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Moms Aren’t Allowed to Be Sick….

“I’d rather be __________ than be sick with a cold!”… With my crazy-busy schedule as a work at home mom, I do NOT have time to get sick. I’ll try so hard to convince myself of it, telling myself that I’m just fine, it’s just allergies… Until I find myself asleep with my head on the laptop. I think that we all feel that way – we’re good at taking care of everyone else in the family when they get sick. But we don’t have time for it to happen to us. {And don’t you love how they all forget how helpful you were while they were feeling yucky, and leave you in bed to fend for yourself? Ah, motherhood…}

Moms aren't allowed to be sick

This year’s flu is supposed to be an especially nasty one

So, it’s time to get prepared, since we’re right smack dab in the middle of flu season. In my house, it can be tough to get out for an emergency run to the store when someone gets sick. My nephews { 6 and 8} are here before and after school each day, I have a crazy-busy schedule working online all day, an adorably wild toddler with erratic naptimes, and a lack of non-elastic waist pants to wear and look presentable when venturing out. {I remember my early twenties, when I wouldn’t leave the house without perfectly styled hair and a fully accessorized outfit. These days I’m lucky to have matching shoes…} So I like to keep a little cupboard stocked and ready, for the first sign up yucky colds and flu. These are super important for when I end up with a sick kiddo all day. But even more important when it’s ME that gets sick, since no one is going to ride their bike to the Walmart and get supplies for me….

When moms get sick

My Flu Season Mom Must-Haves

I have a special section of the hall closet devoted to cold and flu prep. We’ve got an extra box or two of Kleenex tissues {have you seen the super cool free Care Kits you can send when you buy those? Love it.} I keep a small basket of little dollar store goodies, as a surprise to cheer up the little ones. We keep a few cans of chicken soup, and a 6-pack of Squirt. I stock cough drops, a natural saline nose spray, and – my secret weapon when it comes to meds – Contac Cold + Flu. It covers all of the different yucky symptoms you get with either a cold or a flu, so it works for just about any bug that one of us get knocked down by, so it seriously helps you bounce back quicker.

For over 50 years, Contac has been the cold + flu remedy trusted by generation after generation

Contac Cold + Flu offers maximum strength without a prescription. It’s a multi-symptom cold medicine that provides powerful relief so you can get back to being mom. And because motherhood can be a tough job, Contac Cold + Flu hits that yucky set of symptoms from all sides – fighting if off the way your kids fight bad guys on those video games that they’re hooked on. {That’s not just my house, right?} What I love most? That I don’t have to spend a ton buying different products, I get everything I need in one box. {Get coupon savings here.}

Non-drowsy relief to get through my busy day, partnered with a great sleepytime formula to help me get some rest at night!

And, because I love it so much, I’m sharing a Contac Cold + Flu set of meds with you too. One lucky reader will get a free box shipped right to your door, to help you get your momma mojo back next time you get sick too! Awesome, right?

How to win Your Cold and Flu Fighter Prize:

Just leave me a comment answering the question: “I’d rather be __________ than be sick with a cold!” Is it working? Playing with the kids? Shopping for holiday gifts? Riding a llama covered in Christmas lights in the local holiday parade? {Don’t judge…} Share a comment below with your answer to be entered to win.

Bonus entries: Leave an additional comment if you’re a fan of Sunshine and Sippy Cups on Facebook, for one additional entry. And leave one MORE comment if you visit the site, and tell me something rad that you learned there. {Plus, remember that they have coupons!} Good luck!

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary box of Contac Cold + Flu to see the results for myself. All opinions here are my own – this has seriously worked great for us this season! Giveaway open to US residents 18+ only, and ends on December 19, 2012. Winners will be contacted via email and will have 48 hours to respond to claim their prize. You guys rock – thanks for reading!}



  1. I’d rather be cruising the Caribbean than be sick with a cold!

  2. like you on fb
    cheryl s

  3. during flu and cold season wash your hands frequently

  4. I would rather be going out to dinner than be sick with a cold.

  5. I liked you on fb
    debbie penny

  6. Virginia Rowell says

    I’d rather be stung by a bee than be sick with a cold!

  7. I’d rather be spending all day doing laundry (with stains! ha) than be sick with a cold

  8. I’m a fan of Sunshine and Sippy Cups on Facebook :)

    Liz Ticona

  9. I learned that most of the cold and flu remedies are myths! :) like drinking chicken soup or that cold weather doesn’t cause a cold

  10. Working or just about anything else.

  11. Chrissy Nestor says

    I’d rather be hanging out at the beach than be sick with a cold!

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  12. I rather be doing laundry,cleaning cabinets or mowing the grass than be sick with a cold!

  13. sharon cowles says

    I’d rather be fishing on the river with the grandies enjoying the sunshine and my grandies company … we seem to talk more about life and the things they are dealing with at school.. sports.. just about everything.. Fishing seems to bring them peace and confidence that I will listen to them without passing judgement

  14. I’d rather be at the Motor Vehicle Administration than sick with a cold!

  15. I rather be at the movies than sick with a cold.

  16. having fun

  17. Brittney House says

    I’d rather be cleaning a white castle bathroom

  18. I’d rather be spending time with my children having fun!

  19. I like you on Facebook

  20. About chicken soup: “As with most decaffeinated hot liquids, chicken soup has been shown to help temporally clear nasal congestion. However, due to their high sodium content, many chicken soups could actually worsen cold and flu symptoms. Hypernatremia occurs when there is an electrolyte disturbance that is defined by an elevated sodium level in the blood.”

  21. susan smoaks says

    ”I’d rather be shopping than be sick with a cold!”

  22. I’d rather be doing most anything (because messes will be made no one will clean a thing while I’m down and out!)

  23. I like you on FB (Rosey Marie)

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