newer, a couple are from my childhood, and all are awesome. And for less than $70 bucks, you could actually buy ALL 14 if you wanted to! Sweet deal, right?

Deal on Horton Hears a Who1. Dr. Seuss’s hit film Horton Hears a Who is available on DVD at Amazon for only $4.99. I watched the old version, when I was a kid, probably 100 times – so I was unsure if I’d like this new one. But it follows the original pretty well, and is really cute.

Happy Feet cheap on DVD2. This is another great family film, you can get the original Happy Feet on DVD, for only $4.85. {Get the follow up too, if you want it – Happy Feet Two (+ UltraViolet Digital Copy) for less than $10 bucks!}

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs cartoon3. Trying to teach your kids the importance of eating healthy? Then you have got to grab a copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – it does a great job of getting the message across, while being super funny and entertaining. And – it’s only $4.99 too!!

Monsters vs Aliens - cheap4. Are you growing some future scientists, or conspiracy-theorists? Then this is the perfect film for them – Monsters vs. Aliens is a clever take on all of those ideas that aliens and monsters exist, but that the government is covering it all up. But all wrapped in a layer of silliness. And – it’s $5 bucks. Sweet.

More $5 and Under Amazon Movies:




  1. You just totally made my day! The kids movie collections are definitely in need of an update. Off to shop :D

  2. AH – The Brave Little Toaster. I loved that story! I may have to add that to our collection. Thanks for sharing all of these, great affordable way to update the DVD collection & to snatch up some gift ideas for cousins and friends.

  3. Thanks for this wonderful list. I have some shopping to do!

  4. I love Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs! Well, I love any movie that I don’t mind seeing 1m times. :-D Its seriously cute tho – and I like the parody on how getting greedy for over-sized portions leading to our doom. Nothing like a cartoon w/a hidden moral story. Will have to ck out a few of the other ones you listed too! Thanks!

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