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Are You Prepared for Mom-Emergencies?

Are you ready for a major emergency?... Everyone by now has heard about the crazy-chaos in the New York area after major-storm Sandy last month. As a West Coaster, up here in Washington State, I didn’t even know until recently that there are a lot of people on the East Coast who have to do major prep for even regular storms during the winter. Here, we don’t have generators, we don’t stockpile food or supplies {unless we’re big-time couponers}, and we don’t have to worry about power outages for more than a very rare hour or two. But now that I have friends on the East Coast, the whole idea of preparing a little more thoroughly for emergencies has stuck with me. And, as a busy mom – preparing for disaster is kind of my middle name, right?

How to Prepare for Mom Emergencies

I became a mom very unexpectedly, right before my 30th birthday. I had never planned to become a mother, and had never been one of those girls who “liked” kids – I never held a baby until my nephews were born. I was uncomfortable around babies since they seemed so fragile, so small, so…. high maintenance. When the hospital sent me home with Abby, after a week in the NICU, I thought that they were crazy to give this chick with no experience this tiny baby to be in charge of. {Come to find out later, I’m definitely not the only one who felt that way!} Once home, I thought that the newborn days were the hard part… This tiny little person who needed so much help and constant care. But then, one day, I set my baby down on a blanket on the floor… And she wasn’t in the same spot when I came back again. Yep, those babies change so fast, and before you know it – you have a toddler like mine. A toddler who thinks it’s hilarious to strip off her party dress 5 minutes before we leave to a formal event, so that she can splash around in the toilet. Or take all of the eggs out of the fridge to crack open on the kitchen floor – “to look for the baby chickens.” Or, come home from a playdate with a tattoo. You know, the usual mom chaos. I realized that the newborn phase was actually the easy part.

Toddlers & Disasters 

Toddlers and disasters go together like peanut butter and jelly. My little Abby definitely keeps me busy – she’s constantly on the move, exploring the house, discovering cool new stuff like how cool my totally expensive eyeliner looks when you draw on the full-length mirror with it. And she loves to dress up – Check out some of her latest fashions that she put together on her own, using gear and accessories stolen from random spots in the house. Love this kid. So as a mom, I have to make sure I’m prepared for anything. And everything. And then some.

My Super-Mom Emergency Preparedness Tools

To stay ready for anything, there are a few tools I rely on. One, if you haven’t seen it yet, is a fave must-have – It’s called the HippMAMA  toolbelt. It felt funny at first – but you know what? This thing is crazy-helpful when I have a super busy day. I also could not get through a single day without my cell phone, my G-Cal, and my planning binders {I have one for blogging & business, one for crafty ideas, and one for household info.} And, when it comes to taking care of Abby, I also rely on the treatment products from Baby Magic. They have some seriously amazing tools to help you with any skin-care style emergency you run info. Here are a few of my faves:

  • Diaper Rx: This is like a diaper rash preventing super hero. It contains 40% zinc oxide, the max level available without a prescription, it’s dermatologist tested, and it’s hypoallergenic. You can also use this on any spots of chaffed skin, or any minor irritations if you have a little one with sensitive skin. It’s super versatile!
  • Healing Balm: Ahhhh – this is a total life-saver! It’s a great treatment for eczema-prone skin, and has soothing ingredients like Shea butter, aloe, and oatmeal. Abby gets random yucky rough patches, we’re not sure if they are really eczema or not, but I had the same thing when I was little. This stuff makes her feel so much better right away.
  • For maintenance: To keep baby and toddler skin soft all the time, check out the Dry Skin Therapy Moisturizing Cream, and their Soothing Petroleum Jelly – which also works great to protect skin when little ones get little scrapes and cuts.
  • These are awesome tools for every mom to have – whether you keep them in a mommy tool belt like me, or somewhere more traditional like a diaper bag. Because you need to be ready for anything. You need to be prepared for emergencies – Mom Style.

Let’s Chat: What are your go-to tools to stay prepared for emergencies in your day? Share them with me in a comment below! One comment will win a set of all of these awesome products that I got to try out this month as a Magical Madness Mom…

{Disclaimer: I received a complimentary set of products, as a Magical Madness Mom for Baby Magic. All photos and opinions and bad puns and silly jokes are 100% my own.}



  1. Jo-Ann Brightman says

    I had a tube of zinc oxide for rashes and lots of wipes for accidents.

