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Do You Really Need to Spend Big Bucks on a Camera?

“We take pictures to record our personal vision of the world.” – Nikon slogan… I’m such a photo junkie. I’ve always been known as the photographer in the family – I create new family “Year in Review” photo books for Christmas each year, I love photo gifts, and I’m always the one snapping a million pics at every outing, occasion, holiday, and event. But – as obnoxious as I might be at times, you know that everyone appreciates that someone captures all of those special memories, right? Well, to get the photos that I need, the photos that I want, the photos that everyone will cherish as the years pass on – I need more than one camera. Yes, there is a HUGE difference in all of those models that you see for sale at your local Best Buy, or online. Let me tell ya why, and give you a little guidance on choosing the right camera.


Why price matters when shopping for a camera

Ok ladies – I’m a frugal momma. I do my best to make sure that the limited budget that we have stretches as far as possible. I use survey sites, clip coupons, and other ways of earning income from home – even outside of my online work. So, when I throw down my hard-earned dollars on a major purchase {and for me, major is anything over $75-$100 bucks} – I want to make sure that I’m getting the best quality for my dollars. Well, expensive doesn’t always mean better – but quality doesn’t always come cheap. Here are a few things to keep in mind, for why some cameras perform better than others:

With a basic point-and-shoot camera, there’s just one lens built into the camera. And it’s usually a smaller lens, which doesn’t always allow a lot of light through to hit the image sensor. This is why the biggest complaint about most point-and-shoots is that they don’t perform as well as in low-light conditions. And since most point-and-shoots don’t have the option of adding more lenses, you’re limited by what that one point-and-shoot lens can do.

So, if you’re a pretty beginner photographer, this is NOT an issue for you. If you’re just a snapshot kind of gal, no biggie at all. The main reason that these lenses matter is when you get into more professional levels of photography – whether as a hobby to take serious family photos, or for your business – whether it’s blogging, an Etsy shop, cooking and baking, whatever. If you are a pro, then a more expensive camera is going to have those additional lenses, and have some additional functionality. But here’s the thing – even the most serious photographer still needs some smaller cameras – the kind to tote around in a back pocket or a purse, to catch those fun moments at times when lugging around a giant DSLR type camera is going to be hassle. If you’re looking for something like that – I have an amazingly cool new recommendation for you!

Camera that's smaller than a salt shaker

The Nikon CoolPix S01 is Smaller than a Salt Shaker

Ok, the coolest thing – the thing that sets this camera apart from every other camera on the market – is it’s super tiny size. The
Nikon – Coolpix S01 101-Megapixel Digital Camera
 is smaller than my salt shaker! But, super surprisingly, it’s tiny frame is still packed with serious power. Here are a few of my fave features:

  • HD movie mode means that you can captures your family videos, from a super small gadget able to fit into your shirt pocket.
  • Vibration Reduction mode helps prevent blurry photos and promotes sharp, clear pictures and videos, even when you’ve got a bunch of craziness going on around you.
  • In-camera image editing options that iclude color options, filter effects, fisheye, miniature effect and toy camera. Super fun to play with.

There is a ton more cool stuff going on with this tiny camera too – To learn more, visit the Nikon – Coolpix page on, or visit Grinning Cheek to Cheek for another really smart review of this camera. {She’s clearly more tech-savvy than I am, and offers some seriously great input on this.} Or, if you really just want to see the goods – see what type of photos this camera takes – check them out below…

Awesome guitar pics taken with Coolpix

Awesome special effects are possible with the Coolpix

I love, love, love this photo. This is a shot of my amazingly cool rockstar little brother during one of his recent shows. {Shameless promotion: See them here on Reverb Nation: Desert Valley Stranglehold.} The way the camera was able to perform in low light – even though it’s a smaller camera, and doesn’t have the big lenses to maximize the light available – was super cool.

Epic warehouse beard guy

Another sweet shot with the Nikon Coolpix

Do you love the way this camera takes really vibrant pictures? And – this is such a cool example of how great this teeny tiny camera can capture action shots without getting super blurry. {And yes, this is the rockstar brother again. He’s just epic levels of coolness all of the time, so he had to be my model for this review…

 Best Buy Blogging Board Member and Brand Ambassador

So – what’s the final word?

Like I said earlier – the biggest challenge with a point-and-shoot is the single lens, and it’s trouble taking great photos in low light, or capturing good action shots. That’s a big reason why people invest in more pricey cameras, like a DSLR {which can cost you $500+ and is a pretty major investment.} But – when you’re looking for a camera that’s small enough to be super portable, and ready to grab cool shots at a moment’s notice – this camera is a fantastic option! It’s small enough to fit into a front pocket, while still having the features you need. One word to some it up? Awesomesauce.

{Disclaimer: As a member of the Best Buy WOLF Blogging Ambassador team, I get access to cool products like this to try out, and share my super honest opinion with you guys. I love being able to offer you a real mom view, to help you determine whether this is right for you or not. All opinions are 100% my own.}




  1. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a camera. I have a really good camera that I got for $39.00 dollars regular price $129, and it works great. It takes great pictures, and I see not distortion in the pictures!

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