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How to choose a wine like you choose music on Pandora…

How do you find the best wine? You could read reviews, but who says that those critics writing the reviews have the same taste as you do? They might hate a wine, give it a terrible rating – but it might end up being your absolute favorite. My friends and I all have very different tastes in wine… When we went on a wine tour last winter, at almost every stop we all had totally, crazily different opinions on which ones rocked, and which ones we did not want to try again. And I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds phrases like, “smooth finish,” or “hints of plum,” to not really be all that helpful, right? So, how do you find not just the BEST wine – but the best wine for YOU?

How to choose the best wine at the storeWhen you wander into a supermarket, liquor store, or specialty shop to browse and pick up some wine, what do you usually do? Read those little shelf hangers? Shop by price? Ask a sales clerk? If you’re like me, you do one of a two things:

  • Grab a bottle that I’ve tried before, and know that I like.
  • Find something with a pretty label, and hope I like it.

I have a bit of wine knowledge – {I got a degree in Travel, Tourism, & Hospitality Management, with the idea that I’d work for one of the amazing vineyards or tasting rooms here in the new Washington Wine Country – and might still like to go that route later on…} – but even I have a tough time trying to decide which new wines to try. If you’re like me, and would like to be more confident in trying out new bottles, I have an absolutely awesome trick to help you. Keep reading to learn more…

Choosing a new wine for the holidaysReady to learn my trick to finding amazing new wines to try? It’s called Liklii – and it’s amazing. It’s an online wine recomendation engine that suggests wines based on your personal preferences. Imagine the way a site like Spotify, Netflix, or my fave – Pandora – work: You rate selections that you already know well, which then gives the site some info about you. Then their super-secret-smart algorithms figure out new choices they think you’ll like. The more you try, and rate – the more it gets the ability to totally pinpoint new wine choices that you will fall in love with. {If you’ve ever used Pandora – you know that after a bit of time, you can develop a station that is absolutely perfect – where the new songs and artists is plays are always just perfect, and give you new faves.} Liklii works just like this! Amazing, right?

At Likelii, we believe the best wines are the wines that taste best to you. And the best wine recommendations for you are based on wines you have liked in the past, not wines other people with a different palate have liked.

Another reason that I love this site? Because I’m a huge supporter of women in business, and Liklii is a women-founded, women-led start-up. The whole idea developed because as new moms, they didn’t have a ton of time to research new wine choices {shoot, you barely have time to wash your hair as a new mom!} and when they were at a grocery with kiddos, there’s no time to read labels or browse. So they started this site to give the rest of us an awesome tool that they needed themselves!


Sound interesting? Give it a try to have a chance to win $100 Gift Certificate! It’s super simple – Try the recommendation engine by entering one or two wines on the homepage that you have liked in the past. Then check out the suggestions that they give you. Do you love ’em, hate ’em, feel totally indifferent? Leave them some feedback by filling out a super brief survey. That’s it! You’re entered to win one of THREE gift certificates for free wine from Liklii! They truly want to make sure that their site – and their service – are the best, which is why they value your opinions so much that they want to reward them. Love it, right?

As you try wines, you can save more to your favorites, tell Likelii wines you didn’t like, and share all of this with your friends. Likelii recommendations can be used in your favorite retail store or, to save time, you can order directly through Likelii. The wine is delivered right to your door with free shipping.

Try the Wine Recommendation Engine on Likelii today for a chance to win a $100 in free wine!

{Disclaimer: Photo Credit one:  Tobyotter. Photo Credit two:  isante_magazine. This is a compensated post in partnership with Global Influence and Likelii – but every single darn opinion and overuse of exclamation points in this post are 100% my own.}



  1. OMG this is perfect for me! I am going out to buy 24 different wines this weekend, and need recommendations, for a video countdown to Christmas!

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