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Finally – A Baby Product Guide That’s All About You…

When shopping for baby gear, do you feel like your drowning in a sea of choices? I know I sure did – as a first time mom, it was overwhelming, for sure. I wish that back then, I’d know about this amazingly cool site I came across today… It’s called “Lela is a new way to shop that’s all about you. We take the time to get to know you—your lifestyle, taste, and values—and use that info to guide you to the things you’ll love. The product recommendations we give are completely unique to you.” Sounds cool, right? And lemme tell ya – It works. Really good.

How to find the best baby gear for YOU

No Clutter, No Ads – Just stuff chosen with you in mind

At first, I thought this would be another of those spammy, “Take a quiz, and we’ll try to sell you a bunch of junk you don’t need – or maybe even get you to sign up for a monthly subscription you don’t want and will be tough to cancel, whoo hoo!” type of site. Yes, I’m a bit cynical, after reviewing countless sites over the past couple of years. But – this is legit. No spammy. You take a little questionnaire that’s actually fun – {what’s your dream vehicle? I chose the broom with a sweet stuffed couch cushion thing strapped on, lol.} Then it shares products it knows you’ll love. For me – it was crazy-accurate. Lots of funky, unique type stuff. The kind of stuff I always look for and can’t find. Awesomesauce.

Price comparison that's cool

Price Comparison that really rocks

The thing that impressed me the most was when I went to check out a few items. It brings you to a page with all the prices for the item, from all of the major sites. How cool is that? You can click to buy directly from those sites – and it even shares coupon codes to other awesome stuff you can score at each of those sites.

Choose where you buy

No need to visit hundreds of sites—on Lela, you can buy online from your favorite retailers like Amazon, Walmart,, J&R, giggle, Barnes & Noble, BestBuy, Macmall, Macy’s, Magic Beans, Newegg, and more. If you’d rather shop in your neighborhood, Lela Local hooks you up with the nearby retailers that have what you’re looking for.

Join Lela for free and get started!



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