  2. Crystal Irvin says

    Thanks for this, Ive been spending more time with my nieces, and as of so far the only scary thing that they have done is deciding to climb the wall and almost falling

  3. I’m not ready ,need a plan. Thanks

  4. Holly Trudeau says

    I carry wipes in my purse at all times because my kid likes to radomly vomit for no reason, it’s lovely! Also carry band aids and antiseptic because my son has no fear & is constantly injuring himself, it’s always an adventure :)

  5. cathy henatyszen says

    my kids are older now, but when they were young I taught them to use ice on their owees… they’d get so used to it the ice could stop any tears fast

  6. I’m still laughing from the pic with the kid in the toilet!!!! LOL!!! Great way to start my day! Great post!

  7. Dorothy Boucher says

    wow what a great post, and I think being a mom and a grandmother , I think we always have to be on guard for any disaster even a rash, I use desitin cream ,, wow can’t spell today, too early LOLLL Any way Thanks for sharing with us and LOVE the pics heheh too cute

  8. amanda roach says

    lol mydaughter used to sit in the toilet liek that.

  9. Angelique Goetsch says

    I have a lot of “prep” stuff just need to know how to use it…..

  10. sharon cowles says

    I always keep a triple antibiotic for some boo boo’s and of course every size bandaids in every color and design… I love those bandaids with the anticeptic added …..keep em in the car and purse…diaper bag..being a busy grandma to 12 grandies…I’m always looking for emergency tips

  11. Reading this brought back alot of memories. Both of my kids, which are grown now did things too. I loved your story & the pictures. Thanks for sharing

  12. i have alot of oitments creams and just tons of things to help when stuff occurs

  13. I have never really thought about all the things needed to be a “prepared” mom. I have ointments for about anything you could think of and just keep it in a plastic tote. Depending on the situation is what stays extra handy – diaper rash, teething, owie on the knee, etc.

  14. Nena Sinclair says

    This is great info, thanks! I must say, though, I sure laughed when I saw the pic of the kid IN the toilet instead of on the toilet!! :)

  15. Sara Weekley says

    Love the pictures so did my 10 year old. happy holidays

  16. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughter is so accident prone, lol she’s so klutzy like her father. I’ve learned to be ready at any second!

  17. I see my kid isn’t the only one who played in the toilet. My son locked himself in the bathroom and I could hear him playing in the toilet. Of course I was was frantic because I needed to leave to pick my other son up from school and you can’t be late and because I couldn’t get the door unlocked and get to him. I eas calling my friend who can unlock any door (and has done so for me on many occasions) well he wasn’t answering. After like 15 mins I figured out it was just a privacy lock didn’t have a key hole just a little door and I was able to open it.

  18. Elaine Gaston says

    I just became scared now! My little ones are just starting crawling/pulling themselves up on things and I already have mini-heart attacks! :/ ahhh!!

  19. That’s a great post. With little ones , you nEVER know what’s likely to happen. It’s great to be as prepared as you can.

  20. I can say yes I am somewhat prepared I believe. I live in an area where we may get snowed in for a few days, closing the freeways north & south so yes I have to be prepared any given time to not have certain items, run out of others but would hope I have enough on hand to survive for a week or longer without going to a store. I would run out of some necessities, milk and bread but pretty much other items I’m good on. Even my 38 yr old son now prepares for those unexpedted snow days. Kids love em’ because schools out but parents have to be prepared for the unexpected..and prepackaged cookie mix, just adding water, goes a long way on those long days when your kids get really bored, gives them something to do and makes them proud because they made it.

  21. Shawna Scott says

    i have rash cream, infant tylenol, and lots of wet whipes

  22. Being a grandma now and already gone thru all the emergencies of my kids in time. Well I had them all with them. Now with my grandkids I must say Im probably over prepared in some ways with them. Im more cautious with them. I think Im prepared enough that we can last a few days if we cant get out to the store. I dont have a car so I always try to keep a little extra of the essential things on hand in case of a emergency. It never hurts to be prepared.

    • Sunshine and Sippy Cups says

      I don’t drive – {never learned, crazy, I know!} – so I know what you mean. When I grocery shop every couple of weeks, I totally stockpile. And I have an emergency stash in the garage too, because you never know. Bad weather, cut in pay or work, anything could leave you needing some extra supplies on hand!

  23. We always have towels handy in every room. And a broom or vacuum cleaner. LOTS of messes.

  24. I try to stay prepared for at least a few days of emergency living. We have a snow storm coming in tonight, if predictions are correct (which a lot of times they are not, but we never know.) I’m also always prepared on family trips, so my family depends on me to have everything anybody needs. I don’t know when I started being this way, but I like natural remedies best, so I always have the best possible treatments at hand, plus all kinds of wipes and rubs.

  25. Priscilla Benavides says

    Vaseline is always a savior in our househould!
    priscillavbeanvides at yahoo dotcom

  26. Well if I go based on past experiences, an eyebrow pencil… Why you ask? Well to fill in your child’s eyebrows after they shave them off…. LOL Yes this really happened.

  27. I know it may sound mad, but I have several little first aid kits littered around the house and in my purses. I am ALWAYS replenishing them with Band Aids with little characters on them.

  28. kim burnett says

    ointments & banaids!

  29. i have lots of first aid kits around for our 4 year old grandson…he has a severe peanut allergy so we have his shot close by and take it with us at all times

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