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Glam Up Your Homemaking – & #Giveaway!

Who loves doing laundry?… Ok, not many of you probably raised your hands. But, um, I have a confession to make…. I actually rather like doing the laundry. It’s true! I worked in retail management for years, and could totally just space out while folding clothes. As a matter of fact, I really don’t mind doing housework at all {except taking out the garbage. Bleh.} The only thing that stops me from having a clean home is lack of time due to becoming a work at home mom with crazy hours. Oh yeah and a toddler. Toddlers are messy. One thing that I’ve mentioned before is that I truly think that the products and gear you use make a huge difference in household chores, and make things just a little more fun. Let me share a few of my faves:

Vintage Style apron from Flirty ApronsI love, love, LOVE my Vintage Style Apron – it’s called Sugar and Spice – from Flirty Aprons. Makes my homemaking chores feel a little more glam, you know? And it’s cute enough that I don’t mind wearing it when entertaining.

Magic Eraser - smart solution for busy momsThis is one of my MOST used secret cleaning weapons – Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Variety Tub, 6 Count is an absolute must-have for any mom, seriously. You get two of the Extra Power Erasers, 2 Kitchen Scrubbers with Grease Fighting Power, and 2 Bath Scrubbers with Febreze. All you do is get them a little bit damp, and they’ll clean ANYTHING. Seriously amazing. And if you have little artists – these wipe crayon off like you’re wiping off a dry erase board – no joke. Love these.

I’m a huge fan of Jessie Steele kitchen accessories – aprons, cleaning gloves, adorable little lunch totes – or this super fun Cherry Cupcake Oven Mitt with Bow. I buy these for gifts all the time – always a big hit. And they make me smile while cooking dinner – which is priceless, right?

Peacock Dustpan and Brush setAnother brand that I totally adore when it comes to homemaking gear is Boston Warehouse. They have SO many super fun choices – I have so many of their gadgets. And sweeping up the constant crumbs and dirt that build up hourly when you have a toddler is a little easier when you use this Peacock Dustpan and Brush Set.

Purex with OxiAnd last – but definitely not least!! – I’m totally in love with Purex detergents, especially these new Triple Action cleaners with Oxi. If you’ve ever used Oxi products, you know that they totally boost cleaning power. Like little cleaning superheros. And having them included right in the detergent saves me time – which is important when you’re doing a hundred loads of laundry a day. {Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration….} Want to WIN a bottle to try out too? Enter below….

Have fun & Good Luck!!

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  1. Stephanie Douglas says

    I love the teachable moments chapter because I feel that every moment COULD be a teachable moment if you made it one!

  2. Carla Bonesteel says

    Obviously, I love the last Chapter…Family Traditions!!

  3. Desiree Dunbar says

    I love the Teachable Moments section.

  4. well of course it would be the family traditions section :-) Actually that is a cool part

  5. the whole book is awesome!!!

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    i love the family traditions

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  8. I like the Family Traditions chapter!

  9. I of course love the “Family Traditions” part :) :)

  10. I like the Family Traditions chapter:-)

  11. jose benavides says

    i like the teachable moments

  12. Tiffany Christie says

    So many great parts but the family traditions is awesome.

  13. Cody Anderson says

    My favorite part is the teachable moments section.

  14. Great book !

  15. Susan Smith says

    My favorite part is the teachable moments section

  16. I like the Teachable Moments!

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  18. Sherry Eckman says

    Of course, the last chapter, Family Traditions!

  19. kathy pease says

    I love Family Traditions :)

  20. rachel travis says

    teachable moments :)

  21. Christian Alejandro N. says

    I liked the Recipe for Mini Ravioli Taco

  22. Leah Shumack says

    I love how it talks about family traditions

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