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Princess Kate is Pregnant – But this Redhead is the Real Story…

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane…” – Wait a minute, that’s not Santa – that’s Molly, the Christmas Elf Magic Elf! Unlike some of those other new trendy elves trying to get attention these days, Molly and the other Elf Magic crew are the originals in charge of spreading holiday magic since 1956. And while the whole “Kate Middleton is pregnant” news is spreading through the talk news shows like crazy, I’m here to introduce you to a redhead with a more season-appropriate newsworthiness…

The real elf on the shelf - and what are all these elf pics about?

What is Elf Magic all about?

“The Elf Magic Elves – recognized by a magic snowflake placed on their heart by Santa himself – make the holiday season come alive. This timeless tradition artfully blends playtime, the importance of family values, and reinforces the true meaning of Christmas. From discovering an Elf’s magical arrival in the home, to searching for their hidden Elf after a night full of adventurous Elfcapades – children know the magic in Elf Magic is real.” – These elves come with a great set of gear – a velvety Elf-Size Santa Sack, that’s perfect for using to hide fun little gifts once or twice a week. A fancy scroll with the official Elf Story, to explain where your elf came from, and what they’ll be up to. A container of magic North Pole Snowflakes to help bring the magic to life each night. And a removable outfit that can be switched out with other sweet elf fashions on the site – you know, for cool adventures.

See some of the fun – Elfcapades on Facebook

Magic Elf Adventures…

When you write a letter to Santa, and ask to have a Magic Elf sent to your house for the holidays, you can choose which elf you’d like to come and join your family. Our Magic Elf was named Molly – after checking for that Santa-Approved snowflake on her heart to know she was a “real” elf, we were happier than heck to have her for the season! We put out her favorite treats – ice water that taste like melted snowflakes, and crackers that remind them of the sound of walking on freshly fallen North Pole snow. And be warned – once you invite these fun little friends into your home, there will be nightly elfcapades to deal with – that are filled with both Christmas joy and Christmas chaos! You might find your jolly elf with a gift hidden in their velvet bag- or tramping through a snow of powdered sugar one morning in the kitchen. They are good-hearted as they come, but full of too much holiday festiveness at times too :)

Our first elf adventure

Unfortunately, right after our Magic Elf Molly came to stay with us for the holiday season, we had to head out for another darn trip to Seattle Children’s Hospital. {Abby had her first seizure as a toddler a few months ago. We had hoped it was a febrile seizure… Only to find out a couple months ago we were wrong, as she started having them more, and more, and more. Scary stuff.} Well, no one is sure what’s going on, and we don’t have any doctors in town that can help us. So we’ve had to make the 3 hour trip over to Seattle, and then back again over those snowy mountain passes, several times a month. This latest one, Molly wanted to come along… She wanted to make sure that Santa knew what a good girl Abby had been, even during some such challenging stuff. And Abby LOVES her elf with her – she really likes having something with us that reminds her of home.

What’s next?

Well, after such a dramatic weekend of meeting our new friendly magic elf, we’re looking forward to some mega-fun days ahead! I was going to do a “12 days of Christmas” set of gifts for Abby – but instead, think I’ll use the small gifts that I bought as little things for Molly the Magic Elf to bring to Abby a couple times a week. And if you’d like to follow our daily adventures, you can see an update each morning on Instagram. If you’ve got a Magic Elf of your own, I’d LOVE to see what shenanigans your buddy is up to too – share them on my Facebook page anytime! You can also post them to the Magic Elf “Elf-a-Razzi” page. And, for a little bit more fun, check out this baby Bieber look-alike video, featuring some of the best Magic Elf dancers….

More Christmas Elf Fun

For more fun, follow the Magic Elves on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. And make sure to follow ME on Facebook and Instagram too, to see updates on my elf’s mischief each day. I had planned to do a “12 days of Christmas” type of thing with Abby this year, now that she’s two, and old enough to kind of “get” Christmas. I thought a count down would be fun… So, I’m going to have Molly the Magic Elf bring the gift each day! She has her red velvet bag from Santa… So each day, when I hide her somewhere else in the house, after her nightly elfcapades, during those 12 days leading to the big day, I’ll have a fun gift hiding in {or under, or around – depending on size!} her bag. Makes it all SO much more fun! I hope you get a Magic Elf of your own – if so, please, please, PLEASE share some pics with me! I’m such a junkie for silly Christmas magic :) Post to my Facebook, or tag me on Instagram or Twitter – Us elf owners tag our posts with #elfmagic, #elcapades, and are about to start using #timelesstradition too.  Watch for my updates coming daily until the new year….

Let’s Chat: Do you have a family elf too? Are you planning to get one? What other family traditions to you have? I love hearing from you guys – Leave some comments….


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