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How Windows 8 Simplifies Life for Busy Moms

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke… Ok ladies, get ready for me to totally rock your socks off. Ready? Ok – Recently, my awesome family over at Best Buy sent each of us Blogging Ambassadors a new laptop to test out for awhile, and each one was loaded with the new Windows 8. I’m usually a little hesitant to try anything new – I’m so crazy-busy that I just don’t have time to get used to a new system, I like using what I know. But at the same time, I’m always searching for new technology that can help simplify my life, and organize the chaos in my life. Windows 8 has kind of changed my life, no lie. Check it out….

Windows 8 Works On All of Your Favorite Devices

Windows 8 is available on a ton of different devices – {watch a super sweet video here that shows off new Windows 8 gadgets like tablets, smartphones, and computers} – which is super cool. I switched from the iPhone to a Windows phone right about the same time that I got the HP – ENVY Touch-Screen Ultrabook Laptop from Best Buy, and was seriously impressed with the awesomeness of using the operating system across both devices. I love, love, LOVED my iPhone, and didn’t think I’d be happy  switching to something new… But within the first DAY I was in love. For real. Like, I will never switch back.

Windows 8 for moms

Why it’s perfect for ME. And you. And you over there in the corner. And…

Ok, now that you’ve seen the basics – the devices that Windows 8 is available on, and a bit about the amazingly crazy-cool features, let me tell you why it will help you in your own busy life. First off, you customize your Start screen to be exactly what you want to see when you log in. You can change the location and size of all of the tiles, and the “Live Tiles” flip through updates, so you can see a TON of info at a glance. So every time you log in, you get a screen totally and perfectly customized to show you a quick snapshot of EVERYTHING important that you need to know that day – from calendars, to-do lists, appointments, urgent emails, or Facebook events and birthdays. Totally helps plan my day. It’s amazing how that big overview of things really helps get your started each morning – and it’s so cool how EVERY Windows 8 device is going to be totally different – you make it what YOU want it to be, and make it work for YOU.

Windows 8 is so perfect for moms

In the video – did you notice how you can have two apps side-by-side? Which means you can watch YouTube videos while also checking your email, party it up in a Twitter party while checking Facebook, and so much more. Awesomesauce for busy ladies like us, right? A few other cool things – I love the ability to sync my phone and my laptop together. Incredibly helpful for helping me stay organized and productive. I love the way I can use the screen of my laptop the same way that I can use my smartphone – by quickly scrolling, flipping, and tapping with one finger. You can also add a TON of apps to your Windows 8 laptop – and on your App screen, you can organize them by category. You could make categories like Family, Blogging, Work, Kids, Homemaking, etc. This makes it super easy to be in the right “mode” and grab what you need quickly.  And – I love the way it’s so family friendly too!

Kids love Windows 8 and Xbox

Windows 8 for Kids

The boys loooooved Windows 8! One, the touchscreen feels to much more intuitive for them, having pretty much grown up with that kind of thing. And even Abby {at only 2 1/2} can figure out how to use the touchscreen, and get to what she wants! But by far their favorite thing was the way that this works with the XBox, and the fact that so many awesome games are available to download into your apps. Playing games on the computer with the touchscreen is like, seriously cool. Even for old people like me… Lol.

HP - ENVY Ultrabook 14" Laptop

HP TouchSmart Ultrabook Rocks

So – if you’re thinking about upgrading to Windows 8, I cannot recommend enough that you also make the switch to a new tablet, phone, laptop or desk top that has a touchscreen. Windows 8 is awesome on it’s own, but it really needs that touchscreen to shine. Trust me – just go into your local Best Buy, and try one out. Once you do – You’ll be hooked, and wonder how you’ll live without it! This bad boy above is the HP – ENVY Touch-Screen Ultrabook 14″ Laptop that I’ve been using to try out Windows 8 for the past few weeks. {Handsome, isn’t he? I hate to have to give him back soon…} When I bought my current laptop {my FIRST laptop, only a few months ago, can you believe it?} I had thought that bigger meant better. But the slightly slimmer, smaller, and lighter frame of this one from HP is SO much better. And the colors are the screen are crazy-vibrant, it’s fast as can be, and just pretty much complaint-free on my end. And did you know that when you buy a new laptop at Best Buy, the amazingly smart folks at Geek Squad will walk you through how to use your new laptop? You don’t even have to have the {totally worth it, I swear!} Geek Squad service, they offer this to everyone.

You’re not going to get THAT kind of experience, expertise, or customer service on Amazon, at Walmart, or anywhere else.

Yep, I’m serious ladies. This momma is a total Windows 8 convert – which is a HUGE surprise to me! I can’t recommend it, or the super sweet laptop I’ve been using – with its awesome touch screen, enough. So – visit your local Best Buy, check ’em out, try ’em out – and fall in love.

Wolf at Best Buy

As a Best Buy Blogging Board Member and Brand Ambassador, I get to try out super cool new products from Best Buy.  But that doesn’t mean I lose my ability to “tell it like it is.” Lol. Everything I share with you ladies is my honest opinion – and I hope you love this stuff as much as I do!


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