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Bloggertunities: Blogging Opportunities for Mom Bloggers this Week

Grow your blog – Monetize, find new leads and blogging opportunities, and get the best tips too… Hi all! Welcome to another weekly Bloggertunities post, a round-up of the best blogging tips, tools, leads, opps, and events of the week. I hope you’ll find some helpful stuff – and if you do, be sure to share it! And if you have something awesome to share – event sign ups, linkys, tips posts, etc – post ‘em in the comments! I do my best to tweet those links out all week too.

blogging opportunities for mom bloggers

“Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.” –  Danielle Luedtke

This quote could NOT be more appropriate for mom bloggers like us, right? We don’t even have TIME to dream, lol. We’re too busy with the kids, meals, homemaking, blogging, and other fun stuff to ever have time to sleep and dream. Yep – while the rest of the house sleeps and dreams of great accomplishments, we’re still awake at 4am, meeting our deadlines. Ah, the glamour….. Lol. But, hopefully this post each week helps you all a little with those goals, and helps you find new ways to reach your dreams, goals, and plans. I’ve made blogging, freelance writing, and other online work a full time income that supports me and the little one – and I hope to help others do the same. I’m starting a new site devoted to this next month… If you have any specific questions you’d love to hear more about, email me at so I can help, or leave me a comment here. Let’s ROCK 2012, ok ladies?? I feel good things for us all…. {here, be motivated by Rocky and this great quotes video.}

Networks to check out

  • Double Duty Divas: This is a great group of awesome women – and I was lucky enough to get to speak at their Reviewer’s Retreat conference last year too. You can join their network by filling out this form – to get access to tons of super cool opps and events.
  • Mom Select: I get a lot of really fun opps here – I especially love the “Mommy Parties” where we get big boxes of toys to share with friends. To learn more and apply to join them, fill out the application here.
  • BlogHer Visionaries: This is what it says: As a member of the BlogHer Visionaries Panel, you will gain insider access to the latest products and will have the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue every month with the brands you love.
  • Viraliti: Viraliti is not open to public yet. But you can sign up here –, and get an early invite. It gives you a way to earn money by pinning, and is going to expand later to other networks too.
  • Media Team: Fill out an application to share more info about you and your blog, to join the Review Wire Media Team! This is a new group, with some fun projects coming up soon.
  • Linqia: I really love these peeps. I worked on my first campaign with them recently, and they are SO helpful! It was a little bit confusing at first, to be honest, since it all works pretty different than other places I’ve partnered with. Quick overview – They determine a “pay per click” amount you can earn, and a cap of how much you can earn during the campaign. My first one was .50 cents per click, with a cap of $145. It was super easy to meet my goal, I was surprised. If you over deliver, you don’t earn more – but they will give you a higher cap next time. Payment comes pretty quickly. Learn more and join here.
  • Share a Sale: I’ve mentioned this before – and if you know me well, you know I totally RAVE about this one! I love that the brands from this affiliate network reach out for reviews, offer bonus payouts just or posting a link or a banner, or other cool things. This is an awesome way to get into affiliates – Best I’ve worked with, ever. Learn more and join

Opps to check out

  • Harlem Globetrotters: This sounds like a lot of fun – All you have to do is write a blog post sharing some talking points they’ll provide, and in exchange you’ll get free tickets to your local game, and discount codes to share with your readers too. Good times. Join the Harlem Globetrotters Ambassador team.
  • Metal Pressions: Fill out this application to have a chance to get a complimentary gift certificate of $50-$100, to use to create a one of a kind piece of metal jewely for review. There are a few requirements to agree to, see them on the review application form.
  • Cleaning Supplies: I am SUCH a cleaning product junkie. For reals. So I have fingers crossed I get to be a part of this… You’ll get to choose about $100 worth of supplies, do a review, and give that same assortment away to one of your readers too. Very cool – fill out the form to apply. Linkys and Events to check out DIY: This is a fun link up – anything DIY, including crafts, recipes, household projects, sewing, and more! Link up your favorite creative postthis week on Begin to Craft.
  • TV Show: Steve Harvey show is looking for Moms and/or Dads who want parenting advice. Show tapes 1/29 In Chicago – they will pay all travel expenses. Email Thanks Lisa at Planet Weidknecht for this tip!

Linkys and Events to check out

  • Instagram: Want to connect with new people on Instagram? {I’m devastated that it’s not available on my new Windows phone!!} – Link up on Little Inspiration’s Instagram Blog Hop today!
  • Moms: A new site is launching to promote lots of free apps for new moms, and she’s putting together some big giveaways to promote the launch. Like, $500+ big! If you’d like to help promote those on your blog to bring in a little extra traffic, apply here.
  • Blogelina: She’s got a few really cool – totally free! – events that you can join in on and check out this week – Get more comments, have some Twitter fun, and more – Events to bring traffic to your blog.
  • Time Management: Now, who doesn’t need a little help with this, right? Lol. Join this free webinar, to learn more productive ways to work from home, and save time and sanity! RSVP here.
I know this week’s list is shorter than usual – I’m using the month of January to really get organized again, catch up on all outstanding work, and revamp things for the new year. So I’m blogging much less than usual – although I’m definitely NOT working less hours! Lol. Hope you found something helpful – and enjoy your weekend!


{Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. But all opps and leads listed are things that I trust, and have used myself. I only share what I love with ya’all! Photo Credit.}



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